Friday, May 5, 2017

What I Wore On My Vacation To Myrtle Beach

Packing for a vacation is always a challenge.  I don't want to pack too much, yet I also don't want to be without items I wished I brought.  I also like to look my best when traveling because my husband always takes a ton of pictures of me.  I don't want to look at those pictures years from now and think "Ugh! I look terrible!";   so travel fashion is very important to me.  But in addition to looking good, comfort is the most important thing as I'm usually walking a lot!  Here is what I wore on my vacation to Myrtle Beach with a description of where we went, the weather that day, and why I chose the outfit I did.

This is the outfit I wore for a very long day in the car (about 11 hours) where I traveled from a cooler climate (Chicago, 50's) to a warmer tropical climate (Myrtle Beach, 70's).

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of great pictures of me in this outfit which is a shame because some of you asked about this top after seeing it in my first Myrtle Beach Travel Post.  I promise I will do a real fashion post with this top in the future, but for now here is the only close up I have.  It's a coral light weight tee with gold embossed pineapples on it.  It is so pretty, and the perfect summer tee (especially fitting for Myrtle Beach)!  I first saw it at JCP for $8.00 and passed on it because even though I thought it was sooooo cute, I really didn't need another pineapple tee.  Then I saw Andrea from "Living on Cloud Nine" with the same tee on in one of her blog posts and I immediately regretted not buying the tee. The next week when I went back to town I saw JCP still had the tee on sale, so I snapped it up!  It's still available HERE if you're interested!

I wore my tee with my tan elastic waist pants (last shown HERE) so I'd be comfortable sitting long hours in the car.  I chose tan slider sandals that could easily be slipped off in the car.  They also have a pretty gold buckle that coordinated well with the gold pineapples in the tee.  I wore gold jewelry.  I took three handbags on my trip;  the striped one you see in the picture above, a nude cross body bag, and a straw bag for the beach.  Taking only three handbags really helped keep my luggage down.  I also kept my luggage down by taking only one jacket:  my denim jacket.  It went with everything as was the perfect jacket for the temperatures.

Our first full day in Myrtle Beach it was warm and humid.  It rained in the early morning, then the sun came out, and it rained again later in the afternoon.  Because of the rain, we decided to go shopping in between rain showers, and then see a movie later in the afternoon when it rained more heavily.

I wore white shorts, a long sleeve coral gauze top with a yellow tank top underneath (CJBanks), Adidas sneakers, and I carried a cross body bag.

In the past when I've traveled I always brought dozens of shoes, but for this trip I only brought one pair of sneakers, two pairs of sandals, and flip flops.  But I ended up wearing my sneakers almost everyday because everything we did involved a lot of walking and the sneakers were so comfy.

The sneakers I wore you've probably seen a lot in Blog Land since everyone is wearing them...but you've most likely only seen the pink version.  I bought the same sneaker but in Nude so they would be more versatile.  And I was right!  They go with everything!

This is the same sneaker I have on although this is the pink version.  They appear to be out of stock in the Nude color which I purchased at DSW.    I can't say enough about the Adidas NEO Courtset Sneaker.  THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!  I walked for hours every day and my feet never hurt.  But what I really like about them is their petite styling.  I have large feet (size 9) and most sneakers make my feet look even bigger.  These sneakers are just so cute, they look petite even on my big feet.  I would love a pair in every color!

On Tuesday we hit the State Parks:  Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington State Park.  It was a cool, cloudy day in the sixties.  I wore dark denim shorts, Adidas sneakers, my new embroidered gauze top (last shown HERE), and a denim jacket.

My denim jacket new this season.  It is from JCP.

 Wednesday was our first perfect, warm, sunny day in Myrtle Beach (80's).  We went to Brookside Gardens.  I wore the same white shorts on wore on Monday, with a yellow top (last shown HERE), white tank, a neon colored tassel necklace, a straw hat, and my Adidas sneakers.

 My naughty husband is always taking pictures of my backside when I'm not looking, but the pictures tend to come in handy when putting together my fashion posts!

Thursday was another hot and humid day.  We went to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Broadway On The Beach.  I wore these pretty light blue long shorts that I picked up on clearance at the end of the summer season at JCP for only $6.00.   I know, SCORE, right?  They are so pretty and comfortable.  I think they are my favorite pair of shorts I own.  They are a nice dressy option if you don't want to wear short shorts or capris.

With my shorts I wore a white lace tee, straw hat, my new rose gold sandals, and I carried my nude cross body bag.

