Sunday, December 15, 2019

My 2019 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour!  Every year is different, this year I decorated every room in my house for Christmas except the guest room, beauty room, and craft room.  I will only be showing the main living spaces in this year's post as it's hard to get good photographs of some of the other rooms.

I had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas this year.  Some years I really dread it, as it is so much work and I do it all myself.  I think having small children around for Christmas is a great motivator.  Seeing the expression on Alethea's face when she walks into my house and sees all the big trees and beautiful decor is worth all the work.  But I also enjoyed decorating more this year because we have been remodeling our home the past few years one room at a time and having a house with a nice, clean white palette is so much easier to decorate than one filled with color already.  I can be creative and use any combination of colors I want in my Christmas decor, and it always matches the room.

But let's get on with the tour shall we?  First the tree in the small living room we renovated last year (If you want to see what this room looked like BEFORE the renovation, go HERE!).  I was going to go with a red and white tree but I did not have bright red ornaments.  I did have a lot of white ornaments though so I went with an all white tree with light gold accents.  I flocked the tree myself using about five or six cans of flocking.  I just LOVE the way it turned out, but I hope to find some great ornaments on clearance AFTER Christmas.  I was thinking other than red and white,  the tree in this room would look great with that pretty blue/teal color that's trending now too.  How I decorate this tree next year will all depend on what is left after Christmas.

For this tree I used white poinsettias and other white florals (but I also added a touch of pink as seen in this picture below), with white beads, white and gold bulbs, and white snowflakes.  I also used other gold ornaments from my stash and then flocked everything (including the ornaments and florals).

For the tree topper I used a mix of white and gold stems and then added some white ribbon.

White birds from my daughter's wedding were tucked in among the branches.

The snowflakes I did buy this year from Hobby Lobby.  They really made the tree in my opinion, giving it that final, finishing touch.

I kept the white and gold theme going on the other side of this room by wrapping white poinsettia garland down the staircase.  I added some gold bows, white bulbs, and then I flocked the garland.  I held a piece of cardboard behind where I was spraying to keep the flocking from getting all over the place.


In my corner stand at the foot of the staircase, I added a silver metallic tree and a "Joy" wood decoration.  Everything else was already on the stand.

Here is the view of the small living room and tree as seen from the dining room.  I put Christmas plates on the plate rail all around the dining room wall and I added some white and gold Christmas garland above the doorway.

 This is the view of the dining room as seen from the small living room.  I kept the white and gold theme, but I also started introducing small amounts of red because as we start to transition into other parts of the house, Christmas red takes over the decor theme.

The dining room is open to the office (which you can see in the background of this picture), the kitchen, and the small living room.

On top of the piano I placed my Christmas metal tiered stand (I did an entire post HERE on how I decorated this tray).  This stand is usually on my dining table but with all the extra guests in the house during the holidays, I thought it would be more "safe" on top of the piano.  I put a bowl of red and gold ornaments on the table instead, so it could be easily moved for what's most important:  THE FOOD!

 I purchased this wonderful photo collage at Walmart for around $12.00 a long time ago.  I just love it!  It has clips instead of glass, so I can change the photos constantly.  I usually change them seasonally to match my seasonal decor.  For Christmas, I filled the collage frame with pictures from this year's Christmas photo shoot.  I was just in Walmart last week and they still have these photo frames, so if your interested, snap one up!

There are two china hutches in the dining room (I have a lot of dishes!) This corner one with the curved mirror I use for my seasonal dishes.  It is currently filled with my Christmas dining dishes.  I change the dishes out with the seasons.  It's a good time to wash them too as they still get dusty inside a hutch.

On top of this hutch I placed some garland, a "Noel" sign and a tree top angel.  I flocked the sign and the garland (yes, the flocking easily comes off).


My second dining hutch has no glass panels because my daughter and her friend broke them when they were younger.  It was totally innocent, they did nothing wrong, and I'm glad no one got hurt,  but I never replaced the glass and just hung curtains in the spot instead.  This hutch holds all the different plates that I put on the plate rail in the dining room.  It's probably a good thing the glass is gone, because it's a mess inside this hutch.  It is filled with plates and dishes for all the seasons/holidays of the year.


On top of this hutch I placed white Christmas candles with greenery that I flocked.

 I did my chandelier a little different than I have in previous years.  I put the greenery only on the bottom layer of lights and then tied gold bows on the top layer of lights.  Again, I stuck with a white and gold color theme to match the elegance of the room and to tie the room to the colors in the living room.

In this picture you can see the white and gold predominates, but you can also start seeing hints of red appearing with the ornaments on the table, the colors in the Christmas plates on the plate rail, and the piano display.

 Before we move into the other part of the house,  let's take a peek into the kitchen shall we?

The kitchen's color scheme is blue and white with yellow accents, so I decorated the kitchen for the holidays with blue and silver.  In the kitchen hutch I placed a white/silver star alongside some blue and silver boxes that I will fill with Christmas cookies as soon as I start baking next week!

I have a plate rail on the wall in this room that I filled with my snowman plate collection and matching snowman mugs.

I used extra snowman plates to decorate the unused inside spaces of the hutch around the stove.  I also added a silver metallic Christmas tree and a "Noel" wooden sign.

In the hutch surrounding the sink I placed silver and blue berries amongst the china.

