Tuesday, September 17, 2019

My Bible Journaling Pages This Week

When I started Bible Journaling, I decided to start from the very beginning, the book of Genesis, to the very end, Revelation.  It has been quite the refresher course.  No matter how many times you've read the same old stories, God always has something new to teach you.  I was so excited to get to 1 Samuel, because David is one of my biblical characters.  As always, I thought I knew it all when it came to the lessons of David, but I was wrong, and I saw things I never noticed before.

For the title pages, I used colored pencils and I did the background in gelatos.

Last fall I took a bible study at my church on the names of the Lord.  Now, whenever I see the names of the Lord mentioned in my Bible I underline them and usually write a few words about what that name means.

This is such a good verse for me to memorize and recite to myself every time I worry about politics or world events.

For this pre-printed page I used gel pens to color it in.

Here is a page I did myself.  In the past gel pens and gelatos were my favorite medium, but I've really discovered a love for using craft paint in my Bible.  It doesn't wrinkle the pages like water coloring does, it provides a deeper, richer color, and, most importantly, it doesn't show on the other side of the page.  PLUS, you can write and draw over the paint, and it still doesn't show!  It's awesome.

To create this page I was once again struck by how important obedience is to the Lord.  So many Christians think obedience is an Old Testament thing and all is forgiven because of the cross, but even Jesus said "If you love me, obey my commandments".  So using stickers, and my own handwriting I wrote how "Obedience is the most pleasing to the Lord" and what Jesus said about obedience.

This page I created using a sun stencil and gelatos.  The butterflies are stamps, and the font is a mix of my own handwriting and stickers.

The was a fun read for me.  It reminded me of when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the Jewish religious leaders rebuked the praises of the crowd and Jesus responded with "If they kept quiet the stones along the road would burst into cheers."(Luke 19:40).   I love that.  I love that even if every person on earth is stops praising God,  He WILL glorify himself.  How cool, is this story.  How amazing is it that a pagan god statue fell in down in front of the Ark of Covenant, not once, but twice!

Using craft paint once again, I created this colorful background and page.  I was moved by the mercy of God and how He hears our cries.  I used a mix of stickers, stamps, and my own handwriting to create this fun page.

The hands on the bottom of the page were created using the pre-printed hand image on the previous page (see the next photo after the one below).  I could see the image through the transparent paper, so I simply traced over them with a marker.

This is the pre-printed page that I traced the hand image from for the page above.  I colored it with gel pens, glitter pens, and gelatos.

Even after knowing how Saul's life would ultimately end up, this page really moved me.  Even before Christ, God was in the heart changing business.  When Samuel anointed Saul as king, God changed him.  He changed his heart.  His made him a new person.  It's the same today.  No one can accept Christ and not be transformed.  They are made a new creation.

 I created this page by watercoloring the entire page a pinkish/red to symbolize the heart.  I added some red gelato in the side margin to deepen the color a bit then I stamped over it with a heart background stamp.  Using my own handwriting and some stamps I wrote my thoughts on this page.  I hand drew the hearts. The arrow and banners were created with die cuts.

And in my final page,  I was reminded of verse that I prayed my entire life over my son  "That he would be a man just like David, a man after God's own heart".  Now I pray that same prayer over my grandson.  I wrote that fact on the bottom of my page in my own handwriting .  Hopefully, someday, my grandson will see these words.

The page was created by first coloring the background with gelatos.  I did all the lettering with stickers and stamps.  The branches are a die cut.  And I stamped a little heart all over the page to really emphasize the heart.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Such beautiful work! I so love your pages- God knows us before we are even born- and has plans for us as we see with Saul- heart transformed! Have Faith in God- he knows our hearts!!! Beautiful my dear!!!

  2. These are beautiful pages! Love your creativity!

  3. Looks nice. Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 1. Shared.

  4. David is my favorite too.
    Love your colorful notes.

  5. Wow, the pages are beauty. Hoping you will share this on Sunday's Best.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your Bible journaling. I need to just have fun and not worry so much about my end results. God will love anything we do, right? I don't know how you get the pages to lay so flat after using water color on them. I must be doing something wrong. Love the mixed media.

    1. Thank you. Yes, that was a big turn around for me. To not worry about the end result and just follow my heart. Just iron your pages if they get wrinkles, just put it on the lowest setting. It works wonders.

  7. The Word of God is wonderful and what a creative way to read and study! I use different colours to highlight verses, but you have inspired me, I need a Bible like this! 🙂



    1. Yes it is! Thats awesome that this post inspired you.


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