Friday, December 19, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Holiday Wear, Fantasy Style

Hello!  As we begin to enter our biggest holiday week (now through New Years) I wanted to showcase two different holiday outfits:  One is my fantasy holiday outfit, and the other (which will be posted separately next week) is what I will actually be wearing for Christmas.

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently.  Some people have lots of formal, cocktail parties to attend, or maybe their family just gets dressed to the nines for a Christmas gathering.  Other's celebrate very informally wearing 'ugly Christmas sweaters' or pretty casual holiday attire.  We tend to celebrate Christmas as home, with just our nuclear family, and I'm usually in the kitchen half the time, so a Christmas sweater (or tee shirt if the kitchen is too hot) with a pair of leggings is about as dressed up as I usually get.  I do wear something 'Christmassy' to church and if we happen to have friends over sometime during that week, but  that's about it.  Usually it's just a pretty sweater with some sparkle in it and I add some glam with accessories, or it's a traditional Christmas color, like red, combined with black.

But because my reader's vary, I wanted to show you two different holiday outfits.  First up, my fantasy outfit.  What I would wear if I had a fancy party to attend.  This dress was borrowed from my daughter just for the photo shoot.  We shot these pictures when she was home for Thanksgiving.  You can read about the fun we had that day HERE if you missed that post.  Ashley is a professional singer and has lots of formal wear that she wears for her performances, and various galas and events she has to attend. I don't have her glamorous life, so I don't need dresses like these, but it's fun to try them on and play dress up for a little while.
This dress is by Ralph Lauren and it is very similar in style to the dress I showed you in THIS post, only it's blue, not red.  When I put this dress on, I said to Ashley 'Boy, this guy sure knows how to dress a woman with curves!' and Ashley replied, 'Yes, but it also works with women without curves because the way it is cut accentuates and flatters a woman's curves, and it gives curves to women who have more boyish figures.'.  I couldn't agree more.  His dresses suck you in where they need to, yet drape and adorn your figure at just the right spot to make any figure thinner and curvier.  Sounds impossible right?  But it's true. Go to a store and try one of his dresses on, and you will see for yourself!
The dress just seems so romantic to me and would work well for a special Anniversary date too.

This outfit, as fun as it is to try it on and play dress up, couldn't be less 'me'.  I absolutely love this look,  I just don't feel comfortable wearing clothes like this.  If I had to go to a formal event, I would probably wear dark pants with flats or a mid-heel, and a fancy top and lots of jewelry.  I like to feel comfortable (and warm) no matter what I wear or where I go, and I always feel more comfortable in pants than dresses.  But that, is another reason, why this is a fantasy post.  It is not my real life, nor the real me. But if I had to wear a formal dress, this is the style of dress I would wear.

My shoes I bought in the spring, they are by 9 West.

To accessorize this outfit, I kept it simple with a double strand pearl necklace, a crystal blue bracelet, and I carried a vintage silver metallic clutch from one of Ashley's thrift store hunts.
If you'd like to see what I wore last year for our church's Christmas service, click HERE.

And here are more Christmas outfits to be inspired by:
Photo Credit

I love this outfit.  I adore the soft, relaxed sweater,  and the  sparkly skirt.  It's just a too short for me.

Photo Credit

This one I'd wear in a heartbeat, but with different shoes.  I could never wear those heels.

Photo Credit

I love this one, but I would never wear it.  Definitely a fantasy outfit.

Photo Credit
I could definitely see myself wearing this on Christmas Day curled up with the hubby near the fire!
Photo Credit
It would be fun watching Christmas movies with the family wearing these pajamas!
Photo Credit

Now these look cozy!

So what about you?  How do you celebrate the holidays and what do you wear?  Which one of the outfits from Pinterest most represent you?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. Hi Amy! You look great in the beautiful blue dress. Wishing you and your family a merry christmas and a healthy 2015, Ageeth

  2. That dress looks fantastic on you! Love the color too! I don't usually (or ever for that matter) have reasons to dress up this nice, but I think it would be a beautiful dress to wear for my daughter's ballet performance.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!


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