Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Daughter's Maternity Photos

My daughter asked me to do a maternity photo shoot for her and her husband.  We met in Milwaukee and did the photo shoot at the Milwaukee Domes...which had the perfect lighting any photographer could ask for.  Most of the photos required little or no editing because the lighting was so perfect.  We were quite pleased with the way the photos turned out.  

I spotted this chartreuse Elephants Ear plant and I knew it would go beautifully with Ashley's cobalt blue dress.

Ashley was 29 weeks pregnant when these pictures were taken.  She is due July 9th.  We will have three birthday's in July if the baby arrives on schedule.

What's a maternity shoot without including the loving husband?

Ashley edited a few of the photos herself.  Here she added an interested chrome filter to accentuate the desert colors.

I wish I would have had the technology and the foresight to have taken beautiful photos of myself when I was pregnant.  All I did waaaaay back then was turn side ways and have someone take my picture.  With all the advances we've made in cameras today, it's so nice to be able to have more choices other than polaroids or hiring a professional.

If you'd like to read more of Ashley's maternity shoot and her thoughts on being a new mom she has a new blog HERE.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Beautiful photos Amy! ou did such a great job. Your daughter looks beautiful xx

  2. Amy!! What a fabulous job and congrats to your daughter!!

  3. How sweet that she has a blog, too! That blue dress is so flattering on her and that growing belly! It won't be long!


  4. I need to get myself to the Domes! We live so close, but haven't been. These photos turned out so well! Congratulations to your daughter!

    1. Oh Laura, you have to go when you have the chance! They are so pretty! Be sure to do a fashion shoot there...the lighting is perfect!

  5. Ashley's maternity pictures are gorgeous!! And you are so right! The lighting is perfect!

  6. You are a superb photographer, Amy, they make such a handsome couple and your daughter is absolutely beautiful!


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