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How To Make A Nursery In Your Master Bedroom

Many new parents have very little living space.  Some only have a one bedroom house, or they may have a 2 or 3 bedroom house but other children already sleep in those rooms.  Where do you put the new baby if there isn't an available room?

 In my daughter and son-in-law's case, they have a two bedroom apartment, but the other bedroom is already occupied by my son.  Not ready to move into a new home quite yet, nor wanting to kick Jordan (my son) out, they chose to be creative and made a small nursery inside their master bedroom;  and I think they did an amazing job!

Ashley and Jason created the space by separating the middle of the room with a curtain.  They screwed hooks into the ceiling and hung a rod to attach the curtain to.  It's not only functional, but very pretty and romantic too!

The baby's side of the room is large enough for a small crib, a wardrobe dresser, a nightstand, and a chair.

Ashley and Jason's side of the room holds their bed and a small dresser at the end of the bed.  They kept the space romantic with beautiful bedding, a lovely light fixture, a pretty picture, and lots of fabric encasing the bed.

Let's walk through all the details of the baby's side of the room.  Right next to the curtain and the crib is a nightstand.  It's basically two crates stacked on top of each other with old scarves on top.  A lamp and knick knacks sit on top.

The plastic crates underneath the scarves provide extra storage.

Sitting on the floor, at the base of the nightstand, is a pair of glitter shoes for decoration.

The crib is a beautiful burnished gold.  Ashley found these lovely rose pink crib sheets to go with the crib.  The crib is from Wayfair.

At the head of the bed Ashley hung some of Alethea's fanciest dresses.  She used old vintage hangers that I had in my closet for ages.  I'm not exactly sure where I got them from;  maybe my husband's mother?

Ashley layered her own vintage jewelry over the top of the dresses for an extra added touch.

On the wall over the side of the bed, Ashley hung three separate art pieces that she found at Hobby Lobby.

An "A" for Alethea.

A Bible Verse.

And a cute quote.

A teddy bear and a basket of small stuffed toys along with some sparkly clutches sits on the floor at the end of the crib.

Next to the crib sits an old hutch which has room to hang Alethea's pretty dresses, plus drawers and shelves.  Would you believe this use to be an old kitchen cupboard?  Ashley removed the shelves in the top portion, hung a rod, and painted the entire piece white and gold.

On the very top of the hutch sits some decorations, special toys, and blankets.

Ashley wanted to use real baby blocks in the nursery as decorations, but she didn't like the primary colors, so she repainted them to match the colors of the room!

In the narrow space on the first shelf below the dresses, Ashley placed Alethea's baby shoes and a box of hair bows.

The next shelf is much deeper and is used for both decorations and to for storage.  Ashley covered a shoe box with gold wrapping paper to hold more of Alethea's smaller items.  She put sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper against the back wall for added interest.  To the left of the box are mostly decorations, but it also serves a practical purpose of holding Ashley's extra jewelry in the jewelry box and tea cup.  Finally, can you see the tag I made for Alethea sitting on top of the jewelry box?  You can get a better look at that tag in THIS POST.

I really loved Ashley's idea of putting extra jewelry inside a tea cup.  I have so much jewelry, and no matter how many jewelry storage containers I buy, I still never have enough room to hold it all.  I may have to copy this idea!

Below the decorative shelf are two drawers which hold all of Alethea's onesies, pajamas, and any clothes that don't need to be hung.

The bottom of the hutch has two shelves of which Ashley added more decorative boxes to hold more baby clothes!

The nursery side of the room is completed with a vintage chair that Ashley placed a old stuffed animal from her childhood on, plus two family baby quilts and a needlepoint pillow.

On the wall above the chair is more artwork such as these two pretty handmade clipboards.

Ashley also created her own artwork by framing some of the nicest cards she received.

 I love this card Ashley received.  It's a real dress made out of fabric, a wire hanger, and a piece of floss as a clothes line.  Isn't it just the cutest?  I would never want to sew anything that small! Yikes!

 The combination Master Bedroom/Baby Nursery has worked out very well for Ashley and Jason.  Babies are so small, they don't really need as much space as we think they need.  One of the things I said to Ashley when she was trying to figure out how to have a nursery for Alethea was "Nursery's are more for the mother than the baby.  The baby doesn't care about having a beautiful nursery;  they just want to be loved.  It's the mother who wants the pretty nursery".  And Ashley has certainly found that advice to be true as Alethea never even spends any time in her nursery.  She always wants to be held or she fusses.  :)

I hope this gives you some ideas if you or someone you know is expecting a new baby and may not have a room available just for the baby alone.  With a little imagination, you too can create a beautiful space!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Super post, Amy. Ashley has taken your queue and done a great job. I like how you've talked us through all the detail, so we can truly appreciate her clever touches. Makes me want to try for another baby ... 😉!
    Thanks for sharing, hugs, x.

  2. It's so cute. Youngsters find it harder nowadays to get on that housing ladder. I bet they like having Nan to hand too! xx

    1. Thanks. In the area that they live in housing is extraordinarily expensive. They are saving for a house.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! My husband and I purchased the crib for Ashley and Jason, but Ashley picked it out! She has great taste!

  4. Genius. Hope you have pinned this fabulous idea all over Pinterest.

    Love what your daughter did to create/maintain a restful, adult space for herself and her hubs while creating an adorable nursery for baby girl. Ashley has inherited your creative genes. That hutch is fabulous!! She needs to do a how-to video on YouTube!

    The colors on the kids' half of the room are very peaceful and soothing. And the curtain divider is lovely.

    Well done! May I say that it is refreshing to see a young couple finding ways to make their current living situation work while saving up for bigger and better in the future. These days so many couples expect to move right into a house as newlyweds. And make six figure incomes right out of school. Sometimes having to struggle a little bit is the best thing ever.

    1. Thank you so much. I'm so proud of both of my kids. They are both very frugal and financially responsible. They have more money in their savings accounts than I do! Of course, I just finished paying for their college educations so I'm broke! LOL! And yes, I did pin this post all over Pinterest. I was quite pleased with the response too.


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