Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Cranberry Festival Finds

I just wanted to quickly show you two more 'finds' I bought at the Warren Cranberry Festival. The first find is an old printer's press drawer...see the handle on the right side? I got this precious antique for only $12.00! I wish I would have bought more, but I wanted to make sure it would hold my stamps first. It does! I have it hanging on my craft room wall and it holds alot of my loose, individual stamps that were previously 'buried' away in plastic totes before. Now my stamps are in plain sight and within easy reach, and its a nice decorative accent as well! But of course, I STILL have 3 more plastic shoeboxes full of loose stamps, LOL! I will be keeping my eye out for more printer's press drawers!
The second picture shows iron butterfly wall hangings. I placed them on an outside wall of my house next to a wall planter. This is on my front porch. I thought thise decorative element went beautifully with the flowers and is another inviting touch for my guests. Debbie was sweet enough to purchase the big one for me, it was only $5.00. The middle-sized one was about $3.00 and the little one was about $2.00.
Thats all my Cranberry Festival Pictures. Back to crafting in the next post! Till then, Amy.


  1. More fun stuff!! When is the next festival?? lol

  2. LOVE your new stamp holder!! And, that planter is gorgeous ... the butterflies are the perfect touch!!


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