Thursday, February 4, 2010

Longing for Spring

Well I know the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, so were going to get 6 more weeks of winter, but here in Wisconsin we would have gotten 6 more weeks of winter anyway, so it makes no difference if the groundhog saw his shadow or not! LOL! Yesterday at work I was absolutely freezing. They keep it so cold in the place to save costs, even the customers complain and they have winter coats on! I wore two undershirts, plus my work shirt, and I couldn't stop shaking. Today, I will wear a sweater too! And then in the summer, we sweat at work, because they don't cool the place. UGH! Anyway, I'm tired of being cold and longing for spring. Spring is my favorite time of the year because there are no bugs and my garden looks it best with all the blooming trees, and before heat, disease, and insects arrive to wreck havoc on my garden. I always try and get friends and family to come and see my garden in the spring, but everyone always puts it off, and puts it off, and usually shows up in July and August after everything is done blooming, looks fried, and is full of weeds. Its a good thing my daughter's wedding is in the spring, because then everyone will be FORCED to come then! LOL!

Anyway, I haven't scrap booked in probably a year, which is pretty funny because I originally began my paper-crafting adventure as a scrap booker. But, being on design teams, and selling my creations, forces me to mostly make cards and projects, and not scrap book pages. I really need to FINISH my son's high school scrap book before he graduates this May, but I fear, that may never happen with my daughter's wedding preparations taking priority. That's so sad, he may not have a scrap book to display at his graduation party. Oh well, only so much time in a day.

Anyway, since I was longing for spring, I was looking through some old photos of my garden last spring. Oh, I tell you, my garden is like heaven on earth in the spring! I hate to brag but, it really is. Between the scent of the flowering crab apple trees, the lilacs, peonies, iris, etc., the air is just filled with perfume. You can smell it the second you step out the door. And everything is just so perfect because the insects, heat, and drought haven't arrived yet to destroy it yet. The birds are chirping like crazy, having lots of babies, and building their nests. The weather is absolutely perfect, not humid, not to hot, not to cold. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spring. There is no place I would rather be than in my own yard at springtime.

So in honor of that, I made this page. My garden is mostly pink in the spring, and then changes to all the 'hot' colors of yellow, orange, and red in midsummer. The top picture is an overview of just the west side of my garden, the second picture is a close up of a peony, and the bottom picture is a close up of a bleeding heart. The pictures were placed on white card stock and I sponged the edges with green ink. I made the flowers with the Peony Dies from Spellbinders Nestabilities. I cut each layer out of a different shade of pink and sponged the edges. I hand stitched the stem with floss. The title was made with Cuttlebug Alphabet Dies.
Here is a close up of the butterflies that were made from 'Flying Beauties' from Spellbinders. I colored them with chalk to bring out more detail and added dew drops for their heads.

I hope I've 'warmed you up' a little today. Have a great day! Amy


  1. So pretty! Love your spring page!
    the inked edges look fab and your photos and flowers are beautiful!

  2. Oh Amy reading your post about the Spring has really got me wanting the same I love the 'coming to life' that Spring brings. I adore your LO those pictures are so lovely and shows the beauty of nature I also love the peony and butterflies one awesome creation.
    Lorraine x

  3. Gorgeous page Amy wow I LOVE those flowers and butterflies!!! Beautiful!

  4. Oh I love gardens..This is wonderful Amy. What a terrific way to showcase your "heaven on earth".. I love gardens and nothing grows her in the SE like it did in IL..Sounds like you are going to have a really busy year..Better scrap now...Stay warm.

  5. OH Beautiful layouts my friend!! I agree ... I'm ready for spring too but we're expecting more snow over the weekend ... OH JOY!! Hang in there ... it will be here before we know it!!

  6. OH Amy, your garden story is so inspiring. You know, I was actually wanting some more snow so I can build another snowman with the kids, but the story about your beautiful garden and all the joys of spring just made me wish spring was here.
    I know what you mean about scrapbooking. That was my step into paper crafting too. And now it seems like I have completely given that up. I do hope you'll get your son's SB done.
    I love the pictures on this page you made, and so beautiflly embellished. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. That is absolutely beautiful! It really brightened my cold, snow filled day!

  8. Your flowers, butterflies and stitches leaves look awesome with your photots. You should include what you wrote in your blog (about the scent of the flowering trees etc) on your page. It seems like a nice memory and really evokes an image in the viewers mind.

    I started out sb'ing too but rarely do it anymore either.


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