Friday, November 28, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Animal Print One Year Later

Hello!  A year ago today I did THIS fashion post, and I'm back with the same shirt, but styled with different pants.  Ironically, I didn't plan it this way.  I was just looking for my old post so I could show you how I've worn this blouse before, when I realized it was exactly one year ago.  I think one of the nice things about classic prints like the one in this blouse, is that they are timeless and seem to never go out of style.  Actually, I think animal prints are hotter this year than they were last year, and it will probably be another full season before they start to wane in popularity.  But the print itself, will always be fashionable, so you can never go wrong investing in leopard.

I bought this blouse at Express last year.  I really like how loose and blousey it is because it camouflages my midsection.  It ties just below the hip, and it is very sheer so you must wear a camisole underneath.  Last year I wore this blouse with tan dress pants, this year I had dark denim jeans on with black booties.
 I apologize for my photos.  I'm back to taking pictures inside my house because of the weather, and it was still dark outside when the morning the pictures were taken so the lighting is terrible.  I also used my IPhone instead of my DSLR camera, and that didn't help.
 For jewelry, I have a new necklace from Express that I just bought.  I've noticed that jewelry styles are starting to change again from big and bold to more dainty, so I've been trying to buy new pieces when I see something I like.  I really liked how edgy this necklace looked, and I felt it would help balance my more traditional outfits a bit more if I wore a more trendy piece of jewelry with them.  If you are afraid of wearing edgy or trendy items, just try them in small doses like one piece with more classic items.  It updates your look without making you feel self conscious.
 Here is the tie of the shirt at the hip line.  Such a cute added touch.  My other jewelry were some old silver bangles and a black and silver watch.
Have a great day!  Amy


  1. Very pretty outfit. Love the blouse! I was going to say it looks fantastic with the dark pants, but then clicked back on the link from last year, and it looks just as beautiful with lighter colored pants and the jacket. Beautiful jewelry too.


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