Sunday, September 2, 2018

My Fall Home Tour

I'm so excited because with the exception of potted mums and real pumpkins, I have my entire house inside and out decorated for fall already! Yippee!  It feels so good to have it done.  I was inspired by a new Hobby Lobby opening in our home town;  I walked in and saw all the beautiful fall decor but I was afraid to buy anything new until I got my own fall decor out of storage.  I wanted to be sure I only bought what I needed to fill holes and not buy anything I had already. 

Let's begin our tour shall we?

This is a cabinet in my dining room.  I put vintage wheat plates on the plate rail on the wall.  I created a fall vignette using a tobacco basket, a fall sign, a galvanized pitcher, a dried arrangement,  some fall leaf garland and faux fall mums.

The tobacco basket, galvanized pitcher, and dried fall bouquet are all new this year from Hobby Lobby.  Everything else I already had in my stash.

On my piano, which is also in the dining room, I placed a fall sign, some baskets, a ceramic pumpkin, and a candle with some fall foliage.

The china cabinet on the other side of the dining room has a pumpkin flower arrangement on top with more vintage wheat plates on the plate rail.

A fall candle with a fall candle ring sits in the center of the dining room table.

 In the living room, I filled a vase with silk fall flowers and added a fall candle.  Both sit on a corner table.  On another table in this room,  I have another fall candle and candle ring (not seen).

In the downstairs guest bathroom on top of the vanity I added some fall scented products from Bath and Body Works.

The other side of the vanity holds a vase filled with silk fall mums.  A fall hand towel hangs on the towel ring.

For the office, I put some fall garland on top of a bookshelf and added a ceramic owl to a shelf.

In my entryway, I put a decorative fall metal bucket on a side table with some fall foliage and a little straw pumpkin.

The table that is directly across from the entryway door, and the first thing my guests see when walking in the house, is topped with another fall vignette.  I filled a galvanized vase with Viburnum cut from my garden.  Then I added a basket, a ceramic pumpkin, and a rock with sunflower on it and the word "Welcome".  Fall garland is weaved through all these items laying on the table.

On the entryway door hangs a fall swag.

The outside side porch, and the porch most guests enter through, is the most decorated for fall of all my porches.  Here I put a fall themed pillow on my white rocker, placed a scarecrow doll next to a planter, and I put some faux pumpkins on the porch floor.

On the large porch wall, I hung a large tobacco basket and placed a wooden pumpkin sign inside along with some silk fall flowers and foliage.  I picked up the large tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby this year too.  They are so popular right now, aren't they?   I just love them for layering.

Right next to my porch door is this fall welcome sign.  I painted it myself years ago.  It says "Happy Fall".  I added sticks, silk flowers and fall stems, and then placed faux pumpkins and squash on the porch floor and inside the wooden barrel.

This sign hangs on the wall on the opposite side of the door.

For the front porch, I added a fall leaf stake to a potted plant sitting on the porch steps.

Upstairs, I wrapped fall garland around a hallway mirror.

And I put a fall candle and fall candle ring on the table beneath the mirror.

Down the hall just a bit, I put more fall garland on a shelf, hung a "Give Thanks" plaque on a peg,  and added a wheat bundle to the table below.  My cat Jackson just loves chewing on this wheat bundle.  Ugh!

The master bedroom is mostly white and greys so I added a white fall floral arrangement to a nightstand.

And finally, on the shelf above the stairwell, I added more fall silk flowers and baskets.

After getting out my own fall supplies, I realized I had enough fall decor already.  I updated a little bit with two tobacco baskets, for they are really trending this year!  I also purchased two other trending items:  a galvanized pitcher and cotton.  If you can only purchase a few fall decor items, those would be the three things I would recommend investing in.

I also bought the new fall floral arrangement for the master bedroom.  I needed something more neutral to go with all the white and grey.  If you couldn't tell by the pictures, my house is very outdated color wise.  All the walls in the main living areas are jewel tones.  I've been going through my house the past few years and renovating, repainting the walls a cream or light grey.  I'm all done with the upper level;  this year I am starting on the main level, beginning with the living room.  As I repaint the rooms, I find some of my fall decor doesn't work in that room anymore.  That's what I discovered about my master bedroom, hence the new floral arrangement.  But the jewel tones walls, outdated as they are, look great with fall colors!  Don't they?

So what about you?  Have you decorated for fall yet?  Will you be using more traditional fall colors like I did or is your house all updated with white/grey paint so you use more muted fall tones?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. How beautifully you've decorated your house, Amy. We don't decorate for anything other than Christmas, and we might just throw a few eggs and fluffy bunnies around the place at Easter, but otherwise our houses stay the same all year round in the UK.
    But it's still summer so have a sunny Sunday! X .

    1. Yes, it's kinda the thing in the states to decorate for all then seasons and holidays. Yes, it's still summer, until September 22. Trust me, I'm not rushing the seasons, I never want to summer to end. I just have a lot of fall garden chores when things get really busy for me, so it helps if I decorate for fall at the end of August.

  2. Such beautiful decorations Amy! I love those tin canisters!
    I haven't started decorating yet, but will mostly likely use what I have in my basement. I never seem to make it to a decent craft store (we only have a really small Joann's in town). But those cotton flowers looks really neat and I want to look for some of them. I think actually I saw them at Joann's a few weeks ago so I might check there.

    1. Thanks Ellie! Yes, the top items I see trending the most are anything in galvanized tin, tobacco baskets, and cotton stems. So if you can only spend a little, that's what I would invest in. I'm so happy we finally got a Hobby Lobby. People have begging that company to come to Eau Claire for years!

  3. My goodness! Some people are so creative. You would die in my home! I admire women who can turn a house into a home!

    1. Awww, thank you. I'm sure your home is beautiful.

  4. Amazing!! So much FALL!! Love it. We finally got Hobby Lobby here too...I need to get there. Love the swag on the door rather than a wreath! Here's to hoping the Fall temps arrive soon. Have a great week!!

    1. Thanks Katie, we had fall temps for a bit, then the heat and humidity came back!

  5. Thanks for the tour and inspiration. I promised my PC I would do the fall decorating while he is out of town. He doesn't really 'get it' but appreciates the way it looks when I'm done!

    Seeing your quilt rack makes me want to get mine out from under the bed and hung up somewhere. How do you keep your harvest plates from falling off the chair rail or molding they are propped on? Would like to find some inexpensive fall salad plates to use with my 'china' which isn't at all.

    Just love everything!

    1. Thanks Leslie! My husband built the china molding. He cut a groove inside the top of the moulding and the plates rest inside the groove. I've lived here since 1998 and not a single plate has ever fallen off the wall!

  6. So many lovely fall things! Thanks for showing us.

  7. Amy, Thank you for sharing your lovely fall home tour with SYS!


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