Friday, June 12, 2009

A Magical Birthday

I made this card for both the sketch challenge and Crafty Secrets Challenge on Splitcoaststampers. The Crafty Secrets Challenge was to have 'sparkle' on your card. So I pulled out my 'Fairies' stamp set because I thought, what better images are there to add some 'sparkle' too. I used a pre-glittered paper from DCWV 'All Dressed Up' Stack as my base. I stamped the image three times. Once on the main image panel, once on a separate piece of card stock, and once on vellum. I colored the image with Copic Markers, cut it out, and glued it to the main image panel. I then colored the back of the vellum wings, cut them out, and glued just the back portion of the wings to the image. I put iridescent glitter on the wings, moon, stars, flowers, and main image panel: so this card is very 'sparkly' in real life. I only wish I could have gotten a better photograph of it. I tried 20 times, but no such luck. The colors are much more vibrant and rich in real life, and of course, very 'sparkly'.
The other card stock colors I used are White, Going Grey, and Pink Pirouette. The main image panel is mounted up on dimensionals, and the sentiment is computer generated. Adhesive crystals were used for embellishments.
Here is a close-up of the main image so you can get a better look of the wings.
I have many more Spring garden pictures to show. I will post them sporadically in the next few weeks. I have to 'shrink' them all before posting, and then because I'm on dial-up, it takes awhile to upload them even after they have been shrunk. Ugh. Someday I will leave the dark ages and get high-speed Internet. LOL!
Please pray for me and my job situation. As most of you know, I am in retail and I had a very difficult telephone customer yesterday. I was as nice to her as I could possibly be, and yet she still complained about me to my manager. A customer complaint is the worst thing that can happen to you where I work. I did give my side of the story, but its basically my word against hers. My manager didn't seem upset with me. He just told me what she said and asked my side of the story, and nothing more was said in the matter, but I just feel so bad about it now. I just don't understand why someone would do such a thing. Retail is such hard work. Please be nice to whoever services you from behind the counter. You have no idea what they put up with on a daily basis and for very little money too! I'm off today, and I'm going to try to forget about what happened. But its hard for me because I'm very sensitive: a very bad personality trait to have when you work retail! LOL! I lost so much sleep last night because of this situation. Hopefully a day off of work and a day spent in my flower garden and craft room will relieve my sad spirits before I have to return to work tomorrow. I hope you have a better day than I have had! Amy


  1. So pretty! The vellum layer is so perfect and the sparkle fits right in!

  2. Great card Amy! super colors and sparkle. Try to shake off the customer complaint- good managers don't fire good employees over a single complaint.

  3. The fairy is perfect for a sparkly challenge. You put a lot of work into with all the coloring and glitter and layering. I have the same problem with getting a good photo of sparkly details.

    I wouldn't worry about the caller. If that customer was prepared to be on the defensive, anything you say would have made her upset regardless of how nice you were. Some people just aren't happy unless they are making other people miserable... my mother is a prime example. I'm sure that if your manager has been in retail for any length of time that he is aware that these types of customers exist and that you did nothing to antagonize her. I would not worry about your job at all if you have had no other complaints against you.

  4. Thanks for a closer look at this gorgeous creation! I'm very impressed with the wing process ... thanks for explaining your process.

    As far as nasty clients ... don't worry about it. Knowing you as I do (and that's only online) I have no doubt you were as nice as pie and this person was bound to crucify WHOEVER was on the other end of the phone. Try not to take it personally ... unfortunately, you may experience this sort of person again while you are in the working force. Don't loose sleep over this incident ... just consider that some people are jerks and there's nothing we can do about it!

  5. Amy, I am so sorry about your day at work and the phone call. I can totally empathize with you (I will PM you!) and I know how upsetting it can be. I hope that today was as beautiful as your gorgeous fairy card! Love the wings!!

  6. Amy~ your card is just lovely! I have worked in customer service for years. One thing you need to keep telling yourself is that the behaviors are not aimed at you personally but the situation they are experiencing. These are hard times for everyone right now in the public marketplace. Hang in there!

  7. This is so beautiful. You do such great work. Fairies do need some sparkle.

  8. Your fairy card is so lovely. The sparkle is wonderful! I worked in retail along time ago so I know how difficult it can be, I am sure your manager knows what the reality is and I am certain your positives far out-weigh ONE person's distorted view.


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