Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How To Paint Your Own Vases To Match Your Rooms Decor

On Sunday I shared My New Living Room!  In that post I mentioned that I painted a clear glass vase to match the rooms decor.  Painting a vase is a great idea if you can't find an exact color match in the store.  All you need is a clear glass vase (I already had one in my stash, but you can find these for pennies at any thrift store) and a small bottle of craft paint.  I used craft paint I already had, but if you don't have any it is available at any craft store like Hobby Lobby.

The technique is so simple!  Just pour the paint INSIDE the vase, and swirl it around the bit to get all the sides well coated.  Next, turn it upside down and put it on a wire rack with the wax paper underneath.  In the photo below I did it wrong and the paint pooled out around the vase.  I quickly realized my mistake and put the paper UNDER the rack.

A lot of paint dripped out.  Being the frugal gal that I am, I scooped it up and put it back in the paint bottle.  The hardest thing about this project is patience.  It takes a long time for the paint to drip out and dry.  I'd leave it alone at least 24 hours.

Here's a very short video I posted to my Instastories.  Notice the wax paper is now UNDER the wire rack.  🤣

I do want to mention that this was not my idea.  I found it on the Health, Home, and Heart blog where she does a great photo tutorial for you to follow if you want to do one for yourself.  Check it out:  "Easy DIY Painted Vases"!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Todo es precioso! Espero tu opinión en mi último post! Feliz día! 😘😘😘

  2. What a good idea- this turned out so cute!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Oh what a fun idea! It looks so easy to paint the inside, very clever!

    Hope your week is going well :) It's colder again here, back to feeling like winter after our summer-like heatwave last week!

    Away From Blue

  4. I love doing little DIY projects like these to save money and to just color match things better in a room! :)


  5. Oh very cute darling
    Thanks for share this with us

  6. I love it when you can complete a room with an easy DIY project! Your vase is such a beautiful color! I would have never thought to paint it from the inside!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Me too...it personalizes the space doesn't it? I never would have thought of this idea either. I'm glad I found it on another blog.

  7. This is such a good idea and I'm glad you shared it on your blog.

  8. What a clever idea! Nice video! Can you still use it for fresh flowers that need water?


    1. Thank you. No, I'm afraid that's the only drawback to painting the inside of the vase. They're just meant to be a statement piece.

  9. Such an adorable idea! Thanks dear!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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