Above the stove I nestled greenery and white berry stems amongst the silver antiques and blue mason jars.

Now let's start moving into the other half of the house.  This part of the house was an addition that we added over ten years ago but now needs an update.  We will be painting all the walls white and updating some of the furnishings.

The office to the new addition is the transitional space between the old house and the new.  This space received an update last year.  It use to be a dark red and I painted the walls white.

For Christmas, I decorated the office hutch with greenery and red poinsettias.

This is the entryway to my home looking into the large family room.  This is the room will be renovating this spring and I will be doing a series of blog posts as usual so stay tuned!

I draped the doorway to the family room in flocked garland with burgundy bows.

I decorated my tree in this room in red, gold, and a touch of lime green.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how this tree turned out!  I think it took me three days to decorate this tree.  It is packed full of ornaments!  Every time my precious cat goes near it, I nearly lose it. 🤣. Poor baby.  After a couple of days he eventually learned playing with this tree was off limits.

I found the "Joy to the World" banner at Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars.  I was so excited when I saw it, and such an incredible price too.

Beside the tree sits a large sleigh that my son bought me for Christmas years ago.

In the windows on either side of the tree I hung large gold snowflakes.

The tree has a little bit of everything:  red and gold bulbs, red poinsettias, lots of berries and floral picks and my favorite of all, these red birds.

Every year I get a lot of questions on how to decorate a tree.  My biggest tip is to pick a color scheme and no matter what item you put on that tree it will coordinate with everything else just because it's the same color(s).  

Second, use florals in your tree, not just ornaments.  Buy bunches of Christmas flowers (after Christmas is best for the deals!), and cut them apart and stick randomly in your trees branches.  Then add other florals like Christmas Picks and stems.

Finally, stuff your tree full!  Keep adding ornaments till you can't find one more spot to hang an ornament and then hang some more.  If your tree branches are more open like this tree is, hang ornaments deep inside the tree to fill the empty spaces.

On the end tables in this room I placed garland or Christmas floral and added more Christmas photos.

For the side hutches in this room, I just filled in with greenery around the items that usually sit in this hutch.

 The entry way and large family room are located in a balcony space which overlooks the sun room portion of the addition.  Here I hung small wreaths in each window, put a sleigh on the dining table, and some garland on the shelf above the wood stove.

I decorated the staircase with red bows and holly garland and I hung a large red and gold wreath above the door.    I set up a Christmas Village for the grandchildren on the buffet next to the dining table.

On the hutch next to the dining table (yes I own three dining hutch, all filled to capacity with dishes) I added Christmas greenery and Christmas photos and a handmade tea candle holder from a friend.

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of my holiday home!  I've sure been enjoying looking at all of your decorations on your blogs and on Facebook.  It's fun to see how everyone decorates their home for Christmas.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Gosh Amy, you sure do know how to decorate! It looks so beautiful!

  2. Everything looks positively gorgeous, Amy! I love how bright and light the white rooms look. I am really admiring how beautiful your white and gold tree looks, especially how you topped it. I am so far behind on decorating and at this rate might have it done by Christmas eve - lol!

    1. Thanks so much Jeannie. I've been going through my house room by room the past four years removing all the jewel tones and painting the walls white. I love white so much, I will never put color on the wall again even if it comes back in style! I can always add the trending color with accessories. It's just so much easier to decorate with a white walls.

    2. Hi, Amy, just found your blog. You really have gone all out for Christmas, your home is beautiful. When I moved into my current house, most rooms were a weird beige/sage, with hot pink and Paris green in the bedrooms. I made all the walls white, just to have a fresh start, and loved it...and still have it after 7 years. Just as you said, it is easy to transform the décor with curtains, pillows, etc, rather than trying to match everything to wall colors.

    3. Oh thanks so much! Would you believe this is actually down-scaled Christmas decor from previous years? And yes, my walls will be painted white forever. I will never put color back on the walls, even if it trends again.

  3. Wow, Amy, your house is beautiful!!! I love all of your decorations.

  4. Oh, Amy, what a wonderland. No wonder Alethea is dazzled by all of your Christmas spirit around the house. Everything is picture perfect. Love the way you incorporated the birds from your daughter's wedding into the tree. Cozy, classy, beautiful and inviting.

    1. Thank you. I try to use what I have instead of buying the "Newest Trends" each season. Although, I just saw that Hobby Lobby's Christmas merchandise is now at 66% off so I might have to pay them a visit. I'd like to get some bright red bulbs or teal blue bulbs for next year.

  5. Such a beautifully decorated home! Your white tree is gorgous but really loving your red and gold tree and the ribbon you tied around it is so perfect! And loving that picture frame with the clips instead of glass!

    1. Thank you! Most people seem to like the white tree better, but I like the red tree better. I wonder if it could be just because the white tree is in a more updated room whereas the red tree is in a more dated room? We will see what the consensus is next year when that room is updated as well!

  6. It all looks nice, love the white poinsettias!! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 7. Shared.

  7. Your home is decorated so beautifully! I love the trees and how you introduce color gradually, moving from the white and gold rooms to more color in the other rooms. It's all stunning!


  8. Your home looks so lovely, Amy! Thank you for sharing your tour with us on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! I can't wait to see what you've been up to for the last couple of weeks!


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