Friday, June 3, 2016

Road Trip Outfits and Head Bands Galore!

If you read Wednesday's Travel Post you would know that my husband and I took a 3500 mile road trip to Las Vegas.  I plan on showing all my outfits that I wore on that trip in future fashion posts, but today I would like to share what I wore on the three day journey there.

When traveling by car I first and foremost want to be comfortable in my clothing.  The weather changes drastically from state to state and from morning to evening, so layers are a must!  I also avoid any clothes with tight waistlines and pick loose pants or skirts with drawstring or elastic waists.

The first day of our trip was from Wisconsin to Nebraska.  We left early in the morning and it was only in the 50's.  I started the day wearing the outfit below, plus a white jean jacket and a scarf.  By the time we reached Nebraska ten hours later, it was in the upper seventies, so the scarf and coat came off!

I have on a very thin T-shirt with a camisole underneath.  If it got really warm, I could have even removed the T-shirt.  My pants are a light weight cotton cobalt blue (you last saw them HERE) with a drawstring waist.  These are my go-to pants when traveling.  They are so comfy! I wore white Dr. Scholls loafers on my feet, and carried a hot pink cross body bag.

This was our third time through Nebraska, and every time we drive through this big and boring state, we always stop at this outlet mall to stretch our legs.  It's located just outside of Omaha.

The store I always head to first is Forever 21 because we do not have one in my home town.  I rarely buy any of their new, full price items, and always make a bee line for their amazing clearance racks.  I know, pretty funny considering what an inexpensive store it is in the first place.

This time I hit the mother load when I found all these head bands for only 99 cents a piece!  I love wearing headbands, especially in the summer.  They not only keep the hair out of my face, but if I'm in a huge hurry to get out the door just throwing a head band on is quick and easy and I don't have to take time to style my hair.

It turned out these head bands came in real handy on my trip for it was windy out west!  Even if I took the time to style my hair that day, the wind just destroyed it.  I think I ended up wearing every single head band on this trip.

The next day of our road trip would be much warmer, and also not just a car drive day, but it included a stop in Glenn Wood Springs.  So, I wanted to look a little cuter than I did the previous day, but still be comfortable as I would still be spending about eight hours in the car.

 I chose to wear this light weight chambray skirt, a new soft, white cotton T shirt from J.C Penney, a white head band/straw hat, yellow bracelets, new yellow flip flops from DSW, and my hot pink cross body bag.

The top has a very pretty lace overlay on top.  I really love the neck line, and the material is so soft!

 I only took two jackets on this trip:  my white denim jacket and my green utility jacket.  The white denim jacket was the perfect choice, for it went with just about all my outfits.  And the green utility jacket was a must for my hiking days in the parks.

I bought these yellow flip flops right before I left for vacation because DSW sent me a $20 off coupon...who could resist, right?  They ended up being absolutely perfect for my trip because they were so comfortable!  I can not say enough about these flip flops.  I was able to hike and walk up hill in these babies...they have such a great grip and a comfort cushioned foot bed.  They are by b.o.c and you can find them HERE.

The next day we headed for Las Vegas.  We would end up spending another eight hours in the car, but I also knew it would be the eighties when we arrived there.  I chose to wear my striped dress (last seen HERE), with my white denim jacket/white sweater shrug underneath.

Again, I accented with yellow accessories in my shoes and jewelry, and carried my hot pink cross body bag for extra color and security reasons.  I was really proud of myself of how I planned outfits better for this trip.  Even though I have always planned outfits for trips in the past, I never considered re-using the same items to help reduce luggage.  This time, even though I wore something new every day, I was able to re-wear a lot of items repeatedly saving a lot of space in my suitcase.

The further west we drove, the day heated up and I removed the denim jacket.  Here is the dress with just a simple, thin white knit shrug over the shoulders.  It never got that hot where I felt the need to remove the shrug.  The dress is a super comfy, loose fitting, jersey knit from Joe Fresh that I've had for years.

And that's it for the three outfits I wore on my car drive out to Vegas.  I will have many more fashion photos of all the outfits I wore during my vacation to come.  Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Amy, I agree with choosing comfort first for long car trips. But I like to look cute, too! You picked the perfect outfits for your trip. I love those yellow sandals! They are adorable. And B.O.C. are soooo comfortable!

    Thanks for stopping by my page!


  2. Traveling with changing weather is always difficult. I tend to pack jackets like you did too. I think I need a white denim. I love that on you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I love all those headbands! I never know what to wear when I'm traveling, especially if it's going to be different weather, and yes comfort is important!

    Ashley Sue Makeup

  4. How fun and great pics! Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday and have a fab weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. I always enjoy reading about your trips, Amy. :) I really enjoyed how each of your looks offered some bright colors and that you did some remixing this time around. That striped dress is a wardrobe must have. Lucky you finding all of those pretty headbands on sale!

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday! Hope to see you back next week.

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

  6. Your white denim jacket is divine, Amy!!


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