Friday, May 15, 2015

Fashion Over Fifty: Always Go Overboard

My daughter was visiting for a few days for Mother's Day, so of course we had to play 'dress up' again.  I pulled out all my new spring items that I haven't featured on my blog yet, and had her put together outfits.  I love to see what someone else does with my own clothes.  I was pleasantly surprised with what Ashley came up with, for I never would have thought of this combination:
Ashley took a new spring graphic tee from J.C. Penney and mint skinny jeans (old, Kohls), and paired them with a black blazer (old, Express).  I would never have considered putting bright spring colors with a dark, fall blazer, but Ashley said she did it because "Black is in the shirt".  She then accessorized with my new yellow purse that she gave me for Mother's Day and a mint, long necklace.  I added the black shoes to carry the color downwards and complete the outfit.

I have to interrupt my fashion details,  and tell you a little story about the photo below.  In blog land, one tends to notice that certain blogger's have specific stances or poses they use quite frequently.  One can hardly blame them, because really, how many different ways are there to pose?  My personal favorites that I frequently use are either to put my hands in my pockets, or stand with one leg crossed in front of the other.  However, I also have poses I really don't like.  My top two that I dislike the most are what I call the 'scratch behind my head and look down pose' (really, is your head that itchy?) and 'look up at the sky and smile like your seeing an angel pose' (how often in real life you do see people smiling and looking up at the sky?).  Both of those poses drive me crazy when I see bloggers do them over and over again.  So I laughed when I saw these pictures, because there I am, looking up at that sky and smiling like I'm seeing an angel!  Well the truth is, I had no idea Ashley was even taking my picture here.  I just happened to see a beautiful oriole fly and land in the tree above me, and I looked up…and snap, the picture was taken.  It actually turned out to be quite a nice photo.  :)
Ashley bought the yellow purse at Charming Charlie's.
I left the tee shirt un-tucked so it hangs out beneath the blazer.
I love the sentiment and the little boat on this tee.  I actually spotted this shirt on display and asked the sales associate where it was located in the store.  It was just one of those items I was drawn to and had to have.  I've never been on a sailboat in my life, but I love the sentiment and the summer colors.  The sentiment pretty much sums up how I feel about life and fashion:  Always Go Overboard…life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest, and when it comes to fashion…well never be afraid to risks and break rules…especially when it comes to rules regarding age.
My wedges I picked up on clearance at the end of last year at J.C. Penney.  The design and material is perfect for warmer weather, yet, they provide the dark, black color if you need it in your spring/summer wardrobe.
Yes,  that's me, Always Going Overboard.  I've been told that my house is 'over the top', that my yard 'looks like a park', that the musicals I've produced and directed were 'better than professional ones', that my parties would even 'intimidate Martha Stewart', etc, etc, etc,  but I have always believed and always will, if you can't do it right, or at least give it everything you've got, then don't do it at all!
Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. LOL at "looking up at the sky like you're seeing an angel." I look at so many blogs that almost ALL poses are just normal to me now. Love your fun, bright graphic tee!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  2. Cute outfit idea and tee. The struggle is real when it comes to poses, yours look great.

    Garay Treasures

  3. What a cute way to style that adorable tee. Ashley did well suggesting the style. You look cute in each pose as well. It is ALWAYS a struggle finding the right pose.

    Garay Treasures

  4. You look great, Amy! Such a cute graphic tee.

    Haha- I know I am guilty of the looking up in the sky pose. Since I do all my own photos, I generally do just anything, like looking around, as I am pushing my remote. It just so happens these tend to be some of my favorite pics. You look so cute looking up!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for posting to Charming Friday!

  5. That purse is fabulous! Charming Charlie is like a candy store for me! Great look for spring and thanks for linking up today! Susan

  6. Love your outfit Amy. Nice colour combination.
    Hugs Ageeth

  7. Your daughter seems to have your fashion genes (and not jeans) really cool outfit and love those peep-toe shoes congrats!

    Disrupting the Spring Taboo Pairing Open Toe Shoes with Opaque Tights

  8. Hi Amy ! I believe one of the cutest outsfits you have shared :) Love the way the blazer brings out the black lettering on your yellow T.

    Thanks for sharing as always...

    Susan in Georgia

  9. Very cute and fun and I love the yellow bag! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a fun weekend!
    Dawn Lucy


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