Friday, May 30, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Bringing in the Unexpected

Hello!  Are you all enjoying the most beautiful spring weather like I am?  It has been gorgeous here in Northwestern Wisconsin and I am loving it!  It is also so nice to be able to take fashion pictures outside again when there are pretty backdrops and natural lighting.  It's so much easier than indoor pictures, and I don't have to stress so much over finding a unique corner of my home to take a shot.

Anyway, onto today's fashion post.  Have you ever tried a piece of clothing on and you really liked the item itself, but you couldn't seem to find anything to go with it?  That's how I felt about this skirt from StitchFix.  I spent over an hour trying on just about every shirt and pair of shoes I owned, and nothing seemed to work.  I don't know why:  it's a neutral, it's black and white, it's simple, anything should go with it!  But it just seemed so plain and frumpy to me, and I just wasn't happy with any of it.  I wore this skirt once before on our Spring Vacation because it is a soft knit material and very comfy.  Only then I wore it with a white tank and sheer black flowing blouse and black sandals.  You can see that outfit HERE if you missed that post.  Now I liked that ensemble, but I wasn't thrilled with it, so I wanted to try a different look.  So then I tried the skirt with all sorts of heels and sandals and then I tried it with a colorful top, instead of black or white, and I didn't like that either. The colorful tops just didn't seem to go with the skirt.  So I finally settled on a black T-shirt and nude sandals and went to bed.  The next morning I started to dress, and I still wasn't happy with my choice.  I know, it's kinda comical how much I worry and sweat over what to wear.  It's a good thing I wear a uniform most of the week,  because if I had to go through this everyday, I'd never get anything done!  So back to my closet I went lamenting to my husband 'All these clothes, and I still can't find a thing to wear!'  And then, a light bulb went off in my head!  The reason this skirt isn't working for me, is because I keep trying to 'dress it up' because it's a skirt and I need to bring the UNEXPECTED element into the ensemble.  What about a casual white T-shirt and tennis shoes or loafers?  So I pulled out an old white T-Shirt that I bought from Express a year or two ago, and a pair of brand new white loafers by Dr. Scholl's, and wa-la!  I found my outfit, and I loved it!  

 I think this is the first time in my life I ever wore tennis shoes/loafers with a skirt before,  my natural inclination is to wear heels or sandals;  but you know what?  I loved it!  The shoes were so comfortable (and as I've said a hundred times before 'fashion is all about comfort at my age!), yet because I had a skirt on, and not pants or shorts, I felt dressy!  I loved wearing this outfit so much, I'm sure I'll be wearing it all summer every time I need to be dressed up, yet want to be cool and comfortable.
 There is a lot of interesting detail on these shoes.  They have a distressed look on the edges, and some 'holes' in them, and eyelets.  And because they are by Dr. Scholl's, they are very supportive.  When I received them in the mail, my husband said 'They have holes in them!  Send them back'.  But he was joking, he really like them.

 My T-Shirt from Express also has some fun detailing to bring a more contemporary/fun edge to the outfit.  My favorite part is the rolled tab sleeves.  It also has a wide V neck opening, which always help make me look more slimmer than a standard T-Shirt.  It is very sheer, so I have to wear a tank top underneath.
 I wanted to bring a little bit of color and glam into this ensemble, or it would look too 'casual' with the T-Shirt and loafers,  and not 'dressy' like I wanted it to;  so I wore this gorgeous statement necklace from The Icing and pink bangles.

I carried a very old nude handbag and wore my old double strap cobalt blue watch on my other arm. The bright blue watch added more color and life to the outfit than a plain black watch would.  I also  felt the nude handbag was a better choice than a black or white one because it broke up the black and white color theme a bit, yet didn't clash with the colorful jewelry.

So, what do you think?  Would you ever wear tennis shoes or loafers with a skirt or dress?  If not, what are some other ways you would bring a bit of the unexpected into your clothing ensemble?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. More fabulous style photos Amy. Everything goes really well together. And I love the pop of colors you added with the jewelry and watch. PS. thanks for the recent "lace" post. I found a gorgeous cream colored shirt at the store the other day with a lace border. Had to have it!

  2. My first thought when I saw this photo was 'how light she seems' and by that I meant not encumbered or free like.Hope you know what I mean:O)! . Great outfit for good weather days and I too love those tennis shoes.


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