Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One Month Old Baby Photo Shoot

I went to Illinois to spend some time with my new grand baby and take her one month old photos.   I had huge plans of multiple outfits, locations, props, blankets etc., but unfortunately Alethea was not in the mood for any of it.  She suffers from colic and would not stop crying for a minute to take a decent picture.   The only way we could photograph her at all was if we put her in a bouncer and my daughter Ashley put her hand underneath the blanket and bounced it while I shot pictures as fast as I could.

So, these are the only photos we got:

Ashley dressed Alethea up in her favorite tutu and a big pink bow.

  I made the number 1 with my cricket machine and Ashley placed it on top of pink card stock in a gold frame.

Alethea can make the funniest expressions sometimes.

This expression makes me wonder what in the world is she thinking? LOL!

I just love baby feet...don't you?

You may have seen this picture on Instagram.  I was trying to get her to stop crying so we could take her picture and Ashley snapped this picture.  I just love it!

So many of you have left comments about how to help Alethea with her colic.  We appreciate them all!  She is doing a little better, but still won't sleep in her crib so mom can get some rest.

Hopefully when I return in a few weeks for her Two Month Old Baby Pictures, she'll be more cooperative.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. So sweet, Amy. We're the tutu and headband made for Alethea? Ashley took a beautiful shot of Alethea's proud granny!

    1. Thank you. No, Ashley bought them. I believe she got the tutu from Amazon.

    2. Beautiful, beautiful baby. Love the upclose photo of those tootsies.

    3. Thanks. Me too! One of my favorite pictures.

  2. Such beautiful photos. She does make such cute faces! Sorry she's still struggling with colic. After my two were born I pretty much slept in a rocking chair their first couple of months. I was nursing and they needed food about every 1 - 2 hours in the beginning. I was super exhausted but eventually it does get easier.

    1. Thank you. That pretty much sums up Ashley's life right now.


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