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Inside The Creation Museum

This week's travel post is part of a travel series of our visit to see our grandchildren in Carmel, Indiana.  If you want to start at the beginning, go HERE. Other posts in chronological order are HERE,  HERE, and HERE!

Two week's ago I shared that we went to the Creation Museum while visiting with our grandchildren in the nearby state of Indiana.  In that post I showed the beautiful outside grounds of the Creation Museum and now this week I'm going to talk about the museum itself.

The museum is a 75,000 square foot facility and it portrays the history of the earth as God tells it in the Bible.  There are nearly 150 exhibits;  many of which are animatronic and interactive.  There is also a 200 seat special effects theater and a state-of-the-art planetarium (the planetarium is not included in the price of admission).

The displays are so beautiful and very well done.  I've been to many famous, large city museums in my life and they would equal the quality of any of their exhibits.

I loved this exhibit telling the story of Adam and Eve, the first humans on earth.  So romantic!

The Creation Museum tells biblical history in chronological order, beginning with the creation and ending with Christ return.  Through out the museum displays they contrast what God word says, and what secular scientists say.  I may be biased, but the truth is so obvious and God's Word always makes so much more sense, I wonder how anyone can ever believe anything different.

Before you begin your tour of the museum you are treated to a 4D movie.  This is included in the price of admission, which I thought was awesome!  This movie is so much fun!  We loved it!  The movie takes you  through the creation of the world, and because it's 4D you feel the wind, sprays of water, and your seat rumbling and shaking!  Alethea thought it was the coolest thing ever!

After you leave the movie theater, you have the joy and pleasure of strolling through the Garden of Eden.  This was one of my favorite parts of the museum.  I loved looking at all the displays, especially the animal ones.  But all isn't perfectly tranquil in the garden for it is here you that you learn about original sin and effects of the fall.

After you finished exploring the stunning Garden of Eden, you walk through more Biblical history and learn about Noah’s Ark, and the Tower of Babel.  Many of these displays, like the one below, are animatronic.  They move and talk to you as you look on.  The kids just love it!  They are so realistic.

By now, we were ready to get some lunch because if you remember we spent all morning outside the museum strolling through the Biblical Gardens, playing on the playground, and visiting the animals at the petting zoo.

The museum has many dining options.  You could bring a picnic lunch if you like.  There are plenty of spots outside to have a picnic!  Inside the museum they have the lovely Noah's Cafe that offers both inside and outside dining.  We chose the outside dining option with great views of the exterior grounds.  The food was very good and reasonably priced.  We also stopped at Uncle LeRoy's Fudge, which is made in a traditional copper kettle on site.  It was so good and again, very reasonably priced.  We made sure to buy extra to take home!

I had to include a picture of this cute little guy wearing Grandpa's dirty old sun hat.  I really need to get my hubby a new hat before our next vacation.

After lunch it was back to the museum.  Here is an example of how the museum always showed the secular world view of an issue verses what the Bible has to say about it.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time reading while at the museum, but if you have little ones with you, like we did, there is always something interactive to keep them occupied.

Here Alethea is learning all about the human race and how God created us.

Of course my sweet Alethea got bored at times and created her own things to do, like run around in circles on this gorgeous floor mosaic.😀  Thankfully, no one was disturbed by it.

This was such an interesting section of the museum.  It had a modern industrial feel to it.  

My husband and son had so much fun with this animatronic dinosaur, but Alethea was afraid of it as it was so realistic.  Be sure to check out the short video at the end of the post to see how this guy comes to life!

This is part of the Biblical history section, showing how humankind multiplied after the fall.

There are many short movies throughout the museum that help explain the subject of the specific exhibit.

No one can walk through the museum without hearing a salvation message!  It's a great place to not only renew your own faith as you see proof of what the Bible says, but it's also a great place for unbelievers to learn the truth of God's Word as well.

Once you are finished walking through the story of Creation, which is the majority of the museum, there are several other exhibits like Dinosaur Den!  Here you learn all about the dinosaurs and get the answers you've always been searching for.

Another section of the museum, that Alethea really seemed to enjoy was Dr. Crawley's Insectorium.    Kids love this section of the museum because of all the interactive displays, and of course, all the insects!  Dr. Crawley is a real life creation scientist who donated his insect collection to the museum in 2013.  

This is really quite the marvelous collection of insects beautifully displayed.

I loved this collection of butterflies!

Alethea is probably thinking "I hope I never see a bug this big in my house!" 😂

The fun part of this exhibit is another animatronics miracle of the fictional Dr. Author Pod.  Here you can ask Dr. Pod questions and he will answer them!

And now, as promised, is the animatronic dinosaur that Alethea would not get any where near.  It was way too life-like for her!

I should also add that the museum also has a lot of educational opportunities where you can attend workshops and/or hear speakers on a variety of topics.  We did not hear any of these speakers on the day we were there because we had small children with us, but THE NEXT DAY, when we went to the Ark Encounter, we were privileged to hear Ken Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum, speak.  He was so wonderful, and it was so exciting to see him in person.  Starting in next week's travel post, I will share about our visit to the Ark Encounter.  It was unbelievable!  You won't want to miss it.

Tickets for the museum are $39.95 for an adult and $24.95 for ages 11-17.  Children ages 5 -10 are FREE!  We visited the Creation Museum last fall, during the month of September.  It was past the tourist season, so it was not horribly busy.  Masks are required to enter the building and if you are standing in a crowded place, but you are not required to leave them on if you can remain socially distant.  

Have A Great Day! Amy

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  1. What a great educational museum! It looks so nicely done!
    And no wonder Alethea wouldn't go near that dinosaur. He looks and sounds so life like!

    1. It definitely is! Yes, the dinosaur is so life like.

  2. How nice to visit museums. We went last year to a outdoor museum about the bible and 3religions. It was so interesting.

    1. Oh, now that would be really interesting, seeing the Bible compared to other religions.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time was had. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. That looks like so much fun (and I LOVE their mask policy!).

    1. It really was a fun day. And I agree about the masks too!

  5. Seems like such a family fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for a blessed and wonderful day.

    1. It really is a great place for the whole family to enjoy.

  6. What a cool museum Amy and I've never heard of any like it.

  7. The Creation Museum looks like a great place to visit! So many fun exhibits! Love that they offer workshops too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. It is a great place to visit! Yes, the workshops are great. We went to one the next day and loved it.

  8. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing your visit!

  9. it looks so fun and I'm amazed by how big those stick insects get! My son loves spotting them when we are out although it's tricky - last time he found one on the fence at school and he created quite a stir when he showed all his friends the living stick, haha!

    Hope you're having a good weekend :) It's a relaxing and quiet one here.

    Away From The Blue

    1. Oh wow! You see insects that large where you live? That would be scary for me. We don't have insects like that in the north woods of Wisconsin. Too cold I suppose.

  10. Yes, I love it! One of my favorite scenes/exhibits in the museum.

  11. Thanks for this awesome peek inside the museum! It looks like a huge place.

    I'm glad to see you this week at 'My Corner of the World'!

    1. It sure was! It took us all day to explore it all and we never went to the planetarium nor did we attend any sessions.

  12. What a fun and interactive way for kids to learn more about religion.

  13. Thanks for posting at Funtastic Friday Link Party. I pinned to my travel board. So interested to see this museum. I love museums.


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