Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Different Styles Of Bible Journaling

Tuesdays are the days I posts my crafty endeavors.  If I don't have a craft or a handmade card to share, I show my Bible Journaling Pages.  If your new to Bible Journaling and want to learn more about it, see this post HERE!  I use the Inspire Bible which has some pre-printed pages, that I can just color in, but I also venture off and get creative sometimes and create my own pages.

This week I have a variety of different Bible Journaling pages to share.   I have some more diverse examples of all the different ways you can study the Bible through Bible Journaling.

Full Realistic Pictures/Scenes

Many Bible Journalists like to keep things real and actually draw people/scenes into their Bibles that represent what they just read.  For those who can't draw, they may use stamps or trace.  Realistic scenes can help us get a visual of what we just read to put it in perspective.  This scene was already printed in my Bible, so I just colored it in with pencils. I didn't do a very good job of it, it was kinda a difficult scene to color.  

Printed Graphics of Scripture

Most Bible Journalists take one verse out of a page that really speaks to them and builds from that.  I use the Inspire Bible which has a lot of printed graphics.  These graphics highlight one verse on the page.  As I color in the graphic, I try to memorize and focus on that scripture.

I colored this graphic in reds and yellows to emphasize fire.

 Here I used a variety of colors for the backgrounds;  I was initially going for an ombre effect but it didn't work because I should have stuck with one color and used different shades.  But I like how it turned out anyway.

The words in this graphic have a perfect ombre effect:  the top of the letter is a lighter and the bottom a darker color.

 Here I water colored the entire page and then did an ombre effect on the letters.  I drew a box around the verse in the scripture and added a heart around the word "Wholeheartedly".

Create Your Own Graphic Of Scripture

Because I'm not an artist, my favorite way to Bible Journal and also the way I learn the most from my Bible is to create my own graphic of scripture.

On this page I was struck by the verse Deut. 4:29,  so I created my page around that verse as I mediated on it.  I water colored the whole page, highlighting special verses with gel pens.  I then used both my own handwriting plus stickers to create the verse.  The hearts were traced and colored in using die cuts.  I also punched a few hearts out and glued them on the page.

Simple, Pretty Notes

Not every page in your Bible has to be a pretty picture or graphic.  You can also just journal what you're learning in the side margins of your Bible.  I was really struggling trying to understand the story of Balaam when I was reading it.  So I read several Bible commentaries on the subject and then wrote what I learned in the side margins.  Then I took colorful gel pens and went over my notes to separate thoughts and make the page prettier.  I did add one small graphic to highlight the prophecy in this scripture.

Finally,  last week I showed you one of my mistake pages.  I always think it's important to show not just the pages I like, but also pages I don't like because so many people are afraid to start Bible Journaling because they're afraid of making mistakes and ruining their Bible.  I get that!  I was there once myself.  Please don't let that stop you from entering into this wonderful way of studying God's word.  I can guarantee you, you WILL make mistakes.  You WILL create pages you don't like.  But you WILL also LEARN from those mistakes.  Also, many mistakes are fixable with craft paint (it cover EVERYTHING) or stickers!

This page that I showed you last week HERE I did like because I could see the pencil strokes.  I went back and smoothed out the pencil strokes using gamsol and a blending stump.  Even though I'm still not crazy about this page, I like it much better now.

So what about you?  Which way of Bible Journaling is your favorite?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Come spend the day teaching me your tricks for these beautiful journaled pages. I love the pink and yellow from Deuteronomy 8:18 (can't believe I spelled that right) and went to my journaling Bible to see if I had the same graphic for that verse. I don't so our Bibles are different, not that it matters. Tell me about the gamsol. How do you apply it? I have tried using gesso and then water color pencils but the grit left behind by the gesso is not conducive to a smooth look. I want to tear those experimental pages out of my Bible.

    1. Oh, I wish! That would be so fun to Bible Journal or scrapbook together. I don't have any friends who have the same hobbies as I. I think there are different versions of the Inspire Bible, I might have an older version. I've seen other Inspire Bibles with different colors. Gamsol is applied with a blending stump. There are two ways you can use it. Color your page, and dip the blending stump into the gamsol then blend or smooth out your pencil lines. Be sure to have heavy card stock underneath your page as it will make it wet, but it does dry without wrinkling. Another way to use it, and my favorite way, is to just dip a Prismacolor Pencil directly into the gamsol as you color.

  2. These pages look great! So creative! My daily bible reading is through the app on my phone so I don't do any journalling or art with it, but I do bookmark verses and add notes when things really speak to me!

    Hope that your week has been going well :)

    Away From Blue

    1. I use to do that too Mica! I used the Holy Bible App and followed devotions. Now I don't use it at all anymore as I get so much more out of my Bible reading with Bible Journaling.

  3. I think you colored that that page with the scene beautifully! And love the ombre effects! My favorite is probably the one where you tried doing an ombre effect but ended up with different colors.
    Great use of the gamsol, the page looks so smooth now, can't see any strokes. Another tip I've learned with coloring pencils is that you have to use the lightest touch with pencils and keep layering, even with different colors. But that technique is so time consuming.

    1. Thank you! Ugh, that last technique you describe does not sound like me at all. I really prefer coloring with Copics or gel pens most of all.

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Bible Journaling pages at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy - I love to Bible Journal as well! :-)

    1. You're welcome! I'd love to see some of your pages sometime.

  5. These are really wonderful Amy. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  6. Such beautiful artwork, Amy. Thanks for linking up with #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I will share on social media.


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