Sunday, June 2, 2024

Spring Flowers

Another year, another spring garden.  Walk with me as we tour this year's spring blooms in my garden:

My spring garden began with one single crocus bloom.  I then excitedly posted the photo to Facebook with the caption "We have life!"

That one single crocus bloom was then followed by other crocus in many different colors.

Then the daffodils made their appearance, of which I had to promptly gather a bouquet and bring life into my house. 

Photos can never caption the scale of all the daffodils I have, so here is a short video.

After the daffodils, come the tulips.  Although this year my heart was broken as the deer had gotten to many of my tulips before I got to enjoy them.

With the arrival of the tulips also arrived my favorite bird:  the oriole.

Other perennials, shrubs, and trees also start to bloom about the same time as the tulips, and the garden soon started to explode with life.


Grape Hyacinth

Lamium Shell Pink Spotted Dead Nettle

Pink Flowering Crab Apple Tree

Weigela Bush

White Flowering Crab Apple Tree

Bleeding Heart

Vibernum Bush

One of my favorite places to sit and rest a spell.  The bench sits high above my yard so I get a nice view.

White Crab Apple Tree with my neighbor's Creeping Phlox in the background.

Cushion Spurge

Laminum Maculatum Purple Dragon

Viburnum Bush with Ornamental Onions in background

Ornamental Onion

Snowball Bush

I love the view from my third floor master bedroom window.  The room is up in the tree branches and when the Honey Locust tree is bright yellow it is breath-taking.



Hosta with Little Princess Lilac Bush in background

White Peony

Dame's Rocket

Bachelor Buttons

Lilac Bush

 And now, a video of my garden in the morning.  Be sure to watch this video with the sound on:  the birds singing with the sound of running water in the background from a nearby waterfall is a treat for the senses.

I hope you enjoyed touring my spring garden.  I will be back soon with a vegetable garden post!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. What an incredibly beautiful property you have, and I'm sure many years of planning and work went into cultivating so many lovely plantings. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thank you so much. It is always a work in progress, constantly changing and evolving.

  2. Such beautiful blossoms once again Amy. Love all the color and such wonderful nature sounds!

  3. Oh the flowers are all absolutely beautiful.

  4. Absolutely stunning flowers. Love each of them!

  5. Your garden is just beautiful!

  6. Your garden is lovely! Love all of the colorful blooms!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. The view from the master bedroom would be amazing to see!

    1. Thank you, it is! I'll have to take a photo sometime and share it.

  8. What a gorgeous, gorgeous garden!! That top picture tho. Like a story book! #Gardenaffair

  9. Such a beautiful garden! Sadly, the deer had gotten to a few of my plants as well. I ended up having to cover the remaining plants until they stopped coming. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden photos with us at The Crazy Little Lovebirds link party #41.

    1. Thank you. Oh, those deer, and rabbits. They are heart breakers to gardeners. Yet, I still love seeing them in the yard, they are so pretty and cute.

  10. What a beautiful garden you have! I am glad you are able to enjoy such beautiful spring flowers.

  11. Wow, such beautiful flowers. So very nice. Lovely.

  12. I wish to stroll in to your garden , we had garden which was never this splendid and I can completely understand the amount of toil it takes to maintain a Garden . The spring flowers are always a red letter days for every Gardener . I loved everything blooming in your spring garden be it from Jonquils, Tulips, Crocus to you perennials Snowball bush, weigle bush or bleeding heart. I am envious that you could have a glance at your Garden from your bedroom. Thanks for sharing your spring at Garden Affair.

    1. Aww, thank you. You are more than welcome to come stroll through my garden anytime.

  13. What a beautiful garden! This post will be one of my features on this week's WTJR! Thank you for sharing with us, we appreciate it. Melynda @scratchmadefood!


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