Friday, February 6, 2015

Fashion Over Fifty: Learning How to be Creative

Hello!  I absolutely love it when my daughter helps out with my fashion posts because her youth and creativity forces me out of my usual style.  Whereas I'll always try to stay current or 'in-fashion', Ashley is a lot more artistic than me and helps me bring a more original flair to my outfits.  The outfit below was one of Ashley's creations for me when she was home visiting back in November.  Everything in the outfit is mine except for the dress.  That is one of Ashley's thrift store finds.  

This outfit really proves that you can combine and re-create really unique outfits with items already in your closet.  I loved the snake skin print dress, but as always, it was too short (and thin) for my comfort zone so I wore it as a tunic.  Whenever I see dresses like this I think "Who would actually wear this as a dress?  I mean, I would feel so uncomfortable sitting, or bending over and I can't even imagine the peek-a-boo everyone would get if a wind gust suddenly occurred!"  LOL!  Oh well, maybe they are meant for shorter women.  Who knows?  In my case, with my long torso and legs, I wore it as a tunic with leggings.  
 I put a sparkly black tank top (old)  from Target underneath because of the thinness of the material.  The dress is sleeveless, so I added a short, burgundy sweater (old, H & M) to make it more suitable for winter weather.  I wish I would have had the foresight to take a picture of the back of this sweater.  It has a very interesting curve in the back, and hangs just below the rib cage.  I've worn it before with jeans in THIS POST.  I didn't have the foresight to take a picture of the back in that post either.  LOL!  I think I subconsciously never take pictures of my back side because I don't like my back.  I carry a lot of weight in my back, and I'm very round shouldered so my back side is one of my worst features.
 For accessories I wore a silver feather bracelet from Old Navy, and a silver glitter points necklace from Express.
 Ashley always encourages me to put belts on to accentuate my waist.  I always reply 'What waist?'.  I usually don't belt my waist because I have such a thick midsection, but for some reason, in this outfit, it worked.  Thanks Ashley!
 You probably remember this picture from my Me, Lately post.  It looked like I was thinking hard so it was a good pic to use for that post.
 This outfit is also a great example of how you can take a summer item, like this sleeveless, short dress, and make it appropriate to wear in the winter just by adding leggings and a sweater.  You get a lot more out of your wardrobe if you can use your clothes for more than just one season.

 My pointy toe flats are old, I think I got them from Express.  They are a pretty burgundy color with a very interesting fabric detail on the toe.

I really liked this outfit Ashley created.  It is quite different than what I usually wear, and it is still comfortable and casual which is totally my style.  The dress went home with Ashley when she visited, but I might have to get it back and borrow it for awhile when we meet up in March for our next 'clothing exchange.'

What about you?  Do you wear spring/summer dresses in the winter?  Do you like to be creative with your outfits, or do you stick with what you know?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just saw this on Instagram and immediately had to come check out your blog. I LOVE this look, Amy! So creative, flattering and pretty! I am definitely going to have to take a few cues from this.

  2. You rocked this outfit! I love the snake skin print dress. I agree with you about how short the dress is. I, too cannot wear short skirts or dresses because of the reasons you stated. Lol! And, also great accessories pairings to complete the look. Fun! :)

  3. What a great post! Yes, you can borrow the dress in March. :) Love, Ashley

  4. Love that snake skin print dress on you! xo Andrea

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