Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wearing Eyelet

Got holes?  Well if you do, you are in style this season!  Just like lace was all the rage last season (and still is), eyelet is the hit fabric this season.

When I think of eyelet, I usually envision the crisp white curtains hanging in a farmhouse in Grandma's kitchen, or the pretty eyelet cotton dresses I wore as a child.  But today designers have updated the fabric so that women of all ages and fashion styles can wear it…it's not just for little girls anymore!

I chose to incorporate this new trend into my wardrobe with an eyelet tee shirt.  I wore it with a white denim jacket (old, Kohls), blue ankle pants (old, Fashion Bug), silver sequined sandals (JCP), and lots of silver jewelry.

 I found this eyelet tee shirt at Old Navy….wait, drum roll please….for only $12.00!!!!  It is normally $22.94, which is still a great, affordable price, but I happened to be in the store at just the right time and got it on special.  I really like it because it is basically just a tee shirt, and the holes are very plain and simple, so it has a more sporty look, instead of an overly feminine look, which eyelet can sometimes be known for.
 I wore a white tank underneath my eyelet tee shirt, but I can see wearing a colorful tank underneath as well to create a different look.  I chose a simple, silver pendant from Express to wear as my necklace.  It has several round designs on it which mimic the holes in the tee.  Because of the simplicity of the necklace, it doesn't compete with the top.
 Another new trend I tried with this outfit was wearing bracelets on both wrists.  Heavily adorned wrists are really in style, but until now, wearing bracelets on both wrists was too flashy for me.  I think it worked in this case because my outfit in general is very simple, clean, and crisp so I didn't feel like Mr. T. wearing too much jewelry.
 I carried a nude bag…very old.  I have had it forever.  Bags, shoes, and jewelry are three items I usually keep and never get rid of unless they are damaged.

My earrings I bought at J.C. Penney on clearance for less than $4.00.
 My sandals I also bought at J.C. Penney on clearance for less than $12.00.  Have I sold you on becoming a JCP customer yet?  If not, you really need to check them out.  Their sales are amazing!  I literally buy several hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, shoes, and accessories every month for only about $50-$70.00 dollars.

 The back of the eyelet tee is a solid cotton.

 If your wondering about my pants, I have had them ever since Capri's came in style over twenty years ago.  Unlike jewelry, shoes, and bags, I don't normally hang onto clothes.  When I tire of a clothing item I either sell it online at my Poshmark shop, give it to my daughter, or donate it to Goodwill.  But every now and then I keep an item and put it in the back of my closet either because of the price and quality of the item, or the style of the item.  Such was the case with these pants.  Powder blue pants aren't found that often, so I decided to keep them in case they ever came back in style….and they did!  

Well, have I sold you on trying eyelet this season?  If not, here are some more trendy eyelet items I found on Pinterest.

First up this beautiful coral eyelet dress.  I don't think I could pull it off because of the cut and style of the dress, but I'd love to see my daughter in this!

Photo Credit
Doesn't this top look cool and comfortable!  Into my closet, now, please!
Photo Credit

I really wanted to purchase an eyelet skirt like this one, but I couldn't find an affordable one in my area.     Maybe next year.  Where I live, the stores always seem to be behind a year or two in the trends I see on-line.
Photo Credit

Aren't these shorts cute?  I would never wear them, because they are too short and girly for me, but I do admire them!
Photo Credit
Now here is something I would love to wear!  This top is totally my style!  I love the color and the shape.
Photo Credit

I really liked this outfit.  The top looks so crisp and clean, and I love it paired with the floral shorts.   Notice the bracelets on both wrists?  Trendy! 
Photo Credit

 So what do you think of eyelet fabric?  Would you wear it?  Have you purchased any eyelet items this season?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Beautiful outfit! I love the eyelet shirt, and I would definitely wear these types of clothes. Especially love the first two pieces you linked, the coral dress is gorgeous and I think it would be something I would wear for my daughter's dance recital. The turquoise tank is probably my most favorite, as that can be worn with jeans (which I love to wear :-) I need to go shopping!!!

  2. Oooh, I really love that navy eyelet top! I love lightweight pieces like that for spring and summer. They keep me just the right temperature. And your top is very pretty too! I think you chose just the right necklace to go with it. You're right - it doesn't compete, it just enhances.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Your eyelet top is so pretty! Such a cute outfit! I'm also loving all of your picks, especially the white midi skirt!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I really want that eyelet dress and I have been wanting a pair of shorts, too! You eyelet tee looks so pretty with the blue ankle pants... I am sure you'll love that top this summer, it looks so light and is so trendy right now.


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