Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our Colorado Adventure, Day Five, Part One: Pearl St. Mall

This post is part of a series of travel posts about our May vacation to Colorado.  If you missed Day Four, Go HERE.  If you need to start at the very beginning, start HERE

I've always wanted to see Boulder, Colorado, the home of "Mork and Mindy", so we made that the last stop of our adventure.  I had read that the fictional music store of Mindy's father was located on Pearl St. and that they even filmed the shows opener there.  So that knowledge, in addition to it's rich history and beautiful historic buildings, made me want to visit Pearl St. Mall.

Of course, like every place in Colorado, there is a scenic mountain view.  This picture was taken from the third floor of the downtown parking garage.

Pearl St. Mall is a pedestrian mall, so several of the streets are closed off to traffic.  I LOVE that!  I think every historic downtown should be that way.  I never had to worry about parked cars or busy streets filled with vehicles affecting my pictures.

The roads were closed to traffic in 1976 and now have attractive brick walkways and courtyards.
The mall is filled with mostly high-end, expensive gift shops and clothing stores (so no, I didn't buy much when I was there), and restaurants.
I just enjoyed looking at all the beautiful buildings, the flowers, and the people.  There are a lot of interesting people on Pearl St.  Street entertainers and back-packing young hippies are plentiful.
Although the four blocks closed to traffic is known as Pearl St. Mall, there are also many other interesting shops surrounding the area.
We never found any building stating that it was the site of the "Mork and Mindy" music store, but we really weren't looking too hard for it either.
I love the old lantern posts, and all the outdoor dining options.
This is a really neat bookstore.  I like the contrast of the black and mint colors with the title in bold gold.

I did read that the "Mork and Mindy" music store was actually a bookstore…so maybe this is it????
Did you know Pearl St. is named after the wife of one of the town's wives?  It's speculation, no one really knows for sure.  There are several town name theories out there.  But I like the wife one the best. It's so romantic!
Another interesting fact about Boulder is that it started as a supply town for the gold mining industry.
I just love the scenic backdrop of the mountains behind the historic buildings.
I've never seen a hat shop before.  We went into this store.  They had every type of hat you could imagine.  Very high quality, expensive hats too!
I love it when buildings are shaped like the street corners.  The area is a historic district, and many of the buildings are the oldest in Boulder.

Pearl Street Mall is filled with public art, fountains, pretty benches to sit on, tons of mature trees, and gorgeous flower filled planters.
Don't you just love the blue and white striped awnings on this building?   And look at the details of the windows  and cornice above and how intricate the design is?
Colorado is loaded with Tibetan shops.  My husband bought me a gorgeous crochet black dress for only $25.00 at one of them.  It's really short so I wear it as a tunic or swimsuit cover up.  I wore it for my husband on Father's Day HERE.
After our stroll on Pearl St. we were ready for another hike so we we headed to Chautauqua Park, only a few blocks away from downtown Boulder.  More on that adventure next week!

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. Loving your white + stripes look here, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. What a pretty place, def on my list of places to visit! I also really love the hat you're wearing, you looks so cute!


  3. These are lovely scenes. I like the old store fronts a lot.


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