Tuesday, March 2, 2021

January Bible Journaling Pages

Once a month I like to share my Bible Journaling Pages and what God has been teaching me.  In the month of January I finished the book of Isaiah and started the book of Jeremiah.  Because I have been working on renovating my bathroom, I didn't have a whole lot of time to create my own pages so I basically just read the Bible and colored in the pre-printed images already in the "Inspire Bible" (available on Amazon). 
Unless otherwise stated, all the images are colored in with either gel pens or colored pencils.  I tend to color larger areas with pencils then get the more intricate spots with pens.  I high light my Bible with gel highlighters, and I usually use gelatos or  craft paint for my backgrounds

Before I show you my Isaiah pages I wanted to share one page from the book of Proverbs that I created myself.  I found this sticker with the Bible verse "A Friend Loves At All Times" and I decided to create a page with it.  I painted the background with craft paint then added the sticker.  The hearts and "girlfriends" are stamps.  I stamped the images on a separate piece of paper, colored them in, cut them out, then glued them on the page.


Now let's finish the book of Isaiah shall we?  The first page I created because of another sticker I found in my stash.  I have so many craft supplies that it's easy to forget what I own.  Because I had the sticker, I once again decided to create a page with it.  The butterfly jar, the scripture reference, and some of the words are stickers.  To create this page, I once again colored the background with craft paint, then I created the verse with stickers and my own handwriting.  The sticker is one of those that you color in yourself.  So after I colored it in, I just stuck it on the page.  Easy-peasy!

This page is ALL stickers!  Are you seeing a theme yet?  I hear so many women say they are not artistic so they are afraid to delve into Bible Journaling.  Well, I'm not artistic either.  I like to say "I'm creative, not artistic".  I like to create things, and I use things like stickers, stamps, digital images, etc. to help me overcome my lack of artistic skills.  For this page, I just colored the background with craft paint and then stuck the sticker on.  Again, easy peasy!

This is a pre-printed image I simply colored in with a mix of pencils and gel pens.  I always post my pages to my Instagram Stories after I finish them, hoping the verse will encourage someone that day.  On the day I posted this page a friend private messaged me about how this was one of their favorite verses because it helped her get through a difficult time when she had not one, but TWO heart attacks.  My friend said that this verse comforted her so much because she knew that the very God who created her, would also take care of her.  Isn't that beautiful?

If you didn't already know it, the book of Isaiah is full of prophecies!  Prophecies that are classified as both "Near Fulfillment" and "Far Fulfillment"-- meaning some prophecies happened soon after Isaiah prophesied them and others happened years later, and some were still waiting to be fulfilled!  But because so many of Isaiah's prophecies were fulfilled, we can trust that ALL his prophecies are true and from God and will eventually happened.  For example, did you know that Isaiah prophesied the exact details of the death of Jesus Christ 700 years before it happened?  Look at the verses I drew a square around, they describe exactly what Jesus went through when He came down to earth to die for us.  

Did you know the Lord "delights" in you?  Isn't that a beautiful thought?

This page was created with digital images from Key's of The Kingdom.  I printed them onto sticker paper then cut them out.  To blur the edges of the sticker paper I just painted around and over them.

There are several spots in scripture where God uses the illustration of us as clay and He as the potter.  He molds us and shapes us.  "We are all formed by His hand".

Isaiah is a long book, yet I was sorry to see it come to an end.  I really enjoyed reading it and learning all its mysteries with the help of Jon Courson's sermons.   These two chapters are the last two pages in the book.  I love how they end on a comforting note of how God will comfort Israel (and us). 

 The roses were colored in exclusively with pencils.

After finishing one very long book in the Bible - Isaiah - I went directly into another very long book - Jeremiah.  Jeremiah was another prophet.  He is called "The Weeping Prophet" for how he wept and mourned over Israel.  He prophesied for 40 years to his people to repent of their sins or God's judgement would fall on them.   The people never did, and they ultimately paid the price for all of Jeremiah's prophecies came true.

While studying this book, I couldn't help to see the similarities of ancient Israel and the current United States of America and the current church.  I created this page to work out my feelings of what I was going through as I read this book.  

Jeremiah prophesied for forty years and never saw a single convert and received no response.  He was even beaten and imprisoned because the people did not want to hear the truth.  They only wanted to hear "good things, positive things" from other false prophets.  We see the same issue in many churches today.  Pastors are not teaching the Bible, rather they are teaching philosophies and passions and preaching "feel good" messages instead of repentance.

