Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Two Month Old Baby Photo Shoot

On our fall vacation to Missouri, we started with a stop in Chicago to visit the kids for Labour Day weekend.  I took Alethea's Two Month Old pictures while I was there, and we did another "Grandma & Me" Photo Shoot....which I will show you next week Monday!

Ashley wanted to include herself and Jason in these pictures, so after coordinating the outfits, off we went to the Naperville River Walk.

This picture isn't perfect because Jason is slouching making Ashley appear larger, but I LOVE Alethea's big yawn.  She was so impressed with being the subject of the photo session wasn't she? :)

And here she was so impressed she just felt fast asleep.  Isn't she hysterical?  What a doll!  I just love her so much!

We used the same frame we did in the One Month Old Photo Shoot, but this time with the number "2".  We will keep this theme going for all her monthly photos.  I cut the numbers out with my Cricut Expression Machine out of card stock colors that will coordinate with Alethea's outfits.  This time we used two different colors of number "2"s layering one slightly off set of the other to create a shadow.

I also took a few pictures of just Mom and Baby too.

There's that adorable yawn again!  Such a sweetie!

 After our photo shoot we went for a walk along the river, but Alethea was not content in the stroller so dad had to hold her.  This is how she likes to be held.  Jason walked the entire river walk carrying Alethea like this.  She was so perfectly content, sleeping soundly the entire time.  Jason must have very strong arms, because I certainly couldn't hold her like this.

We had stopped walking briefly and I turned around and saw the light from the setting sun hitting Alethea so beautifully.  I said to Jason "Don't move!"  and snapped these beautiful shots.

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Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Oh my goodness, Alethea is a little angel!

    1. Thank you! She is a doll...but I might be a little biased! :)

  2. She's adorable, love that yawn! She does look really comfy the way Jason is carrying her.

  3. She's adorable! Don't you just love her to pieces? Grandbabies are surely a blessing :)

  4. These are so precious Amy!! How adorable !!

  5. What a little darling!! Beautiful photos, I especially love the last three. The way Jason is holding Alethea is exactly how our babies loved to be held and would fall asleep peacefully. :-)



    1. Thanks Carmen! That's interesting that your babies loved to be held the same way. I've actually never seen that before.


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