Friday, September 14, 2018

How To Wear Western Wear

Western themed clothes are having a moment in the fashion world.  Western clothes appeared on the runway last year, but this fall, they are all the rage.   Obviously western clothes are always in style in certain parts of the country, but when they start appearing on a runway, they are trending.  I must admit, I've never been a huge fan of western wear.  Probably because I live in a area where a lot of people wear cowboy boots and, well, I'm a city girl at heart.  But, I enjoy once in awhile stepping outside my comfort zone and wearing something different.

When my husband and I were on vacation last week, we went to an old western town called Deadwood.   I thought, "What better time to experiment with the western wear trend?".  I did not want to buy anything new, since it's not my style and I knew I wouldn't get much use out of western clothes;  so I just pulled together some items already in my closet to create this western look.

Western and Bohemian styles are very closely related.  In fact, google western clothes and a lot of bohemian styles will pop up.  So when putting together my outfit, I picked an embroidered bohemian dress from Francesca's from my closet.  I then added a denim vest for what's more western than denim?

For jewelry, I chose a denim choker and a blue stone bracelet that I actually picked up in a western gift shop in Colorado on a previous vacation.

I do not own cowboy boots, but I do own these cute suede booties with fringe on them.  Suede and fringe have a very western feel.

My cross body bag is the only truly western item in my outfit.   The bag I picked up at the same western gift shop in Colorado that I got my bracelet.

The closest thing I had to a cowboy hat was this brown felt hat with a braided trim;  but it worked!  It finished my western look.

 So here you have it:  my western outfit created with only one true western piece.  Now, maybe your not comfortable looking as western as I do in the photo below, but you do want to incorporate the fashion trend into your wardrobe this fall.  Try just one piece, like the purse, with a fall outfit.

In a town like Deadwood, I fit in quite well wearing this western outfit.  But I would not want to be walking in downtown Chicago dressed like this.  If I changed the shoes, lost the hat, and just carried the western bag, it would be more appropriate for a city western look.

 It was fun dressing a part for a day.

How To Wear Western Fashion Tips:

Wear only one or two western pieces in your outfit.
Wear a western print.
Wear suede or denim, with a western piece or accessory.
Add something with fringe to your outfit.

And now for some western fashion inspiration from Pinterest to help give you more ideas of how to incorporate western fashion into your outfit without looking like a cowgirl.

Western Belt & Jewelry

This is a beautiful western outfit without looking over the top.  Her only two western pieces are the necklace and belt, but combined with the denim and striped shirt, and she is rocking a western look.

Western Print

Here is a obvious western print on a clothing item that definitely is not western:  the kimono.  But the print, when combined with jeans and some western accessories gives a cool western vibe with a boho touch.

Boho Clothes With Western Accents

These lovely ladies are giving a boho vibe with their clothes, but their accessories are western.  I love the fun bag with the fur and feather accents. 

Wear Only A Western Print

Maybe western accessories aren't for you, but you do want to join in on the western fun, well, just wear a top with a fun western print.

Wear Western Colors With Fringe

I absolutely love this cardigan.  It incorporates all the colors you'd expect to find in a western landscape, plus it has the fringe.  

Western Accessories

Maybe you're like me and western wear isn't your thing, but you still want to be up on the trends, just wear western style jewelry or carry a western bag.

Wear Turquoise 

Turquoise is the color of the west.  You can not enter one gift shop in the west without seeing a ton of turquoise jewelry.  If you want to embrace this western trend, wear something turquoise!

So what about you?  Is western wear a trend you will be embracing this fall?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Cowgirl CUTE!!! I happen to love me some western wear and how you styled that dress with those darling pieces is precious!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I do recall seeing you rock cowboy boots!

  2. I love how you have styled your western wear! Looking fabulous hun!

  3. You dressed so perfectly for Deadwood! The dress looks gorgoeus! I don't really do western, but have a few bohemian style summer tops in my closet which I love.

    1. Thanks Elle! Western isn't my style either, but I enjoyed playing the part for the day.

  4. I love your western style Amy! I was laughing the other day with some friends about this trend. I know so many people who've worn cowboy boots for years, and I was like look now, y'all are trendy!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    1. Thank you! It is funny isn't it? That's why I said Western is a classic style, there are so many people who have been dressing western all their lives, but now they are trendy! haha!

  5. Love your denim vest with the boho embroidered dress! SUch a great western inspired look. There's a lot of boho dressing here in Australia, but I think the western look is definitely an American thing :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you. I always thought some areas of Australia did dress Western, like in the Outback...or am I being fooled by "Crocodile Dundee"? haha!

  6. Great job pulling this look together with pieces you already have.

  7. I love this look dear. Those fringed booties are so pretty on you!

    Jessica |

  8. This is such a cute take on western wear, Amy! Great job of pulling items from your closet - all of the elements work together wonderfully.

  9. I really love that purse of yours! It's definitely a western type crossbody but I love the details on it!

  10. I love this look Amy. Especially the hat and the booties, they really bring the whole look together.

    Xx, Nailil


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