Friday, June 19, 2015

I Got My Summer Stitch Fix and I Kept EVERYTHING!

I am so happy because I received my summer Stitch Fix and it was so awesome, I kept EVERYTHING.  If your a regular reader of mine, you already know I receive a Stitch Fix four times a year:  one fix for every season.  If your unfamiliar with the company, you can read all about it HERE.  I usually really like all my fixes and keep just about everything, but last season's fix wasn't that great, so I ended up sending most of it back.  (If you missed that post, you can see it HERE.)  I made some changes on my profile before my summer fix arrived;  mostly by adding a Stitch Fix Pinterest board which showed only pins of items other women received in their Stitch Fix that I liked, and it apparently worked because I loved my latest fix!
As always, my fix arrived wrapped in tissue paper and with a personal note from my stylist.  
The first item in my fix was this Javi Sheer Panel Blouse by 19 Cooper.  It is totally my style, and probably something I would have picked up for myself had I seen it in a store.  I love shirts that fit more tightly at the top, and are more lose in the midsection because I feel they are more flattering for my body type.  I also like interesting detail in clothes, so the solid blue sheer panel accent was a huge plus for me.

 Well, speaking of interesting detail, the next shirt was my absolute FAVORITE item in the fix because it is filled with interesting detail!  It even has the word 'detail' in it's title. :)  It is called a Salden Lattice Detail Blouse by Daniel Rainn.  Oh my goodness, do I LOVE this blouse!  The color and the mixed print is so pretty, but I really love the lattice trim and the unique back opening too!
 Here is a picture of the back, there are no closures, it just has this small peek a boo opening to give the shirt more give when you put it on.  I think a little peek-a-boo opening in a top is so sexy.
What I also really liked about this top is that it came with it's own separate camisole.  It was like getting two shirts for the price of one!  The top is very sheer, so you have to wear a cami underneath.  But if you remember my last fashion post, I love wearing sheer clothes with camis underneath in the summer, so it was perfect for me!
I was happy to see an accessory in my fix this month, because I didn't get one in my last fix.  I received this Jalissa Beaded Triangle Necklace by Bay to Baubles.  I really liked this long pendant necklace, and was actually on the lookout for this style of jewelry before my fix even arrived, so I was ecstatic to see it my fix.  I like the triangle shape, the different shapes of the gold beads, and the white stone.   I think it will go with just about everything in my closet, it is so versatile.
My next item in my fix I actually almost sent back, but I learned from a previous fix that it is really not worth sending only one item back because you lose your 25% off deduction for not keeping everything and you actually end up paying more than if you just kept it.  If I really didn't want the shirt, I would have had to send something else back too, and I couldn't bear to part with anything else.

Now it wasn't as if I really didn't like the shirt, I just wasn't sure about the pattern, color, and material.  It is a knit material, so it is very clingy.  The first time I tried it on, I paired it with low rise jeans and it showed all my tummy flab big time.  But then when I paired it with a higher waist pant, it was fine, and eventually the color and pattern grew on me.
The shirt is called Edmond Henly Knit Top, and it is by Pixley.  I really liked the tab sleeves.
I received another item in this fix that I also questioned whether I should keep or not.   I was actually surprised I decided to keep it, because I swore I would never buy another pair of distressed denim jeans again.  It's not that I don't like distressed denim, I love it, (in small amounts).  But the problem I have with it is that the little cute hole the jeans come with, very quickly become a very large hole.  My last pair of distressed boyfriend jeans I bought I ended up cutting into shorts because the hole grew way too large for my comfort zone.

But the adorableness of these Kut from the Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jeans won me over, and I decided to give distressed denim another chance.  Only this time, I will treat them like a fragile possession, and only wear them when I go out and I will not wear them around the house, so hopefully they will last longer.
The jeans have just the right amount of distressing for me:  One hole above the knee with a few slight tear on the leg, and the rest on the back pockets.

The rolled cuffs on the bottom make them the perfect jeans for summer.
Now that I've shown you everything I received in my fix, here are all the style cards and how I chose to wear my new clothes.

For those unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, each item you receive in your fix comes with a style card that shows you two different ways to wear your item.  For the Javi Sheer Panel Blouse, they paired it with jeans or a denim skirt on the style card.

I really liked the slimming effect the blouse had when paired with a denim pencil skirt, so I followed their advice and wore it the same way.

My stylist was right: the necklace went very well with all the shirts I received in my fix, so I wore that too!

The knit top I initially wasn't sure I liked, I ended up really liking and was glad I kept.  Here they paired it with two kinds of denim:

I chose to pair my top with a light wash boyfriend jeans and similar brown sandals.  I wore this outfit to a graduation party on a cooler day.  It's the perfect summer top for when you need a bit more coverage, but the bright colors still scream summer.  I've also tried this top with white shorts and white jeans, and I really like it that way too!
My favorite item in my fix is so versatile, you can wear it with just about anything!  Here they have it paired it with white shorts or jeans.
I ended up wearing my new top with my new distressed boyfriend jeans!
I think this is just the cutest outfit ever!  It's so comfortable, yet chic looking.  And again, I have my new necklace…it's so versatile!
So what do you think?  Was I right to keep everything, or would you have sent some things back?  What were your favorite items in this fix?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Wauw great Amy ! So nice your outfits. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, Stitch Fix is just so much fun!I really like that triangular necklace you got and you also got some fun summer tops. I didn't realize that you'd lose money if you sent just item back, good to know for when I do it again! I usually only let myself keep one item, though.


  3. You really did receive some beautiful items! My favorites are the sheer panel blouse and the jeans, although I also don't usually go for distressed jeans. I think the blouse you were going to send back looks fantastic on you, I love the print and colors.

  4. You got some great items in this Fix! I love Fix review posts! Stitch Fix has the best printed tops!! I hope you have a great week! Thanks for sharing! Susan

  5. These items look fab on you! It's great to have a box that you like everything.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion linkup.

  6. Wow - you received some amazing pieces in your fix! I have that same green Liz Claiborne bag and carry it every day.

  7. All those pieces look great on you Amy and I can tell you love wearing them! I want to try Stitch Fix now that they have petite sizes.... maybe soon :)


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