Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Flowers of Wheaton

I'm traveling this week therefore I am not home to take pictures of my own garden.  So for this week's garden post, I decided to show you pictures of flowers I discovered in the town of Wheaton, Illinois.

I was staying overnight at my daughter's house, and I woke up before anyone else.  Ashley is not a coffee drinker, and I really needed my cup of Joe, so I put on my fitness clothes and speed-walked to the nearest Starbucks.  

It was such a beautiful morning!  The town of Wheaton is so gorgeous, and every home and business had gorgeous flower gardens, so of course I had to snap a few pictures with my IPhone.  The pictures are not as good of a quality if I had my DSLR with me, but you'll get the idea of how pretty the flowers were.
 First up this beautiful display of orange marigolds.  I'll be honest, I've always hated orange marigolds, but planted en mass like this, they are GORGEOUS!  What an amazing pop of color!  I never would have thought of only planting marigolds and nothing but marigolds.  But I love it!  I might try this myself in my own garden sometime.

Next up, Russian Sage.  I always admire Russian Sage when I see it, because that is one perennial that does not like my yard.  I've tried growing it several times, and it never does well.  Russian Sage loves hot, dry, sandy soils and my yard is none of those things.
 Canna Lilies are another plant that doesn't like my yard.  I absolutely love these ravishing tropical blooms.
 Look at the color and detail in these flower petals!
 I discovered this attractive water feature across from the Starbucks.  It has lovely plantings of Purple Fountain Grass, Canna Lillie's, and other annuals.
 This ivy covered building is a restaurant that has outdoor seating.  The entrance to this area was covered with ivy and purple wave petunias.
 The outdoor seating area is covered with red umbrellas and secluded by mature trees and black ironwork.
 I really liked this plant stand located right next to the wrought iron gate.
 Adams Park is located in downtown Wheaton and is filled with amazing flower gardens.  I was there at just the right time to capture the beautiful morning light.
 A graceful water fountain surrounded by what else….orange marigolds!
 Look at this stunning pink Hibiscus!  Love these big blooms!
 I found some happy cosmos growing in a church parking lot median.
 Such a pretty color.  It reminds me of last year's Radiant Orchid color of the year.
 This huge above ground floral planter is filled with tall purple flowers in the center, a mid-height purple salvia, then bordered with a chartreuse ivy that trailed onto the sidewalk.

 This college building had gorgeous, dramatic urns standing outside on the patio.
 They also planted lots of orange marigolds in the ground, but placed purple salvias behind them.
 Chartreuse with purple is one of my favorite color combinations.
I was so happy walking around downtown Wheaton on a beautiful summer day, early in the morning.  It made me long for the city life, and leave my country roots behind me.  Perhaps someday, I will return to urban living.  I hope so anyway!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. The marigold borders really are impressive! Loving the purple/bue/chartreuse combo too! Might have to try that in my garden next year. I can imagine living in a suburban town like that too...

  2. Fantastic photos. I am so impressed with the marigold borders.

  3. Amazing what a difference mass plantings make. They look lovely.
    Many thanks for taking part in the Floral Fridays Fotos meme.


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