Monday, August 24, 2015

#IWillWearWhatILike Part Four

We just finished Week Four of #IWillWearWhatILike on Instagram.  If you have not heard of this social media campaign, check out my original post HERE.  It explains what it is all about.

This was the first week where there were a few items on the list I couldn't do because I didn't own them or I was not willing to do them…like Rainbow Hair for example.  I spend waaaay too much money on my hair as it is, that I wasn't willing, even for the sake of the cause, to dye my hair odd colors.  Some of the ladies put wigs on, but I did not have access to any of those either.  

Another one was Abercrombie & Fitch.  I do not have any of their clothes, nor do we have any of their stores where I live, so I couldn't even do a fitting room selfie.

But here are the challenges I could do!

Day 15:  Maximum Three Colors.  Did you know that anyone over thirty should never wear more than three colors at once?  Neither did I!  So here I am wearing four colors:  white, yellow, blue, and pink!

 Furry Boots was Day 11, but I was in Florida last week and I did not have my furry boots with me (hmm, I wonder why?).  So I posted them late this week, after I returned home.

I bought these fur trimmed boots while vacationing in Italy a few years ago.  I rarely wear them anymore, but I still hang on to them  for memory's sake.

 Day's 17 and 18 I actually combined when I found these 'Overalls/Dungarees' on clearance at J.C. Penney.  I didn't buy them, because the skirt was way too short for my comfort level, but I did do a fitting room selfie to meet the challenge.  The skirt portion of these overalls is definitely short enough to qualify for Day 18 'Mini Skirts'.

 Day 19 was ponytails.  I said on Instagram that I couldn't imagine NOT wearing a ponytail while working out, on a hot and humid day, or in the garden.  If I'm at home, my hair usually is up in a pony tail to keep it out of my way.  I suppose the author of this list would tell me to put my hair up in a bun…and not in a ponytail for that would be much more matronly.  Hah!

 Day 20,  "Crop Tops" was also a hard one for me, because I don't like crop tops and didn't think I owned any.  Then I remembered that I had a cropped sweater that would qualify;  I just forgot about it because I rarely wear it.  In fact, I have it up for sale on my Poshmark store if your interested.

Day 23 was 'American Eagle'.  Now I had originally planned on just stopping at the American Eagle store in our town, trying something on, and doing a fitting room selfie.  But you know what, when I found these flare jeans (I've been looking for a pair of flares FOREVER!) I actually bought them!  They were my first American Eagle purchase ever!  I've never been into an American Eagle store before this campaign because I thought it was too expensive or for high schoolers.  But I really liked a lot of the items they carried, and the staff at the store was absolutely wonderful!  They were so helpful, directing me to what I was looking for, finding sizes, etc.  And they never once let me feel or think that I was too old to shop there (I've had those awkward store experiences before).  I also found their prices quite comparable, if not cheaper, than a lot of other stores I frequent.  I had such a positive experience, I will definitely be visiting again!

And finally, Day 22 was 'Furry Anything'.  Older women, can't wear fur?  Really?  We are known for our fur stoles, fur gloves and hats, fur coats and vests.  So of course, I had to be a Prima Donna and break out my old faux chinchilla fur coat!  I bought this coat over thirty years ago!  I never wear it anymore, but I keep it for a theatre prop.  I use to do a lot of acting, and every now and then a role would call for a fur coat, and out this baby came.  It has seen a lot of memories, let me tell you!
Next week will be the final week of the #IWillWearWhatILike social media campaign, and I will miss it when it's over.  It has been so much fun being rebellious and wearing everything we are told not to wear.  I've loved it!

Have a great day! Amy

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  1. that rule about 3 colors makes no sense to me?! I say wear what you like ahah!

  2. These were some really cute photos, Amy. I had never heard of the three color rule, which I suppose doesn't matter because I would certainly ignore it anyway. You look great in those flare jeans - glad you went ahead and purchased them! I've shopped American Eagle all the time for the boys, but pretty much never for myself - the sizes are so tiny!

  3. I love the pink tassel necklace and the yellow colors in your first outfit. I usually wear my hair up a few days a week and try to wear it down (and style it) the others. lol.


  4. I love every outfit on you! You can totally wear each of those styles! It's so fun to see you stare this campaign down! PS You awesome in those jeans girl!

  5. Adorable!!! I really like those brown boots. Just lovely.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. Oh my goodness no fur or crop tops for 30 year olds- that is bizarre and so wrong, I love these and I am 30 haha!
    Looking lovely!
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  7. Love the color combo in your first outfit with the yellow cardigan. And that crop top outfit is super cute!

  8. I guess I break that rule of three all the time. Glad you did too because I like your four colored look. Thanks for linking up with Whitney, Casey & Carrie. Hope you have a lovely week!

  9. Those jeans are amazing on you! And you pull off 4 colors effortlessly!

  10. This is such a fab challenge, it's unbelievable what some think one can't wear if you're a 40+. Well done you. Love, Kirsten xx

  11. I love the mix of colors in your first look! & the cute overalls! I am obsessed with the overalls trend this season

  12. I really like the crop sweater look with the blouse underneath. It looks great with your new jeans! You are rockin' the four colors together! The pops of pink are fabulous. Love that you are doing this challenge!
    Thanks for linking up with our Tuesday Fashion Party Link-Up!

  13. I love it all. Great looks!!
    Hope to see you tomorrow for my Fridays Fashions link up. :)

  14. I think my favorites are the crop sweater and the faux fur coat. So cute!!!! ... PS Thanks for linking up!! :-)



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