Friday, January 16, 2009

Belated Christmas Gift

Oh my goodness, would you believe its only 50 degrees inside my house right now! I have two coats on, and my hands feel like ice! We don't have a furnace, we only have in-floor heating in the basement that rises to the rest of the house, and a wood-stove. Normally, that's enough, but in bitterly cold temperatures like these, the wood stove can't keep up. My son has had two days off of school because of the dangerous temperatures and wind-chills. I believe we broke a record of 27 degrees below zero yesterday. UGH! Spring, hurry up!
My daughter asked me to make a belated Christmas gift for one of her roommates who is studying music composition at college. So I bought a manuscript paper pad and covered it with black cardstock and music designer paper. The panels were made with my new Nesties. The stamps were purchased at Hobby Lobby and for some reason didn't have the name of the manufacturer stamped on the side, so unfortunately I cannot provide for you. I stamped the three music notes on the bottom and cut them out and adhered them to the cover. Ribbon was added for embellishment.
I hope your all staying much warmer than I am! Have a great day! Amy

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  1. Oh My Goodness ...
    You guys might want to consider a new furnace next year!! I can't imagine ... I have on a sweater and it's 70 in here. My daughter's house is 1920's vintage and they're going through the wood pile VERY fast and that's not even keeping the house that warm. It's certainly been a COLD winter so far. I'll chant along with you ... "come on Spring ..."


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