Friday, June 10, 2016

What I Wore to a Vegas Show

 For a fashionista, Vegas is a lot of fun.  I don't drink or gamble, but I love to dress up, and Las Vegas is one of the last places on earth where glitz and glam are still welcome.  That's not to say you won't see any casual wear in Vegas.  Quite the contrary actually.  In Vegas, anything goes.  From my observation, about half the people are dressed casually and the other half are dressed to the nines. The attire also varies depending on where you are.  The nicer the hotel the more glitz and glamour you will see.

I live in a rural area in the mid-west, so for me, Vegas was an opportunity to wear clothes that would never be appropriate to wear in my neck of the woods.  I was only in Vegas for three nights and two full days, and I only had the opportunity to wear two nice night time outfits.  Today's post is one of them, and I will show you the other outfit I wore on Monday's fashion post.  I've already shown you one nice day time outfit I wore in Vegas in THIS POST.

My dress is actually borrowed from a friend who wore it to her son's wedding in Vegas.  The dress is two sizes bigger than I normally wear.  It's suppose to be a tight, form fitting dress, but on me, it works more like a shift dress.  I thought it still looked lovely on me, even though it wasn't tight like it should be.  I almost debated not wearing it at all because of the wrong size and I wasn't sure the color went with my skin coloring.  But my husband and daughter loved it, and they encouraged me to wear it.  My daughter Ashley suggested I accent the nude tones with a bright bag and shoes so I felt better about the color.  I was happy I listened to her advice, for I loved the contrast.

It's an absolutely gorgeous dress.   My friend purchased it from David's Bridal.  It has layers and layers of sequined fabric.  The sleeves are sheer, and the back and front open in a V shape.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I wore this dress to a Celine Dion concert.  It was such an amazing concert, and I plan on telling you more about the concert on a later travel post.  I do travel posts every Wednesday, so stop by then if your interested.

Before we went to the concert, we went out to dinner and took pictures in the Flamingo gardens.  The attire at the concert varied.  There were lots of women dressed up like me...covered in sequins and jewels, then there were more casually dressed what someone would wear to church or a graduation.  But overall, it was more dressed up than if you were just walking the Vegas strip.

Here is a close up so you can see the lace pattern on the dress, the sheer sleeves, and the sequins.  I kept my jewelry simple since there was so much going on in the dress.  I wore a diamond necklace and gold, coral, and diamond bracelets.  I also wore simple diamond studs, but you can't really see them in any of these pictures.  I also wore those earrings during my third night in Vegas, so you will get a close up of those on Monday's fashion post.

My coral bag and shoes are both old. The bag is from Express and the shoes are by Fergalicous.  I love these shoes, but they are very hard for me to walk in.

In fact, I have a funny story about these shoes.  I never wear them unless I know I won't be walking/standing much.  The concert was at Ceasar's Palace, which was right across the street from the hotel we were staying at.  I thought, surely I can walk that far in them.  But boy, was I wrong.  The venue may have just been across the street, but it's still a long walk in Vegas in high heels.  First I had to walk to the elevator, go down 27 flights, walk out of one huge lobby, walk around the garden getting my picture taken a zillion times, then walk to dinner, then out to the strip, then down to the end of the road to cross the street using the bridge, then across the bridge, then about a half mile back to Ceasar's Palace, then through their lobby...then up three floors...and whew! I was finally there.  But  barely.   My feet felt like I was wearing ice skates.  My ankles grew weak and I couldn't even stand up.  I stumbled twice and I would have fallen down had I not been holding my husband's arm.  I felt like an idiot for wearing these stupid heels and I was so embarrassed.  To make it worse, I took the shoes off because my feet hurt so bad I could not enjoy the concert.  Well, two hours later when the concert was over, guess what?  I couldn't get my shoes back on!  My feet were swollen.  Ugh!  So, we waited till the majority of the crowd was gone and I put the shoes on as best as I could;   but one toe on one of my feet would not go in the shoe properly and the pain was excruciating.   But I had no choice, I didn't want to get in trouble walking barefoot in the hotel.  So I limped all the way down three floors and across the huge hotel lobby, but as soon as we got out the door off those shoes came and I walked barefoot.  So finally I was free and happy.  It was a gorgeous evening, I was walking with ease because I was barefoot (my favorite way to walk), and then it happened.  A bum (yes, a real bum, or a more politically correct way to phrase it, a home-less person), screamed at me "Oh, gross! She's walking bare foot, someone get that girl some flats".   At first I was flattered this young man referred to my 53 years as a 'girl', but then I was perplexed.  Why was walking barefoot gross?  I spend a lot of time in Florida and people walk barefoot everywhere.  I wasn't inside, I was outside.  I love to walk barefoot outside.  My husband just laughed and said "What a nut.  He's sleeping on the street, and yet he says your gross cause your walking barefoot".  Yes, that is quite the oxymoron, but the bum embarrassed me nevertheless and I learned a great lesson....never, ever, wear shoes you can't walk in, no matter how pretty they are.

