Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Over Fifty: Fun Scarves and How to Bring Color to a Black and White Outfit

Hello!  For this week's Fashion Over Fifty Post I have a fun scarf to show you that brings some color to an otherwise bland outfit.

Have you ever gone shopping and you were just drawn to something that was a little unusual for you, but you just had to have it?  This pink zebra scarf was it for me.  I was shopping at Charming Charlies in Wheaton, Illinois and I saw this scarf on clearance.  I immediately admired it, but I thought it was just too 'different' for someone over fifty to wear, so I immediately dismissed it.  But as I kept shopping at the store, I couldn't stop thinking about that scarf;  I really liked it, and it was a great price!  Then I saw a 'young' sales associate wearing it; and she was dressed very 'goth'-like,  and I really admired it on her, but again, I thought, 'I'm too old for that scarf;  it's obviously a hipper/trendier scarf for the younger generation'.  Finally, I just thought 'Amy, your being ridiculous.  You love the scarf,  BUY IT!'  So I did, and I am so happy I did because it went perfectly with the outfit I have on below.  My outfit would have been so conservative and color-less if I didn't have this fun scarf on.  It not only adds some much needed color, but it 'relaxes' an other wise 'stuffy' ensemble.

Please ignore my giant hands in the picture below.  I assure you, my hands are not that big in real life.  Something about the camera angle made my hands appear super large!  So funny.  

I wore a metallic faux leather silvery/white jacket that my dear husband bought me for my birthday last year as my outerwear.  
 This is my 'inside' ensemble.  The ankle length pants were purchased last year at T.J. Maxx and they have a black and white check pattern on them.  The faux leather trim cardigan is from Ann Taylor.  I wore a simple white tank underneath to keep from getting too bulky and warm.  I added a slim black belt to my waist to help give me more of a figure.    The cross body bag is from J.C. Penny (similar), and my only jewelry is a black and white bangle.
 Here is a close up of this fun scarf.  I love how the black and white zebras coordinate with the black and white ensemble, but the soft pink brings in some much needed color.
 For shoes I wore these black flats from Famous Footwear (similar), that have  a fun buckle on top.  My husband thought that it was so funny that I wanted a picture of my feet taken on top of the mossy rocks.  I said 'I love moss!  It's pretty and it will make an interesting back drop.'

Have a great day! Amy


  1. It looks great Amy, I have the same problem as you have, find rather quick that the clothes are too young for me. But never worry what other people might say because you can never please all people!
    Have a nice weekend, Regards Ageeth

  2. Great scarf! and the zebras make it fun... visiting from Friday's Fab..

  3. Love the scarf and it certainly suits you, not too young for you at all. Great outfit!


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