Monday, August 31, 2015

#IWillWearWhatILike: The Final Week

It is with great sadness that I write this post for today is the last day of the social media campaign #IwillwearwhatIlike.  If your unaware of this hashtag, click here and it will tell you all about it.

It has been so much fun meeting other women, and seeing what fun and creative photos and comments they came up with while wearing "what they shouldn't wear".  I will miss it greatly.

This past week was another fun one.  First up, "Booty Shorts".  I don't own any booty shorts, did not want to buy any, and I certainly couldn't do a fitting room 'selfie' of my bottom, so I just used this picture of me on Instagram.  If you think you've seen it before, it's because you have.  I did a fashion post on this outfit HERE.

Day 25 was old sneakers.  Now what is wrong with women over the age of thirty wearing old sneakers   I wonder?  There were some really awesome photographs on Instagram of women wearing old Converse, Keds, and other popular brands.  It seemed the older, and more scuffed up the sneakers were, the better they looked.  Some brands, especially Converse, just improve with age.  Although I own one pair of Converse shoes, they are brand-spankin new looking as I think I've only worn them once.  So to meet the challenge, I just picked out an old pair of Sketchers that I use to wear to work.

Day 26 was Cheap Bras.  Now this one, I understand.  Mature women usually, definitely not always, because it depends on body type and size, need more support than a young gal GENERALLY does (there's always exceptions);  and cheap bras normally don't offer that support.  HOWEVER, sometimes  you can find really amazing deals and price isn't always an indicator of quality.  I normally have to spend around $50 for a bra (but of course I wait for a sale or a coupon and end up spending half of that).  But on my last vacation my husband and I were shopping at the largest Forever 21 store I have ever seen in my life and they had unbelievably low clearance racks.  I think I walked out of that store that day with multiple bags of clothes and didn't even spend $50.00.  Anyway, I found these beauties there which cost me less than $5.00 a piece and are not only very pretty, but very supportive and well-constructed too!

  Day 27 was Glitter Eyeshadow.   I love the eye make up sets "Naked" by Urban Decay.  I own two sets, and I am dying to purchase the new "Smokey" set by Naked too, but at $54.00 a set,  I have to be patient.  These sets have a mix of glittery and flat shadows, but most of them are glittery.  I mentioned on Instagram that I don't put glitter shadow all over my eyes, but just in strategic spots to highlight certain areas:  like the inner or outer corners.  I use the flat shadows in the set for other areas.

Day 28 of the social media campaign was Platform Flip Flops.  I bought these years ago, but they are still in great shape.  They don't have too much of platform, but enough to qualify!

 Day 29 was Long Hair.  I think my hair is more shoulder length, but I wasn't about to put in extensions for the challenge.  :)  I have cut my hair short at various times in my life, but I never liked it.  I will probably always have long hair, even in my very old age.

 Day 30 was Scrunchies!  Years ago I use to wear these all the time, but  I had to go out and buy one for the challenge, because I couldn't find any in my closet.  I'm sure I'm the odd ball, but I actually still really like hair scrunchies and don't understand why people hate them so much.

 And the last day were all going to go out with a bang because it is Leather Pants!  I can't wait to see all the photos of women wearing these.  Now I don't own any real leather pants, but I do have a pair of pleather pants that I picked up on clearance at JCP last year.  I was really happy to see that they are still in style for this upcoming season too, so I can get more use out of them.  I only wore them twice last season.  They are so comfy, because they are made of Ponte Roma Knit, and the pleather is only on the side and buttocks.

 Because they are very form fitting, I try to wear a longer, looser top with them.  I chose a black cami from Old Navy, and a teal cardigan from Stitch Fix.   My open-heel booties are from JCP.

Be sure to visit Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb.  She did a wrap up of days 1-15 and was kind enough to feature one of my photos from the campaign.  Thanks Catherine!

Edited to add:  Catherine just announced on her latest blog post that she will be turning this social media campaign into a weekly series/link-up.  Yes!  That's great news!  You can read all about it HERE.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I love Not Dressed as a Lamb and have been following along with this style challenge! Thank you for sharing!

    Chelsea | Ginger Side of Life

  2. You look great in your pants! I love that you did the challenge and tried some new things. So fun!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. You look great and so in shape! The challenge is a great way to try things we normally wouldn't and just be creative and fun!

    xo Sheree

  4. Amy, you look great! I agree that there are still styles that women are age can pull off and pull it off big! I just bought my daughter a pair of leather leggings last week from Justice and your picture is now making me wish I had a pair, too! I'll have to be on the look out for some!

  5. Way to go for doing all these and proving we can all absolutely wear what we want and look fantastic! Love those pants on you!

  6. Sounds like a fun challenge! I love wearing sneakers lately. There is nothing better than comfort sometimes.

  7. I have loved, loved , loved, loved following you in this series! I have to say you can definitely rock the leather pants! Also, great job on the eye shadow! How about a tutorial??

  8. So fun following along and seeing you "break the rules" and wear what you want! Loved that!
    Thanks so much for linking up with our Tuesday Fashion Party Link-Up!

  9. Love the pleather! very stylish - gorgeous platform flipflops too. Thanks for linking up yesterday with THT linkup. Can I remind you to follow our social media links as well? We'd be very grateful. Thanks so much

  10. I have really enjoyed seeing all of your looks as you participated in this style challenge. Isn't Catherine continuing this is some form? I love your pants with the leather side detail - I have the same ones and always enjoy wearing them. :)

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    Come join me every week for the Fabulous Friday Link-Up!

  11. #iwillwearwhatilike was a strong of genius and I'll be eternally grateful to Catherine for reminding us that fashion/beauty are there for us to explore, to enjoy. I was privy to your IG posts and they were positively lovely :)

  12. Amy, you bad bad girl for breaking those rules ! haha, if I wasnt on vacation I would have participated more, but I absolutely wear what I like and that wont change! Great job for sharing the joys of doing so!
    Thanks for linking up to Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  13. My favorites are your leather pants look and your pretty eye make-up! I loved following along for this campaign. So fun :) Thanks for linking-up for Lovely Little à la Mode!


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