Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Late August Bible Journaling Pages

This week I have more Bible Journaling pages from the book of 1 Samuel to share.  Someday, when I'm all caught up sharing old pages with you, I hope to just do one page at a time and have a more complete and in depth Bible Study every week with you.  But for now, since I'm so new to this Bible Journaling journey, I will continue to share old pages until I'm caught up (I'm almost there!  I'm currently in 2 Samuel now) and share little tidbits of what I learned from that page.

Here is a pre-printed image that I colored with a mix of craft paint, markers, and pencils.  I focused on pinks and reds to emphasize the heart.  Aren't you glad God looks at our hearts and not our outward appearances?  Throughout my life I've always been hurt by other people because they misjudged the motives of my heart.  I've been told things like "I know exactly who you are!" It's ridiculous, I know, how can anyone but God know "exactly who I am".  People always think they know someone, when they really don't.  They judge by outward appearances.  But God looks at the heart.  I find so much comfort in that.

One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible is the friendship between Jonathan and David.  It's beautiful, and so rare, to see a friendship like this.  I created this page by water coloring the entire page with different shades of blue leaving just a heart opening white where it talks about the bond and love between David and Jonathan.  I used stamps from the Stampin' Up! set "Season of Friendship" on the page, and then hand wrote a few notes in.  The clouds were created by tracing a cloud die with a white gel pen.  The little heart next to the sentiment banner is an epoxy sticker.

Throughout my reading of 1 Samuel I was impressed with how often David sought God's wisdom before doing anything.  Oh, if we would only do this in our lives!  So  created a page mostly using stickers and wash tape emphasizing how David CONTINUOUSLY sought God's wisdom.  The background was done with gelatos.

This is a pre-printed page where I added a few more notes.  There are so many Bible stories we've heard all our lives, yet each time I read in again,  I see something new.  This time when I read the story of David and Goliath I noticed three important things:  David had a righteous anger,  he had complete confidence in God to rescue him, and he gave God the victory for killing Goliath and not his own skills.  So after I colored in the image with pencils and pens,  I added my extra notes.

Another thing I noticed in this story was verse 29 when David asked his brothers "What have I done NOW?"  I found so much comfort reading that, because I've often felt that myself many times in my life.  As I stated above,  I have frequently been misjudged in life, and it is very hurtful.  I took comfort that David, described as a "Man after God's own heart" was also misjudged, and not just by Saul, and others, but by his very own brothers!

In my Mid-August Bible Journaling Post, I shared pages of mistakes I made and how I fixed them.  This page on Friendship is an example of another mistake I made.  If you go back and look at the second picture in this post, when I stamped the tree on the previous page it showed up on the opposite page too.  But that's ok, because then I just used that image again and did a second page on Friendship.

After coloring the background blue, like the previous page, I hand wrote what I thought were the true signs of Friendship as illustrated between David and Jonathan.

On this page I colored the background with blue craft paint.  I used a mix of stamps and my own handwriting to share my thoughts of what I gleaned from my reading.  The flowers and background stamp are an old Stampin' Up! set.

On this page I was awestruck by how powerful God's holy spirit is.  So using a mix of stickers, stamps, and my own hand-writing I wrote my thoughts on the powerful spirit of God.

When you create your pages, don't be afraid to mix things up like I do.  If you struggle with calligraphy or you don't like your own hand writing, just write a few words in your own hand writing and use stickers and stamps for the rest.  I actually think it looks more interesting when you mix it up.

On this page I wrote about Psalm 52.  Did you know a lot of the Psalms were written from David's own life experiences?  Psalm 52 was written in response to David's experience in 1 Samuel 22.  It helps me in my Bible study to write in my margins where else in scripture a story occurs.

After I read this chapter, I read Psalm 52 and wrote what I learned from it in the margins.

And finally, here is another page that I created using a Psalm David wrote from an experience in 1 Samuel.  When David was hiding in a cave from Saul, he wrote the Psalms 142 and 57.  The name of the cave was called "Addullam" which means "Refuge".   I took a verse from Psalm 142 and emphasized the word "Refuge" with both stickers and my own writing.  The background was done with craft paint, and I hand drew the mountains.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Bible Journaling pages.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Looks pretty! Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 1 for Crafts and DIY. Shared.

  2. So many beautiful pages! you are so artistic and creative and I like seeing how you decorate your bible :)

    Hope that your week is off to a great start :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Is that a little date stamper you use on your pages like librarians (me) would use to tell patrons when their books were due? I love that idea. I write the date, and then if I revisit a page or verse, I write it again. For some reason I like to keep track of how many times I read a verse. And that's why I am on OCD meds!!

    Always love your Bible journaling posts.

    1. Yes, it is a little date stamper. Many Bible Journalers use them. Thanks so much.

  4. You are so talented- these pages are beautiful!

  5. These are beautiful! I just love Bible Journaling! :)

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    Amy @ The Quiet Homemaker

  6. Your Bible Journaling pages are stunning Amy - love what the Lord is showing you!
    Congrats for being our Friend Of The Week at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy #399! :-)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad readers are enjoying them. And that's so exciting being featured as "Friend of the Week". You wrote a beautiful post, I really appreciate it!


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