Friday, January 17, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Pastels in Winter

Hello.  This week's Fashion Over Fifty post is all about one of the hot new colors I've been seeing all over this season:  blush.  I actually think it's just a new muted form of the color Peach that was all the rage in the eighties, ( and as a side note,  peach was also my wedding color in the eighties).  Whatever is old is new again!  Whether you call it:  peach or blush, I love to wear it.  It is such a soft and pretty color, and I think it compliments a lot of skin tones, especially mine!  LOL!  It is also a great color to wear in the winter when your visiting a beach community.
I bought my sweater at Charming Charlies.  Yes!  They sell clothes too, not just jewelry and accessories.  And what I really like about their clothes is that they are a little different from a lot of clothes you see in all the other stores, and they also sell very limited quantities:  meaning, you probably won't run into someone who is wearing the same outfit as you!  I've been meaning to buy some clothing items in the new 'blush' color for awhile now, but I never found anything to my liking.  Well that day at Charming Charlies,  I bought this lovely sweater,  AND a blush jacket which I haven't worn yet, so sorry, no pics of the blush jacket!  I love this sweater because it is very long and can cover my bum if I want it to, plus it's very THIN.  I love thin sweaters,  I feel they give me the comfort and warmth without the bulk.  I know chunky, knit over sized sweaters are all the rage this season, but I feel they only work on extremely thin women.  I carry most of my excess weight in my upper body;  if I were to put a chunky knit sweater on, I look like a line backer.  So I passed on that design trend this season.  You have to wear what looks good on you,  and not wear something just because it's 'in style'.
 For my bottom half,  I wore a very light denim skinny jean.
 Light wash jeans are also making a come back, which I really couldn't be more happy about.  I feel they give me more options when I want a lighter, more casual look than a dark denim has.
 For extra warmth on this sixty degree day in Florida,  I wore a white denim jacket and a scarf.  The pictures were taken just as the sun was starting to set on the Gulf Pier.
 Here is a close up of the scarf and sweater.  The jewelry is from the Tori Spelling Boho Collection.

 I wore a blue/grey striped loafers for comfort for my footwear.  They were purchased last season from Famous Footwear.

And for your fashion inspiration,  here are some other pictures of blush fashion that I got from Pinterest.  Which ones are your favorites? The  Blush Cable Knit Sweater,  Blush Pants,  Blush Vest,  Blush  BlazerBlush Cardigan, Blush Military Coat, or the beautiful Blush Dress?  I LOVE them all!  I could never choose!

Have a great day!


  1. Great photos Amy, the blush color looks really good on you! As for the inspiration pieces, I don't know, they all look so pretty, I especially love the dress and coat, although for me the most wearable piece would probably be the knitted sweater.

  2. Love the blush color of your sweater! I think I would pick the military coat and vest!


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