Now lets talk about these sandals.  They are Adrienne Vittadini Claud Flatform Sandal from DSW.  I bought these sandals specifically for my vacation.  I wanted a very supportive sandal good for lots of walking.   I also wanted the color rose gold since I love that color and it's really trending right now.  After wearing the sandals twice (walking many miles) I found them very, very supportive.  However, the top band on my right foot cut into my toe and the inner right heel started to develop a blister.  I found my usual size 9 a bit tight.  It was quite difficult to close the zipper behind the heel.  I wish this sandal was available in a wide size.  I also wish I bought a 9.5.  Other than that, I loved the sandal.  And it could be that I walked too far in them for my first use and they need to be broken in a little.  I also felt I was swelling a bit from the heat and humidity.  Several of my usual rings didn't even fit my hands.  So yes, I do recommend these sandals, but size up a half size!

I accessorized with white jewelry and white sunglasses.

 Our last day of vacation was spent in Charleston and it was the hottest day of our trip (89).  I couldn't believe the humidity in Charleston.  I could feel the sweat just dripping down my back when we were on our carriage ride.  This Wisconsin gal just isn't use to that kind of humidity.  No wonder you Southern bloggers are screaming for Fall in July when we really even hadn't had a summer yet.

Because of the heat, I wore my new Stitch Fix dress, sneakers, a straw hat, and I carried my cross body bag.  Did you notice the water bag peeking out the top of my bag in almost every picture?  A cross body bag is my favorite bag of choice for traveling.  It keeps my hands free (and my bag safe from thieves) while holding all my bare essentials:  a credit card/$, lipstick, cell phone, keys, hand lotion and a water bottle.

 When I got my dress from Stitch Fix they did show styling it with sneakers on the styling card.  Of course my first choice would always be sandals or heels with a dress, but I thought it looked really cute with sneakers too!  I definitely needed to wear sneakers with all the walking we did that day!

 A lot of readers thought I was very unhappy with my last Fix.  I don't know why everyone thought  that as I felt I explained very accurately why I only kept one item.  I liked everything I got except for the bow tie top.  The problem was I specifically asked my stylist for items for an upcoming Myrtle Beach vacation, and other than the dress, everything was wrong for a beach vacation.  Considering how hot and humid it was, this dress was the only item I could actually use.  It did come in handy just in time for the vacation, so I was happy about that.

And for the ladies who feel uncomfortable wearing hats...go to Charleston and wear a hat!  You will fit right in.  Everyone wears a hat in Charleston.  It was so fun seeing all the different hats!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Fun outfits and perfect for the occasions. Love the dress! I will be looking out for those sneakers, I need a new pair and these look really cute!

    PS: I just booked a room in Myrtle Beach for Summer (Dunes Village Resort), it's going to be soooo hot that I might wish I hadn't but looking forward to it. Not sure if we'll go to Magnolia Gardens either, as I had a look at the Brookgreen Gardens and that place looks amazing. Looking forward to all your travel posts!

    1. Thanks Elli! That's awesome you're going to Myrtle Beach. I walked past that resort, and it looked nice. There is so much for families to do in Myrtle Beach, especially at the resort you picked, I'm sure you'll have a blast. As for Magnolia or Brookgreen, I would have went to Magnolia had I more than 1 day in Charleston. I've heard so many wonderful things about Magnolia. But out of everything I did in Myrtle Beach, Brookgreen was one of my favorite days. They have a lot for kids there too! My advice is get there when the gates open. It was so crowded when we were there and their parking lot fills up fast. I recall seeing people driving around trying to find a parking space.

    2. You look adorable! I agree being a Southern girl from Mississippi no doubt, we know what humidity is! We visited Myrtle Beach last year in the dog days of summer but I recently visited Raleigh NC and I think you could pull off a hat there too!

    3. Thank you! Hats are so fun to wear, I wish more people would wear them!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I love reading your blog. I live in Winter Springs, FL, not too far from Winter Park. You feature some great, affordable, and stylish fashion, esp. for women in their 50's. Could you please tell me if the Adidas Neo Courtset sneakers have removable insoles? Thanks.


    1. Thanks so much. You're so fortunate to live in Florida...I just love visiting there. I'm happy you appreciate seeing affordable fashion as I often feel in the minority in blog land when so many bloggers are showing much more expensive items. I looked at the sneakers and tugged at the insole and they do not appear to be removable.

  3. Great post. I like your approach of each day, each outfit and why. You look great in shorts and the pretty dress looked nicely cool for a hot steamy day. Followed the links for your t shirt and sandals, they are both so tempt but shipping will be too expensive over to the UK I'm guessing. But I love them.
    I so enjoyed following each day of your holiday and the area look a fab place for a holiday

    1. Awww, thank you! I totally relate to shipping costs overseas. I follow several UK bloggers and when they link to items or UK businesses I'm tempted as well.

  4. Amy, that tee looks fantastic on you!! I'm so glad you got it!!


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