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Hocking Hills: Conkles Hollow, The Visitor Center, and the Hocking Hills Resort

This post is day one, part two of a travel series of our road trip in the midwest where we traveled to four states:  Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana to visit one state park, two national park, and a historic farm..  To start at the beginning, go HERE!

After hiking Cantwell Cliffs and the Rock House in the morning, we then headed for Conkles Hollow.  This is a beautiful trail perfect for young families, the elderly, and the disabled for it is completely paved and level for the entire trail except the last 300 feet.

Conkles Hollow

Conkles Hollow has two trails:  one takes you up a bunch of steps which hikes the rim of the hollow looking down, and the other is the Gorge Trail where you are hiking deep inside the hollow looking up.  We chose to hike the Gorge Trail.

There is a small cave (The Grotto)  which you can easily see from the trail, but you can also take some short steps to get a closer look.

The Gorge Trail is 0.4 miles one way in, plus another 300 feet to the waterfall if you're able to hike all the way to the end.  

This trail is so mystical and beautiful.  It felt like a fairy land, it was so pristine and gorgeous; loaded with ferns and moss and dappled sunlight peeking through.  Some of the growth is so thick in places that little or no sunlight reaches the deep valley floor.

A kind stranger offered to take our photo.  I always appreciate that. 

If you love ferns, Conkles Hollow is your place because it is loaded with ferns!  

The vertical cliffs rise 200 feet above the valley floor.  In the last unpaved portion of the trail the gorge narrows to only a distance of 300 feet from cliff to cliff.

This is the where the paved trail comes to the end.  People often leave their strollers or scooters here, and hike the last 300 feet on foot if they can.

From here there are bridges and lots of rock scrambling until you reach your final destination,

The trail ends at a waterfall which sometimes can be just a trickle and other times of the season can have quite the nice pond underneath.

Hiking this trail really is a beautiful, serene experience.  You really do feel like you're in a magical land and not Ohio.   😁

Here is a short four minute video of the most exciting part of the Conkles Hollow Trail:  the last 300 feet to the waterfall:

Hocking Hills Visitor Center

After this, we were done hiking for the day and got back in the car to head to the lodge.  We stopped at the Hocking Hills Visitor Center first.  They have quite the nice Visitor Center filled with lots of informations of all the trails in Hocking Hills.  Pictured below is my husband pointing to Conkles Hollow, the one we just hiked.

Here is more information on Conkles Hollow:

Pictured below is a diorama of  Hocking Hills most famous attraction:  Old Man's Cave, which we will be hiking the next day.  It was exciting to see what our hike will be like after looking at this display.

Hocking Hills Resort

The Hocking Hills region has many resorts to stay at when visiting the area, but after I saw they built a brand new one, I wanted to stay here!  It is a gorgeous resort with indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs.

After we soaked our aching bones in the hot tub, we walked around the resort a bit to check I out.  

There's a nice brick patio area for weddings and other events.

I loved this art sculpture.  Those are rocks inside!

The foyer has two large fireplaces with a bridge on the second level.

There is a dining room on the premises, but we didn't eat there so I can't tell you how good the food was.  

They also have a little coffee shop/grab-and-go for people who don't have the time to eat in the diner.  

I love how open the foyer is, and how when you walk in you can see straight out to the back of the hotel.

There's this awesome map/artwork on the wall that highlights the main attractions of the park.

I don't have photos of our room.  It was just ok in comparison to the rest of the hotel.  But I also chose the most inexpensive room as we never spend much time in our room to justify a big expense for a nicer room.

Next week I will cover the best part of Hocking Hills:  Old Man's Cave!  Don't miss it!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. That looks like another lovely walk/hike! We saw a few trails like that in Shenandoah too and I thought it was great that they were more inclusive for everyone to enjoy. What a beautiful hotel!

    1. It was so beautiful. I saw one like this in Shenandoah, but it was no where near as nice as this one. But I always appreciate when parks put an accessible trail in.

  2. What a pretty place to hike! The resort looks amazing too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. You were surrounded by a lush, green forest. Amazing photos

  4. That resort and hike looked amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Such a beautiful place!
    PS: your video is private!

    1. It is! Oh, thanks for letting me know about the video. I fixed it. I have no idea how that happened.

  6. Great hiking and lovely forest area.
    Thanks so much for participating and sharing at #32 #WW (Words welcome). See you next week Wednesday,

    1. It sure is! Thanks for popping by. You're welcome.

  7. Your lovely pictures make me imagine I'm there among the fresh air, the ferns and the beautiful light. Thanks for linking!

  8. What a fun time. You did a wonderful job documenting your adventure. Beautiful!
    Take care and best wishes
    Debra | Gma’sPhoto

  9. This looks like a beautiful spot and a wonderful place to visit. That resort would be a welcome sight after a long hike!

  10. Amazing and truly magical. Had a great time seeing your photos and reading about them too.


    1. It definitely was magical, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  11. Amy, what a beautiful place to go for a hike! Those trails had so much to explore, and that resort is gorgeous. I would have wanted to stay there too! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your post at The Crazy Little Lovebirds link party #43.

    1. It sure is! We had a great time in Hocking Hills. You're welcome.

  12. I DO love ferns! What a beautiful hike. I loved seeing your photos. The resort looks beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing this post with us at the Will Blog for Comments #41 linkup. We hope to see you again next time at #42, too. Happy weekend!

    1. Ferns are so gorgeous! I always have such a hard time keeping them alive in my house though. They are definitely an outside plant for me. Thanks so much! Yep, I'll be back to the link up.

  13. Another fabulous day of hiking, the pictures look amazing with lots of sunshine and beautiful views! The resorts looks wonderful, have to keep it in mind if we decide to visit Hocking Hills.

    1. It was! I loved Conkles Hollow and felt the pictures didn't do it justice. It'd be fun to go back in the fall and hike the upper ridge to get the fall color views.


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