Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Vacation, Day Four - Franklin, Tennessee

Hello!  Welcome to day four of my spring vacation!  After spending two wonderful days in Memphis, we then journeyed on to our next destination:  Franklin, Tennessee!  Franklin is a sweet little historic town just outside of Nashville.  If it weren't for the heavy traffic, one would think that they had just stepped back in time, for it is filled with cute little houses and businesses that look untouched by modern civilization.  It was my kind of place!

Here is a lovely set of brick row houses.  This town has sixteen blocks listed in the National Register for historic buildings!

 Our first stop was inside this little honey stand where I bought some honey for me and my daughter, and some delicious candies as well!
 This is the town square.
 My husband standing in front of a Civil War memorial in the town square.

 The town was filled with quaint little gift shops and restaurants, but I was shocked to see an Anthropologie store.  For some reason, I thought it was only an on-line store, but to my surprise, they have physical stores as well.  I love the butterfly design they had outside their store.  They are always so creative in their clothing/apparel designs and their ads/decor.
 We loved this old church.  But I do have a cute story to share about this picture.  As I was taking this picture a group of five young men walked by dressed like they just stepped off an album cover:  they were dressed in the hippest clothes and they all had the newest and coolest hair styles.  They said 'Nice Pic!' to my husband, and after they passed by I said to my hubby, 'They are probably some famous country band and we have no idea who they are' and my husband replied 'You're probably right!'.
 A beautiful corner building where a yogurt shop is housed inside.
 There were several civil war homes that are open for touring.  They cost $10.00 each to tour the inside.  We didn't go inside any of them, we just took the walking tour of Franklin, and read about all the history of all the old homes, and looked around the outside of the properties.  There is a really interesting story of these two houses.  During one of the battles of the Civil War, the residents of the white house, which is called The Lotz House had to run across the street and take refuge in the basement of The Carter House (second picture) with all of their families and slaves.  The Lotz House was completely destroyed (this new property must by a reconstruction), but everyone who waited out the attack in the basement, survived.

 During our walking tour of Franklin, I discovered this quaint little cottage.  This would be my version of a dream house:  small, quaint, vintage, and a cute little flower garden in front!
 Another glorious old church.
 Look at the interesting old brick of this business:
 We had a submarine sandwich left over from the day before that we hadn't eaten yet, so since it was such a glorious day we had a little picnic lunch in the sunshine; thus we didn't try any of the restaurants in town.  However,  we did stop at the cute yogurt bar and enjoyed a yummy treat!  I chose a basic vanilla yogurt covered with berries.  It was delicious!  The inside of the yogurt bar was so cute and very well decorated!
 Here is some more interesting historic architecture:
 This is the same Anthropolgie Store pictured above, but now seen from across the street.  That swirl is all little metal butterflies.
 When we were photographing this old building, a man walked by and said that it is the most haunted building in Franklin and had a lot of sightings of ghosts.  I don't believe in ghosts, but I did find it interesting that there were so many ghost stories in the area that people attributed to the horrors of the Civil War.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Franklin.  If you love history and quaint little towns, I highly recommend you visit sometime.

Have a great day!  Amy


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