Sunday, December 13, 2020

My 2020 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my 2020 Christmas Home Tour.  I know this will be a different Christmas for many depending on where you live in the country or the in world, and many people even wondered if they should even bother to decorate the house because "Who will see it?".  I have always decorated my home from top to bottom  for years, and the only people who ever really see it is my own nuclear family and all of my blog readers, so nothings really changed for me.  Plus, I believe that no matter what politicians may say, we follow The "Who's" down in "Whoville" and say nothing "Will Stop Christmas From Coming" in the Johnson household.  Christ was still born on Christmas Day and his birth will be celebrated no matter what!

Now on to the Christmas Decor!  In last year's Christmas Home Tour I did my living room tree in white and gold and I mentioned in that post that the following year I would like to do it in either red and white or white and teal.  I ended up buying ornaments in both colors at Hobby Lobby for 75% off after Christmas.  This year I decided to try the trendy "frosty teal".  It turned out ok.  I felt the teal never really showed up in the tree as much as I would have liked.  Perhaps I had too much white in the tree or I need a teal ribbon in the tree (I went back to Hobby Lobby this year for some teal ribbon and they did not have any).  So I decided to try and pull the teal out of the tree by wrapping my presents in white Kraft paper and an assortment of teal ribbon and handmade blue/teal snowflake tags (more on that in next week's craft post).

You can see the frosty mint/teal much better in the close ups.  I bought two types of mint bulbs and then some frosty mint foliage (Lamb's Ear, bottom of photo).

The staircase I did almost exactly the same as last year except I removed the gold bows and ornaments and used strictly white ribbon and bows.

View of the tree as seen from the dining room.  Swags are above each doorway.

This is the dining room looking into the office with a far away view of the family room.  I hung garland around the doorway and decorated it with soft gold bows and ornaments.  Christmas plates are placed on the plate rail all around the room.  On the piano I have my usual photo collage to match the season and my decorated tiered tray.

I bought this photo collage frame at Walmart a few years ago.  I change the photos with the seasons.  I love that there is no glass, and just clips.  It makes it so easy to change out the photos and with the grandkids growing and changing so fast, I need to change the photos out often.  These pictures are from my Christmas Photo Shoot with the grand kids.

On the left of the piano sits my tiered tray decorated for Christmas.  I did it exactly the same as I did last year.  You can see more details in THIS POST.

For the buffet, I placed white candles and greenery decorated in white and gold.

The chandelier is decorated with green boughs and white and gold accents.  The dining room centerpiece has to be kid friendly so I just filled a decorative bowl full of shatterproof ornaments.

Now this room is very different than last year because after last Christmas this room was renovated.  It use to be our family room, but because we needed an extra guest room for our growing family, it was renovated into a master bedroom suite.  We still use it as our main tv room when the whole family is together but mostly it is used as by husband and I for our "little getaway" when the kids are over.  We let the kids and grandkids take the entire third floor to sleep in, and then we sleep down here.  The grey curtains you see in the foreground provide privacy if needed.

I draped the entry into this room with garland and burgundy bows.

At the top of the garland I hung a banner.

We started renovating this room before the pandemic and barely got most of the construction done when the pandemic hit.  It was perfect timing because our kids sheltered in place with us for three months until the lockdowns were lifted.  After the kids moved out, it was spring and we started building our vegetable garden and got so busy we never really finished this room.  We were going to put in new carpeting, varnish the doors, and hang pictures.  But that never happened and hopefully can be done this winter unless there is some big economic recession.  You can read more about the renovation of this room HERE.

We wanted to create some sort of enclosure to the bedroom portion of the room, but we didn't want to block out the light, so we used sliding glass doors.  Privacy is not really an issue unless we have company, and then we just pull the curtain shut seen in the first doorway.

On the entrance to the guest bedroom I hung garland with gold lights and put a mix of bells and bows on top.

I could not fit a tree into this room like I have in previous years, so I hung a very large wreath on the wall instead.

I decorated the wreath in red and gold and hung Christmas bells and a "Merry Christmas" banner on it.

