Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Winter Garden

Well since we have yet another 'arctic freeze' here in Northern Wisconsin, I decided to post some Winter Garden Pictures for all of you. As many of you already know, I am an avid flower gardener. I have a two acre property that is filled to the brim with flower beds. If you'd like to see pictures of what the garden looks like in the summer, you'll have to scroll back in my blog quite a bit, or, wait till spring....LOL! I'll be posting pictures of my garden all year long.

My philosophy on landscape gardening is that there should be visual interest all year long, and not just during the growing season. Because of that, I don't cut alot of my foilage down to the ground in the fall. And also because the birds love to eat the seeds from the dried flower heads and its also less work for me to cut it down in the spring when more than half of the foilage whithered away on its own. LOL!

The first picture is of a creepy, old barn on the other side of my property fence. I just love the way it looks....I love the look of weathered wood, and I'm thrilled I can see it from my yard. But I wouldn't step foot inside this barn in a million years! LOL! I can only imagine whats inside of it! LOL!

The next picture shows the river and woods that my garden overlooks. What beauty!
Here is a beautiful pine tree whose boughs are heavy with snow.

I have a white picket fence surrounding my whole yard. You don't even want to know how long it took me to paint it! My husband attached some bird houses on the fence for me. Here they are covered with snow and overlooking the woods and river again.

Here is a peek of my garden shed seen through a white pine tree.

This is the front of my shed, which is buried in snow! I can't even get inside of it this time of the year!

Here is a view of a smaller pine. In the distant you can see the rest of my yard. The white house is a neighbor's house.

Just a couple close-ups of some dried up foilage in my winter garden. To the left is blue globe thistle and on the bottom is a aster.
I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of my yard and garden in winter. My header is also a picture of my garden! When spring comes, I'll be sure to post pictures of all my flowers as they bloom.
Have a wonderful day! Amy


  1. Amy, these are beautiful photographs. I love the look of snow. I just don't like to shovel or drive in it. We have not had much snow to date. Hope it stays that way, too!

  2. I love your photographs. I don't like winter for the obvious reasons, but it sure does make a lovely landscape for photography.

    We have been living in our house for 9 years now, but because of all the renovations needed on the house, it was only 2 years ago that we started any landscaping. We just have the beds in and the shrubs and trees for now. I'm hoping this spring I can plant flowers. Can't wait to see your flower photos.

  3. What beautiful scenery you have surrounding you. I would love to go in the old barn. I love "peaking" into the past. The treasures revealing a bit about the people who had passed before me and what their life might have been like. I'm looking forward to your summer pics also.

  4. Your photos are awesome Amy! I particularly like the one that gives you a "peek" through to the workshed! They were ALL very enjoyable! Thanks for trudging through the snow to take them... I've been lazy ... haven't even ventured out to fill the feeders! I know, shame on me! Maybe later today!!

  5. I really enjoyed this glimpse into your life Amy, what a beautiful property you own, and it looks like a fairyland in the snow. Thank you so much for sharing - we rearely have snow here in the UK. If you would like some rainy photos, I can do rain :)
    En x


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