Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mid-June Garden

The garden in mid-June is when the least amount of flowers are blooming.  And that was the time when my daughter chose to get married at our house five years ago.  I remember saying to her 'But Ashley, NOTHING is in bloom that time of the year!  Can't you get married in July?"  But no, she wanted a mid-June wedding, so instead of a yard full of color she got a yard full of green.

Yes, the spring blooms and bulbs are finishing up, and the summer perennials haven't started yet, but there are a few new arrivals in bloom;  such as this gorgeous clematis growing up a post on my south porch.

 Last week I showed you some early blooming peonies, this week the rest of them opened up, like this fuchsia one.
 A color this strong really pops in the garden, and you can see it from quite a distance away.
 It only takes a few blooms to make quite an impact.

 My husband planted this spirea bush by our front door, but it really outgrew the space and so he announced that he will be digging it up and getting rid of it.  It makes me want to cry, because it is such a beautiful bush, but I agree, it is way too large for the space.
 When this bloom flowers, it is filled with honeybees, I can hear their buzzing sound through the open windows.  It's probably not the best plant to have right near a doorway anyway, for safety's sake.

 The view from my kitchen window.  I always try to keep this area pretty since I have to look at it while doing dishes.  I hang my bird feeders here also so I can watch the birds.  They drop their sunflower seed everywhere, and I usually let it reseed so I have pretty sunflowers to look at in August.
 My Viburnums love my yard, and I have two HUGE bushes in bloom right now.  They really add a lot at a time of year when not much else is in bloom.

 One of my favorite flowers are poppies.  I use to have red and pink ones, but I think they died away.  Someday, I'll replant them.  But I still have the good, old reliable orange ones.  I just love their big, papery blooms with the large black centers.

 My light pink peonies were damaged by all the rain we've been getting, but I got a couple of photos.  I cut the stems that were keeled over by heavy rain and brought them in the house and not made a floral arrangement with them.

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. The Peonies are so beautiful!!! My parents used to have some that grew in their front yard, but they always had a ton of ants on them :(

    pumps and push-ups


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