Monday, June 29, 2015

Loving Kimonos

Opinions can change a lot in a year.  Remember THIS POST where I was just being introduced to Kimonos and I said I was on the fence about them?  Well, I've jumped off the fence and ran into the pasture!  Why?  They are just so comfortable and practical!  They are the perfect cover-up for summer when you want just a little bit of warmth on cool mornings or evenings, or you just need to cover your shoulders for modesty purposes.  I am loving kimonos!
 The kimono I am showing you today I actually bought when I saw I another fashion blogger wearing it.  It was the first time ever I bought something another blogger had on.  I just thought it was different than most of the other sheer, floral kimonos I see, and I had to have it.  Olia wore her kimono with short shorts and a crop top. I love how Olia styled her kimono, but since I am twice Olia's age, and I was going to church that morning, I styled mine with cropped jeans (old, Express), and a tank top.
 The kimono is a 100 % rayon gauze material and has embroidery on the shoulders and on the upper back.  And the really great news is that even though I bought this kimono early in spring, it is STILL AVAILABLE HERE and $5.00 cheaper than what I paid for it.
 I love to layer in summer as much as I love layering any other time of the year.  When I'm out in the hot sun, I can take the kimono off and wear just my tank, and when I enter an air-conditioned building, I just slip it back on.  Perfect.

The tank I have on is a simple navy blue with a lace top and spaghetti straps.
 Here's the back of the kimono.  Isn't the embroidery beautiful?  I love the crinkle of the gauze too.  I never have to worry about wrinkles with this kimono, because it's suppose to look wrinkled!  It's perfect for rolling up and stuffing in my purse, to use only when I need to!
 The length is really good too, it falls just past my hip line and is longer in back.
 The colors are neutral other than the pop of ruby red, so it goes with almost anything else in my closet.
 I wore metallic copper flip flops that I picked up on clearance for only $10.00 at Famous Footwear.
 For jewelry, I went Boho.  With the exception of the embroidery on the kimono, the outfit was very plain so I really wanted a pop of color with my accessories.  I chose this necklace by Tori Spelling (old), and a dramatic cuff (old).

So what about you?  Have you bought a kimono yet or are you still on the fence about them?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I've jumped on the kimono bandwagaon, too, Amy, and I'm loving it! Love, love, love that necklace! Cute boho look! You nailed it!

  2. I actually love kimonos, and probably have way too many :) This one is the perfect length too. Most of the time they are always a little too long :)Love the detailing on the back!


  3. Simple yet really cute. That kimono cardigan is bright and beautiful, Amy. SUMMER PERFECTION RIGHT THERE.

  4. Superb this kimono ! nice look my friend !

  5. I've been on the fence too, but I love yours! Thanks for stopping by Grey is the New Black!

  6. The embroidery is beautiful and I love the overall simplicity of your kimono. I too, have only begun to realise how versatile they are. Lighter than cardigans yet still stylish.

  7. You look adorable. I love the kimono trend nowadays. I have so many kimonos.

  8. LOVE the kimono you are styling! What size did you purchase? I think I am about your size 4-6 ? Can't wait to see how you style it next!

  9. Thanks Susan. It's just a size Small.

  10. Definitely fun casual look! Love your embroidered kimono!

    Alena &

  11. Great style! I almost bought one from Maurice's, but my husband talked me out of it, because he didn't think I would wear it. Might have to go back and see if it's still available, because, like you said, they are so practical to wear over a tank. I also don't like wearing just a tank in summer, so I always wear a t-shirt instead.

  12. Hi! This looks great! I love the embroidery on the back too, very pretty

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  13. Oh how you look so lovely in this Kimono and I love the design in the back of it. Very cute! Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired me"
    Rachel xo
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    Garay Treasures


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