Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Garden in June

My garden in June is when the spring blooms have faded and the Iris and Lilacs take center stage.  

Yellow Iris

A far away shot of my favorite lilac "Little Princess".  It is suppose to be a small lilac bush, only 4 feet tall but mine grew a lot bigger than that.  So much for "Little", more like a "Big, Majestic Queen!"

Here is a close up of one of it's blooms.  It has the most fragrant blooms I have ever smelled.  When this lilac is in full bloom, you can smell it the second you step into the yard, and from very far away too!

Lambs Ear and Sedum

Light Violet Iris

My shade garden that I renovated last year.  I need to fill it with more hosta, but I can't seem to find the time to dig up and divide hosta.  I have so much work to be done in other areas of the yard that I just can't get to it.  Maybe in the fall?

You can see the river below my property from here, so what a perfect spot for a bench!

Yellow Iris with purple Dames Rocket behind it.

I planted morning glory seeds in the pot in the foreground.  We will see how well it grows up the trellis.

A bumble bee enjoying a chive bloom.

My hosta garden, and where I need to dig up and divide some of these hostas and move to my new shade garden.

Siberian Iris in the foreground with lilac bearded iris, and blue hosta in the background and Baby's
Breath, not in bloom, on the right.

A close up of the Siberian Iris.

The peonies bloomed in June and I took lots of pictures of all the different varieties and then I accidentally deleted some of them. 😢 Here is a gorgeous pink peony that I did not delete.

Sun garden in front of garden shed.

I have one sunny spot in my new shade garden and this is it.  This is also the view from my sun room window.

A painted fern.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I need to buy more of these.  They are non-invasive and never outgrow their space.  They stay small;  perfect for a smaller shade garden.

Purple Bearded Iris

Pink Marguerite Daisy.

A pinkish-red Lilac bloom

Wild ferns lining a garden path.

A gorgeous blue Iris:  my personal favorite.

A far away shot of the back side of my home and my retaining wall garden.  My husband was working on the roof when the picture was taken, hence the ladder on the roof.

A beautiful hot pink single peony.

Viburnum, or Snow Ball Bush.

Now it's the end of June and most of the spring blooms are gone and the garden is just a lush, beautiful green.  It won't be long though till the garden is alive in color once again as I'm seeing lots of buds out there!  And hopefully, I won't delete the pictures after I've taken them this time!  🤣

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Amy, what do you use for mulch? it sort of looks like leaves but is it chopped bark? you have a lot of area to cover, wow!

    1. We use recycled wood pallets that are ground and chopped into mulch and placed into bags. We buy about 100 bags a year and pay less that $1.75 a bag. I don't mulch every garden every year. I can usually get around 3 years before I need to re-mulch. Yes, there are leaves in the mulch. We have a lot of trees and in the fall they cover the gardens. I do not rake them or remove them from the gardens as I consider them mulch too. Maybe that's why I can go 3 three years before adding more mulch.

    2. This is the mulch we buy.

  2. I always love your garden posts, Amy. It's interesting to see the difference in speeds of our seasons. My iris came and went many weeks ago. I love your hosta patch, I can't grow hosta here in my soil and I love fern but my planted fern have died, but one has self seeded on the patio and it's a keeper!
    Looking forward to your July pics.
    Hugs, x.

    1. Oh I know, it's like that even in the states. All my southern friends have flowers as early as February while I'm still buried in snow until May. I don't know what I'd do without hosta. It's the easiest plant in the world to grow and with all the shade I have I really need it!

  3. Amy, your gardens are stunning. The lilacs must be heavenly. We are too far south to grow them. I want a potting shed and I am a bit envious of yours! Tell your hubby to be careful on that ladder. Thank you for sharing with Gardens Galore!

    1. Thanks Pam! I'm sorry you can't grow lilacs but I'm so envious of things you can grow that I can not; like jasmine! Hubby finished the roof and is alive and well!

  4. Wow, your garden is just GORGEOUS!! I wish I had a green thumb, but unfortunately mine is just brown :( haha

  5. Amy - your gardens are amazing! I saw your link on Garden Galore part and I'm glad I popped over. Happy gardening!

  6. I'd love to come and sit in your garden - everything is so beautiful!

  7. Everything looks so pretty, I love the shed too!

  8. What a delightful garden you have!

    I found you as you were featured on Pam's Everyday Living Garden's Galore Party.

    I love your Garden Shed! How special! Such beauty around each corner.

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    However, you can find me at...


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