Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Four in Italy!

Day Four in Italy was a Saturday so Francesco had the day off of work and he joined us in our sight seeing adventures. We decided to take a drive through the Italian Countryside and visit the towns of Scarperia and Fiesole. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we arrived in the Fiesole, so I really don't have any photographs of that town worth showing. I was kinda disappointed that we got there so late and it was hard to see in the dark, yet at the same time there was such a quiet beauty about it...seeing the town lit up at night and not so many tourists. Fiesole also has a beautiful view of Florence, I imagine it is quite the view during the day, but it was so beautiful seeing all the city lights too. I remember just sitting on a bench overlooking the city and trying so hard to soak up the experience and implant a vision in my memory that I would never forget. It was so lovely.

Saturday was another cloudy, overcast day, but we still enjoyed ourselves and the gorgeous views of the countryside as we drove. When Pam and I saw this view, we both screamed 'Stop!' so we could take pictures. Don't you just love these Tuscan Villas? Here is a close up of one of the homes on this hillside. Can you even imagine living here? I can!
By the time we arrived in Scarperia we were hungry for lunch and stopped at an adorable ristorante. I really learned a lot about Italian Cuisine on the trip. They do eat a lot of bread, pasta, and vegetables, and they dip everything in Olive Oil. They also love coffee, chocolate, and wine. And the food is never too strong or spicy, it is very easy on the palette and the stomach. It is very much to my liking since I have gastric-intestinal issues. I have loved just about everything I have eaten. I ordered Tortellini Bologna. It was good, but I liked what Pam had better: Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms and cheese....yumm.. I also shared a bit of Anny's and Francesco's dish which was more of an egg noodle with a different type of mushroom and sauce. I also tried REAL Mozzarella and Fried Octopus, and you know, that was really good too. I was so happy I was eating with people that didn't mind 'sharing their dish', because I really enjoyed trying everything. Eating in Italy takes a REAL LONG TIME, it seemed like we were in that restaurant for hours. First we started with horderves, then a first course, then a second course, and some people even get dessert, but of course, our tummies were too full for that.
After dinner, we really needed some exercise so we walked through the quaint town of Scarperia, which is known for making high quality knives. Pam bought a pocket knife, but I really had no use for any knives so I didn't buy anything.
Here is a picture of Scarperia's Piazza.

In Italy they have what they call 'Bars', but they unlike the bars in America where the prime purpose is simply to get drunk. Italian Bars do serve alcohol, but most people seem to go there to drink coffee and eat pastries. You usually don't sit down at these bars, but you stand. Maybe that's why Espressos are the popular choice of drink....they are so little, they don't take too long to drink. Here is a picture of Anny and Francesco in a Bar.

This is the Cathedral in Scarperia. Doesn't it just look so ancient? I did go inside, but it was too dark to take a picture. It was very plain inside with beautiful high ceilings, and yes, it is still used today as a church.

This is the town hall of Scarperia....and the main tourist attraction.

These are the doors to enter the town hall. Can you believe how mammoth they are! They must have had some very tall people back then. LOL!

This is the inside of the town hall. I thought it was interesting that it was partially open inside.

And finally, this was a look nook and cranny I found behind the town hall. It had a lovely view of the Italian countryside behind it, you can see a bit of it in the left side of the picture. I just loved this ancient wall and arch....boy, would I love to transplant this in my garden!

That's all for today. Tomorrow, were off to Modena, Italy! Have a great day! Amy


  1. Oh, just so bella, Amy! I love Florence!!! Love all the medieval walled villages on the sides of the hills and mountains--you never forget Florence--really sticks in your brain!

    Thanks for the visit and all the kind comments! Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  2. Oh mamamia.. Makes me want to go there.. I love the huge door.. How beautiful is that architecture.. I could live there given their favorite foods.. Chocolate, wine, pasta..yummy. Thanks so much for sharing....

  3. You got some great pictures even if it was dark. How great that you got into the countryside. The hills with their villas tucked into them look just like a set in a movie. I remember the "slow food" in Europe. It seemed endless and I remember wondering how people ever accomplished anything in a day when most of the time was spent shopping, cooking and eating.


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