I shared that story for two reasons...number one, to make you laugh.  I know I am even laughing at myself reliving it.  And number two, to show you all is not perfect in blog land.  So often we look at pictures of other bloggers and think they always have great experiences and perfect days, but we are all just normal people that embarrassing things happen to.  So the next time you have lipstick on your teeth all day and no one tells you, just remember...Amy had to walk barefoot in Vegas because she couldn't walk in heels and a bum called her out in front of a huge crowd of people.  You'll feel better!

 Well, other than the shoe horror story, I did feel beautiful and glamorous in this dress, and this 53 year old made a lot of heads turn according to my husband.  I just laughed and told him "They are probably making fun of me because I can't walk in these shoes!" and he said "Oh, no!".  Leave it my wonderful hubby to always make me feel better.

But it was nice to dress like a princess for at least one night.

Now that I think of it, I actually had a real Cinderella moment!  Didn't she leave the party with only one shoe on too?

I forgot to have my husband take a picture of the back of this dress, but you can get a glimpse of it in this picture.  And you can tell by the angle of my legs, how hard it was to walk in these shoes too.  I will say, I did get better at it by the end of the evening.  I should have practiced at home before I left.  I learned that when you walk in heels, you can't walk like you normally do.  You need to land on the ball of your feet first.  It just feels so awkward and clumsy doing that.  Do you have any tips for walking in high heels?  I'd love to hear from you in the comment section.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Oh Amy---I can so relate. Being in Vegas to me means walking so much more than I ever expected, so unless I'm staying in the hotel---that means walkable shoes (and I do have heels that are walkable!!). I ended up walking barefoot not so long ago because my shoes were too new and it's miserable with a blister. In fact, I now carry a bandaid and sole serum in my purse at all times, just in case!!
    But you do look fabulous, and I think the dress looks great --even in that size!
    As for the bum---perspective is the key like your husband said----if he was in his right mind, he probably wouldn't be a bum...

  2. Such a good point about Vegas. I've never had a huge desire to go since I don't gamble or drink much. Fashion is always worth it though, and you look beautiful in this dress!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. This dress is so pretty on you, and I like how it fits a little loser. Also loving how you added the red accessories. So funny about your shoes. In fact the last time I was in Vegas, my heels were hurting so much (from a night of dancing) that I look them off the second I stepped foot in my hotel and walked barefoot to my room! Hey you gotta do what you gotta do!

  4. You look great in the dress! And the shoes are gorgeous! Too bad you had such a bad time walking in them! Painful shoes are the worst!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  5. P.S.: I just followed you on Instagram! :-)

  6. I really need to go back to Vegas, I haven't been since I turned 21... I don't really drink or gamble much, but I love to walk around and people watch... and EAT. :) I love this dress on you and those heels- WOW! Hot!!


  7. You look stunning! And I love the pop of color in your accessories with the neutral color of the dress. The shoes are fabulous but I can see where they wouldn't last the whole night! My only advice for walking in high heels is that when I wear high heels, I always make sure to have a pair of flats with me...just in case! Because at this stage of life, my feet and back can't handle heels all night long! Thanks for the cute and funny gave me a chuckle!


  8. You look absolutely beautiful in the dress and shoes! I love the layers of lace on the dress and the pops of color with your purse and shoes. I have a hard time walking in heels, also, so most of the time I don't wear them. But they are so darn pretty, aren't they?! What we gals do for beauty! Thanks for a great post and your sense of humor about the "shoe episode."

  9. You look smoking' hot, Lady! Vegas done with classy perfection! Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

  10. Gorgeous dress and fab shoes, It all looks great together, such an interesting read - so many times I worn shoes that eventually make my feet feel really painful! It's such a problem for me...nice to meet up Jacqui

  11. I think this dress looks great on you! It definitely still looks good even if you feel it's a little big. Love the sparkle!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  12. Ooo lala, you look stunningly amazing. I don't drink or gamble either, but anyway to look this fabulous is right up my alley. Looking lovely Amy.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

  13. What a gorgeous look...and those shoes. FUN!

  14. Amy, you look simply stunning in this dress! I believe I have the exact same one and wore it to our second oldest son's wedding a little over a year ago. I had to smile about your shoe story because as accustomed as I am to running around in heels every day sometimes it doesn't work out. I loved your husband for sharing with you heads turned. Too sweet!

  15. Stunner! This dress is a showstopper and I love the red heels. Perfect for Vegas for sure


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