I found this verse so applicable to today's churches:  "This is what the Lord says:  "Stop at the crossroads and look around.  Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it.  Travel its path, and you will find rest for our souls. But you reply, "No, that's not the road we want!"'  This is a huge problem in the church today!  Friends, the simple message of the gospel NEVER CHANGES!  Yes, church's must change with the times to be relevant to today's culture, BUT NEVER at the expense of the truth of the gospel.  

Oh, this is a good verse isn't it?  God wants our obedience not because He wants to rule over us with an iron fist, but because He knows what is best for us!  He truly wants things to go well for us.

What a powerful this is!  He IS the LIVING God and the EVERLASTING KING!  I colored this pre-printed image using purple and gold colors and metallics to emphasize His Royalty.

Another verse about God wanting His children's obedience.  If we truly love God, if we truly are His children, we would obey Him.  God was so patient with the Israelites;  asking them to repent and obey Him for FORTY LONG YEARS, before He finally gave up and punished them.

I love the words that precede this verse:  "When I discovered your words, I DEVOURED them."  Isn't that amazing?  Do you feel that way?  I know I went through many years where I never picked up a Bible, but the past two years that has really changed for me.  I get EXCITED to pick up my Bible every single day to read what God has for me.  I too, love DEVOURING God's word.  I'm sure if anyone picked up my Bible and saw how much I highlighted it and wrote notes in it, that they would see I truly DEVOUR God's word.  If there is a day where I have to rush out of my house bright and early and can't read God's word, I'm actually disappointed!  Isn't that funny?  It was the Inspire Bible and Bible Journaling that helped me to get excited about studying God's Word again.  I know a lot of people have issues with coloring in their Bibles, but it has been a lifesaver for me.  I always tell them "I have many Bibles for many different purposes.  This Bible was purposely designed to be colored in.  I would never do this to just any Bible".

One of the catch phrases we hear often today is "Trust the science".  Nope,  I don't trust scientists.  The Bible says "Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans".  I trust the GOD OF SCIENCE, the CREATOR of the world and you and me!  He is my Hope and Confidence, and God says we are "BLESSED" if we trust, hope, and put our confidence in HIM!

Another powerful verse about God's word.  I love the second part of this verse "I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can't do it!"  Jeremiah could not keep God's word to himself, he had to share it with others.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pages this month and were encouraged by them.

God Bless and Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Your Bible looks like mine with the many different colored highlighters. I've yet to get into the coloring and artistic part of it. I really like the friend and USA pages! Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Monthly Link Party 22. Shared!

    1. Yes, I love to use different highlighters. It helps me to separate thoughts. Thanks so much!

  2. These are all such great quotes and beautiful pages! Love what you did with the digital image printed on on sticker paper!

  3. Have never heard of sticker paper. Where has that been all my life!! As always, I am so impressed with the beautiful work you do in your Bible journaling. Love Jeremiah 10:10. The verse and the illustration. Such a pretty combination of the gold and purple. Fit for a king. You mention using craft paint to paint the pages. I don't know how you keep them from wrinkling an puckering.
    Paul grew up in a very conservative church. In so many ways he feels guilty about everything. A little less now than when we first met. But he feels bad if he buys anything, or wants anything. His father called Paul the 'rich son' and criticized Paul for buying a new car - new to him - when he retired from the Army. Got all over me when I bought them a $5 frame for a family photograph. Refused to use new towels I bought them instead of their thread bare hand-me-down towels. It has been very hard for Paul. He is torn between a poverty mind-set from his upbringing and wanting to work and have a nice, comfortable home.

    1. Yes, sticker paper is awesome. I buy it from Amazon (even though I hate that I have to shop there and wish there was an alternative). I use a heat gun to dry the craft paint. If you leave it to dry naturally, it will pucker. Then, if needed, I iron the pages on the lowest setting. But it's usually not needed. I think the issue of materialism is something we all struggle with. There is so much poverty in the world, and every time I feel the urge to buy something I ask myself "Do I really need it?". Most of the time the answer is "no". It's hard because I look around my house and think "That needs to be updated", but then I think of people living in cardboard houses and feel ridiculous. Then later I will go on Instagram or FB and see someone remodeling a perfectly good kitchen and feel that it's an unnecessary expense but at the same time feel like my house is dated and I should do the same thing. Back and forth, back and forth. I do believe we as Christians should at first tithe to the church and then help take the care of the poor, and that we should spend our money wisely and frugally, but at the same time somehow allow ourselves to occasionally enjoy the fruits of our labour.

  4. So beautiful, Amy! I really enjoy all the colorful additions to your Bible pages. Thanks for sharing and linking with me.



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