Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Houndstooth Print Coat

Until this weekend, all our snow melted and the temperatures warmed up, and I was finally able to pack away the winter boots and coats, and pull out my in-between season coats like this Hounds Tooth Print Coat.  Then, Mother Nature decided to torture us and plummet the temperatures back into the the twenties and thirties and dump a ton of the white stuff again.  Ugh!  IT WAS ALL GONE!  NOW IT'S ALL BACK!  Spring is such a tease for those who live in Northern climates.

But I was able to wear my in-between season coats for one week at least, the week that these pictures were taken.  I bought this adorable wool coat at T.J. Maxx several years ago.  It is such a classic coat, I will probably own it for the rest of my life.  When I have the time and patience to shop at T.J. Maxx, I absolutely love it.  You really can find some unique designer pieces there.
 In addition to the classic pattern of this coat, I just love all the details, like the shape of the coat, the cute curved collar, and the chunky buttons on the front and back.
 I carried my bucket bag from Express that I can fit anything and everything in, including the kitchen sink.  Now, if I could only find what I am looking for inside of it!
 The coat, designed by Garfield and Marks,  has a seam under the bust line, so it flares out like a an empire waist top.
 Underneath my coat I wore my Felice Short Sleeve Raglan Top from Stitch Fix.  I love the new boxy style tops, in fact, I just bought another one this style for spring.  But I know a lot of women really dislike them because they think they look shapeless and they literally feel like they are wearing a box.  But if your smaller on the bottom like I am, they work really well.  You just have to have a certain type of figure to wear them.
 For pants, I'm wearing another Stitch Fix item.  My black Emer high waisted crop pants.
 My jewelry was a triple strand necklace from Express, drop brown stone earrings (old), and a gold bracelet (on clearance at Express).
 And because there was no snow, I was finally able to wear something other than boots on my feet!  Oh happy day!  I could pull out my peek-a-boo sandals!  I bought these at Sears last year.
 They have a nice low heel so that I can still walk in them, yet because of all the gold details and straps, they are still very dressy.  I love the cute zipper in the back of the heel too!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I love the layered necklace and short sleeve top, stitch fix wins again!

    pumps and push-ups

  2. Love your houndstooth jacket and your gladiator sandals! Thank you for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!


  3. What a cute outfit and that houndstooth coat is FABULOUS. Also glad to see you carrying that Express bucket bag! I have seen it in store and it's SO cute. Glad to hear you can carry a lot in it! LOL.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  4. I need a houndstooth coat, even my daughter has one! Yours is lovely. Those peek a boo sandals are too cute, too... they look like they have tiny little bows on them in the middle, not sure if it is just my eye playing a trick on me ;)

  5. Love this adorable jacket! Such a great pattern and style. I am really into the more delicate layered necklace look right now. I love the length of yours. Have a wonderful weekend, Amy!

  6. great jacket awesome shoes. Thanks for linking up with the Thursday Files and I hope to see you at my thursday linkup


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