Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mid May Bible Journaling Pages

Tuesdays are the days I posts my crafty endeavors.  If I don't have a craft or a handmade card to share, I show my Bible Journaling Pages.  If your new to Bible Journaling and want to learn more about it, see this post HERE!  I use the Inspire Bible which has some pre-printed pages, that I can just color in, but I also venture off and get creative sometimes and create my own pages.

 This week I had fun coloring in more pre-printed pages.  This design was so intricate I colored it using all gel pens.  The outside of the letters I used a glitter pen to really emphasize the word "Celebrate".  When reading this chapter, I noticed how many times God used the word "Celebrate", so I highlighted the word in the text as well.  I think it's awesome how God wants to celebrate and have "happy times" and have "great joy for all".

This has always been one of my favorite verses.  I colored it with gel pens.

More pages colored with gel pens.  Gel pens are the best medium to use to color in these intricate images.

Here I did the background with gelatos followed by gel pens for the more intricate work.  I had a reader comment that she tried gelatos too but could not get as smooth of a look as I did.  It's because after I apply the gelato, I then take a firm white triangle sponge that came with my gelato set, and I rub it over the gelato.  It smooths and spreads the gelato out and it also helps me to get into those difficult spots.

The next two pages didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped, but I like to include my failures as well as my successes to show I'm learning and making mistakes too.  This image I colored the intricate areas in with gel pens, but then the background was colored with pencils.  I'm really not a fan of colored pencils, as I don't like how I can see the pencil strokes.  It's not a smooth look like I can get with gelatos.

This page I made the same mistake:  coloring the background with pencils instead of gelatos.  Yuck!  Never again!  I'll either leave the background black, or only use gelatos/watercolors in the future.  The details were colored with gel pens.

I have to show you what my beautiful daughter gave me for Mother's Day:  this book on "Faith and Lettering".  I was so excited to get this book because it teaches you how to draw beautiful letters.  Handwriting is so important in Bible Journaling to create beautiful pages.  You can find this book on Amazon.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Love the bright look of the gel pens and the gelatos backgrounds look wonderful. Great tip to use a sponge to smoothen them, I haven't played much with my gelatos for that reason, but will have to give them another try.

    I personally love using colored pencils, if you don't like seeing the strokes, you could use paper blending stumps to smoothen them out. Also dipping the blending stumps in baby oil to blend, however I'd probably not do that for this type of project as the baby oil would most likely show on the other side. I do think pencil coloring takes the longest though, and the reason why I don't do it more often.
    What a nice and thoughtful gift you received from your daughter!

    1. Thanks Ellie. I have blending stumps and Gamosol. The oil does show through on the other side, but I could try blending it without it. Maybe I'll do that today since it's cold and rainy again!

  2. Love all the neon here, babe! Happy Tuesday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Oh, the Faith and Lettering book looks like just what I need. I am so timid about trying anything on my own in my Bible for fear of messing things up. But I know, in my heart, God would appreciate the effort.

    1. I think everyone who is new to Bible Journaling feels that way. I've messed up so many pages myself, that's why I included some of my mistake pages in this post too. Begin with a old Bible or a cheap bible and then you won't be so afraid to mess it up.

  4. Your bible journaling is GORGEOUS! I'm too scared to try it in my bible but it looks beautiful on yours!

    1. Thank you! I was scared too and messed up a lot of pages. I'm still learning, my pages are no where near what I'd like them to be.


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