Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Over Fifty: Spring Florals Revisited

If you read last week's Fashion Over Fifty post I humorously mentioned I was considering renaming one of my weekly shopping posts 'What I Wore Shopping', since I only wear 'real clothes' twice a week:  once to go shopping every Friday,  and once to go to church.  Well this week's outfit I also wore on Friday, to go shopping, BUT instead of meeting my husband for lunch, I met him at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire to watch our son perform with his Fusion group at Jazz Fest.  Because of the special occasion, I wanted to be a little more dressy than normal, but I still had to be practical, because I had about three hours of shopping after the performance to do.  So this is what I wore:
 You may remember this floral blouse from Francesca's from THIS POST.  I always like to link to past posts if I'm showing an item I've posted before, because I like to show you many different outfits you can create with one item.  Because it was in the upper seventies on this day, I chose lightweight cargo pants from JCP, and skipped the jacket.  Even with sandals, and a sheer blouse, I was still too warm.  I actually saw a lot of people wearing tanks and shorts that day, but that would not have been appropriate  to wear at the Jazz Fest.
 I'm still experimenting with these downward selfies…someday, I'll get it.  Bear with me! This blouse is super sheer, so obviously you have to wear a tank underneath.  But it is nice in warm weather, when you need to be covered for the occasion, to still be somewhat cool.  Because the pattern on the blouse is so busy, I chose very simple jewelry like this multi-strand, gold chain necklace and simple gold bracelets.
 My son had some items he wanted me to bring to the Jazz Fest, so I chose to carry this large tote so I could fit everything he needed, plus everything I needed for the day, inside.  You will never believe where I found this cute tote:  Stein's Garden Center in Milwaukee, WI.  And can you believe I only paid $11.99 for it!  Score!
 And here is a picture of my son performing at the Jazz Fest.  We were so proud of him!

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. Your floral blouse is so pretty! Love your woven tote! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I am totally the same haha! I only wear real clothes on the weekend, and even when I go out during the week I just throw on some sunglasses to cover my makeup-less face and whatever comfy clothes that will suffice. I love that top, that is so pretty!

    Pink Wings

  3. Yay for your talented son and yay for that fab tote! I want it! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for linking up!
    Dawn Lucy

  4. And again ..... Very nice Amy .
    Have a nice day also.

  5. Great outfit for a warm spring day! Beautiful blouse! Hope the warmth comes back soon!
    Your son looks so focused, I bet the performance was fantastic!

  6. Love the florals! I'm a huge fan of florals and they just make it feel more like spring :)


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