Sunday, May 8, 2016

What's Blooming in My Garden This Week: Serviceberry Tree, White Crabapple Tree, Plum Tree, Tulips, and Spring Perennials

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  While the rest of the country will be enjoying this holiday, I will most likely be covered in dirt working alone in my garden as I have to wait to celebrate Mother's Day  till next weekend.  My kids are flying to Chicago for a music gig they are doing together so we decided to post pone Mother's Day celebrations until then. 

In the meantime, I have some beautiful flowers for all the mothers out there!  I have twice as many photos than I normally have because I had a difficult time waiting for the perfect outside lighting to happen to take photos.  It was a very dark, rainy, cloudy week...that's why I did not have a garden post last Sunday.  So here is what has been blooming in my garden in the past two weeks:

In my last garden post, the only tree in bloom was my magnolia tree.  Now the rest of the blooming trees are really starting to open up and show their beauty too!  This Serviceberry Tree was the next tree to bloom after the Magnolia.

It has very pretty, delicate white blossoms.

And here is the Serviceberry Tree with the Magnolia Tree in the background.  See more of this Magnolia Tree in my last garden post HERE.

The yellow daffodils are still blooming!  And all the perennials really popped up out of the ground from all the rain.

This pretty pink Plum Tree bloomed next.  I used it as a backdrop in one of my fashion posts HERE!

All the tulips have bloomed now.  Initially, I only had white tulips in bloom, now all the pretty colors have emerged like these pretty pink ones.

The Bleeding Hearts are up and blooming in my yard.  This is a real nuisance plant for me as it reseeds everywhere.  I'm constantly pulling seedlings up only to find a new one growing somewhere else where I don't want it.  But it is such a pretty of the few plants that bloom in the shade and in spring, I hate to get rid of it entirely.

I have three Flowering Crab Apple trees in my yard that bloom in succession.  The white was is always the first to bloom, and is one of favorites, because I can see it from my kitchen window.

I just love it's gorgeous, full blooms!

I did another fashion post HERE standing under this tree.  I love that every week I had a different flowering tree to use for a photo backdrop!

These yellow tulips are so strong and hardy.  They come back thicker every year!

Most of my Creeping Phlox has died off from too much shade or taken over by Creeping Charlie, but I do have a pretty patch left here and there.

Tall Phlox is another plant that has taken over my garden.  Here a seedling transplanting itself in my ivy bed.  I've started removing this plant every time I see it. I don't want any more tall phlox in my garden.  I have too much shade, so it always gets covered in powdery mildew, plus it's too aggressive for me.

This is Cushion Spurge...another plant that loves to reseed everywhere.  But it's not as aggressive as a lot of other re-seeders, so I don't mind it.  Plus, I love it's neat little growing mound habit, and the pretty color it brings to the garden in spring when not much else is blooming.

These pretty daffodils are always the last daffodils to bloom for the year.

I used to have so much Leopards Bane, but a lot has died off over the years.  I love this cute little daisy plant though!  It has such pretty leaves, a nice clump growing pattern, and again, provides color in the garden when not much else is in bloom yet.

This is a what my yard looks like this time of year. The lawn has really greened up, the trees are starting to bud, and all the perennials are poked up out of the ground.

I planted a shady hill with ivy and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It's virtually no maintenance with the exceptional weed pulling now and then.  Those weeds can get in anywhere...even in thick ivy.  So frustrating.

This terraced hillside garden is my current project.  My garden actually fell to ruin when six years ago I had a back injury and was unable to work in my garden all summer.  Then I got a full time job, and well, you can just imagine what happened to my garden then.  Weeds took over, and perennials just got so ridiculously thick.  This year, I decided to set small goals for myself to try and get the garden back in shape rather than thinking I could fix a six year problem in one season.  So this spring I've been digging up all the phlox, goldenrod and weeds, and leaving only the clump forming plants I like.  I then cover the area with newspaper and wood chips.  So far, I'm about half way down this hill, and if I finish, I'll move and get started on another garden.

This is a spring flowering bush that I both like and yet get disappointed in every spring.  It has the prettiest little pink rose-like flowers on it.  My issue with it is that these blossoms are very sparse.  The first year I planted it, the bush was full of flowers, but they have drastically dwindled since.  There is a lot more shade in my yard than there was fifteen years ago, and I think that is part of the problem.

Here is the entire bush, you can see what I mean by the scarcity of the blooms.  You hardly even notice the blooms from a distance.

Here is a far-away shot of the terraced hillside garden I'm currently working on.  Here you can see the white tulips (the first tulips to bloom in my garden), the yellow tulips, and the creeping phlox.

 I just love these bright red tulips.

These pretty white tulips are blooming in my shade garden near the white crab apple tree.

I spotted this attractive striped tulip in my garden the other day and was surprised to see it.  There were only two blooms, but I still thought it was so pretty!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. I dream of a yard full of blooms like yours!! I hope I have do that at our new house.

    Pumps & Push-Ups

  2. Wow, you certainly have an abundance of beautiful flowers and trees in your garden. I think you found the best way to spend Mother's Day! You've done a wonderful job with your landscape. Enjoy your Mother's Day celebration this weekend!

    Thank you for joining in on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  3. Wonderful photos, Amy. Glad to see your garden coming back to its former glory after being neglected.
    Many thanks for linking up with the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


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