To both the right and the left of the bed I placed miniature trees decorated with red florals and gold bulbs and ribbon.

Large gold bells hang in the garland on either side of the bed.

The garland above the bed is what I'm most proud of.  I wanted this room to be a romantic Christmas retreat for my husband and I so I draped the area above the head board with greenery and gold lights.  I filled the greenery with gold ribbon and florals and topped it with a large red bow and red poinsettias.

On the bed I placed two embroidered Christmas pillows.

On the left side of the bedroom I placed a floral arrangement on the dresser.

I picked up this birch candle holder at Hobby Lobby for 90% at an after Christmas sale.  After Christmas, especially WAY AFTER Christmas is the best time to pick up Christmas decor.  The stores are practically giving it away!  I decorated the greenery surrounding the birch candle holder with red poinsettias and berries.

On the right side of the bed are some bookshelves.  I simply added more greenery decorated with red flowers and berries, and then I displayed a Christmas book and a snow globe.  On the bed I laid a Christmas throw.

The sunroom is almost exactly the same as last years, except I didn't do as much.  I simply hung a wreath in every window and created a small swag on each post of the staircase.

A close up of one of the small wreaths.

I put a sleigh and reindeer on the long dining room table.

A large wreath hangs above the door at the base of the stair case.

There are three posts on the staircase.  I hung some greenery and a big red bow on each post.

 I hope you enjoyed seeing my 2020 Christmas Home Tour!  I have certainly enjoyed seeing all of your Christmas decor.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. So perfectly decorated for Christmas! Love it all! I had to take down garlands around the doorways, etc my cats kept pulling on them.

    1. Thanks Ellie! Jackson has been so good this year and hasn't ruined anything! I'm so happy!

  2. Looks so very nice. Thanks for sharing. Very nice.

  3. I just love how you decorated your room that way Amy. I never think to decorate it, but I love how you hung the garland over the bed.
    As for the's very pretty up close, and maybe that's the notice it as a surprise!!

  4. Hi Amy,

    So happy to have you join us! I love your casual sparkly look and how your match your Christmas decor! A girl can never have too much sparkle!

  5. Everything looks so nice, love the tree! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 36 for Christmas Crafts and D├ęcor, open until December 17 at 12:05 am. Shared on social media.

  6. Visiting again to say thanks so much for linking up with me at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 19, open until December 26 at 12:05 am. Shared again on social media.

  7. Have mercy!! I love everything about your house. The inside, the outside and you!! Gorgeous. Really, really like the minty green and the white. Of course, I love the snowflakes on the tree and the flocking.
    But the red and gold decorations are stunning, too. Just beautiful, girl!! Your guest room with the parlor attached has turned out so well. And the garden area for the kitty to roam. What a beautiful view out the window from the table. I am surprised there's no snow!! I am sure it won't be long, though.

    1. Thank you. I feel very grateful to be able to live here, especially during all the restrictions. To have so much space when one is locked in is a blessing not everyone has. For how long I have this home after the Great Recession hits remains to be seen. But I will trust the Lord, in the meantime, I will enjoy it while I have it. Jackson absolutely loves his new outdoor space. Every day he runs down the steps and stands at the door like a dog until we let him out. It's hysterical. As for snow, we had the strangest autumn. We had a record snowfall in October. It was so depressing. And now it's been very warm since. So weird. But I'll take warm anytime!

  8. I just love all of your home decor! Especially the garland on your staircase!

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  10. Christmas trees and lights are one of my fav things to see this time of the year! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 37 for Christmas Trees and Light Displays, open until December 27 at 12:05 am. Shared again on social media.

  11. Merry Christmas Amy - your home looks lovely!
    I'm happy to feature you at this week's Inspire Me Monday Party at Create With Joy! :-)

    1. Oh, that's awesome news! Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

  12. Amy, you have a beautiful home! I absolutely adore your Christmas decor and your tree is stunning! And it doesn't matter if anyone sees it all, if it makes you happy, then decorate away! You did a wonderful job. I hope you enjoy your Christmas! Thanks for linking with me and being such a supportive blogger all through the year!



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