Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Late June Garden

Whereas in the middle of June, the garden in mostly green, at the end of June the garden starts to spring to life again with late spring perennials such as Foxglove.

 This is a painted fern.  It is absolutely gorgeous, but very slow growing and finicky.  I love this plant for it's gorgeous color and fronds, but I don't consider it vigorous and I always worry it won't return next spring.
 The bumble bees love Foxglove.  They go deep inside it's blooms for it's nectar.  Do you see the bee I caught mid-air on my IPhone?
 Foxglove is mostly purple or white, some years their spires can grow quite tall, this year they are about mid-range.  They are biennials, meaning they bloom only every other year, so if you want blooms every year you must let the spires go to seed to reseed new plants.  It can be a messy look for awhile, and if your someone who has to have a tidy garden, it might not be the plant for you.  But they are so pretty when they are in bloom, a few weeks of messiness is fine with me!
 These daisies have overtaken one of my gardens, but I pretty much let them because for whatever reason, not much else seems to thrive in this garden.  Plus, the deer love to eat from this garden because it right on their path down to the waterfall/river.  The only problem is, when the daisies are done blooming, this garden looks bleh!  I could try filling it with annuals when they are done, but I know it's futile because the deer will just eat them up right away anyway!

 The astilbe is just starting to bloom.  I have it both in white and pink…I will show you the pink version next week when it is in full bloom.  Can you believe the same ground cover I showed you over a month ago is STILL in bloom?  What a long-blooming plant!
 And now for some garden critters.  The best part of gardening is all the wildlife it brings into your yard, even the unwanted ones like deer and rabbits.  Like the Field of Dreams…build it and they will come!  I love watching all the different birds, squirrels, and other baby animals in my garden.  I spotted this cutie the other day when taking fashion photos.  It's a baby oriole.  He didn't move one bit when I got close to him to take a picture.  Of course dad was up in the tree squawking away at me the entire time.  He eventually stopped when he realized I wasn't going to hurt his baby.
 Then there are the unwanted ones like this snake.  He was so camouflaged I never even saw him the first time.  He was crawling on a rock by my garden hose, and he looked so much like the rock, I practically touched him when I went to turn off the hose.  Yes, I screamed, but only because I was startled.  I've become so accustomed to seeing snakes in my yard, that I am no longer afraid of them.  But that doesn't mean I want to pick one up and play with one either!
 My husband was taking some fashion photos of me one day when this pretty moth landed on his shirt, so I took the camera from him and took HIS picture!

Have a great day!  Amy

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