Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Staying Fashionable in a Cold World

Hello!  While I was reading a lot of posts last week about New York's Fashion Week, I kept coming across blogger's stating how difficult it was to be fashionable when the weather is so cold.  I felt like commenting on each and every one 'Welcome to my world!' but I didn't.  I have about fifty pairs of the cutest little flats and heels I'd love to wear just hanging out in the guest room, but when I step outside and my foot sinks into six inches of snow, it's just not possible.  So I go in and visit my little shoes once in awhile just to say 'Hello' and I tell them hopefully it won't be too much longer till I can wear them again.  Yes, my fellow Fashionistas, winter is a challenge to dress for.  One thing I always struggle with is sweaters.  I love their warmth, but I hate the bulk.  I always feel that they add ten pounds to my figure the minute I put them on.  But some days are just so bitter cold, a sweater is a must, and this was one of those days!

I actually got rid of a lot of my pullover sweaters because I didn't enjoy wearing them for the reason stated above, and also because if I got too warm, I couldn't just take them off easily.  So I really have been investing more and more in cardigans the past couple of years.  But, as always, when the weather got cold, I missed my pullovers and I regretted tossing them.  So when JCP had their after Christmas door buster sales, I ended up buying three of them:  all under $10.00!!!!  Oh I how love JCP!  The sales are amazing!  You can see one of the other sweaters I bought HERE.  I wore it on our outdoor adventure to Perrot State Park.

I bought the sweater I'm wearing in this post for several reasons.  It was a classic cable knit sweater that never goes out of style,  it was a color that could easily go with anything in my wardrobe, and, I have been looking FOREVER for a sweater to go with my ankle length cords that I bought years ago at T.J. Maxx.  The sweater has tiny little copper flecks of color that are the exact same shade as my cords, so it matches them perfectly. JCP still has this sweater on-line and it's on clearance.  Not as cheap as I got it, but it's still available HERE.
 I wore a long sleeve, blue knit collared shirt under my sweater to bring in a different color other than brown into my outfit.  I left it untucked, but it wasn't very long, so you only see a peek of the blue on the bottom.
 I carried my big, black bucket bag from Express.  Everywhere I go, people comment on this bag.  They either say 'I Love Your Bag!', or they comment on the size.  Of which I then reply 'Yeah, you can  certainly pack it full with stuff, the trouble is finding it.  Everything tends to get lost inside!'  But it's great for traveling when you have to carry more than usual,  and also for sneaking food into a movie theater (shhh, don't tell anyone!).
 I had some cheap, gold bracelets that turned into a rusty copper, and rather than clean them, I decided to leave them this color since I had plenty of other gold bracelets but none this color.  The burnished color went much better with the copper cords than a shiny gold would have.  It was a blessing in disguise!
 For footwear, of course, I was wearing boots.  Boots, boots, boots.  I said to my husband the other day how tired I am of wearing boots.  I remember back in August when all the locals started wearing their boots and I thought 'Are they crazy?  It's eighty degrees outside!  Why do women always rush the seasons?  They'll have six months to wear those boots.  Wear flip flops while you still can!'
 I got my boots at Famous Footwear a year or two ago.
 Here are a few close ups so you can see the flecks of color in the sweater.  Looking at this picture, I can see flecks of grey and I'm thinking this sweater would look great with my dark grey skinnies too!
 To glam up a very casual outfit a bit, I wore a necklace that daughter gave me.  It is a hand-made necklace made by an artist in a third world country.  It is sold by a missions group that helps people in third world countries make a living by selling their goods in America.  The little pops of color in the necklace really livens up and completes the outfit.
So what about you?  If you live in a cold climate, how do you stay fashionable in a cold world?  Or do you just give up and sacrifice fashion for warmth and comfort?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Hi Amy. I love your Great outfit again and like to ask you to buy the sweater in my size for me because i fel in love with it๐Ÿ˜.
    Love also the boots and your nice blue bag and your jeans colour you are a really a topmodel and i really mean it.
    Hugs Ageeth

  2. First of all, you so crack me up talking about visiting your shoes. I would truly be sad! Second, I feel the same way about pullover sweaters adding too much bulk. Third, I truly love your cords - such a great color! This is a lovely winter look.

  3. So cute! Loving the neutrals and your boots!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. Oh nice ! Love this look too ! You're always very pretty !


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