Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fashion Photo Cameos: Having Fun Laughing at Ourselves

Hello!  Today I have a purely fun post to share with you today that's sure to bring a smile to your face.  When I was on Facebook recently I discovered Fashion Dads.  If you never heard of them before,  you really must check them out.  They are photos of average men who make fun (in a nice way) of all the fashion bloggers out there and some of them even use their photos to teach their daughters how to dress.  This dad took this photo because his daughter wanted to leave the house wearing short shorts.  The description of the photos are often funnier than the photos themselves.  I love how the dads can mock the current fashion blog/selfie trend, without being mean or putting people down.  It's all in good fun, and no one is offended.

My first thought when I saw Fashion Dads was that my family was already doing this to me!  Now my family is 100% behind my fashion blogging.  My husband takes most of my pictures and faithfully reads every post, and my daughter also helps with photography, outfits, and creative ideas whenever we get together.  However, that doesn't mean they don't like to have fun with me.  Hence, the picture below.
Whenever were on vacation, I always look for great settings to take fashion pictures.  My daughter was taking my picture on the beach when my husband decided to mimic me.  I burst out laughing so hard and couldn't stop, and that's when the great photo below was taken.
This was the fashion photo we were going for before the silly antics began!

The cameos began with my son Jordan.  He started them, and they have never stopped.  What usually happens is one member of my family is taking my picture, while another member is sneaking up behind me and getting in the shot.  The photographer never lets on that someone is standing behind me, so I have no clue!  I usually don't find out until I'm scrolling through the pictures and then I burst out laughing when I see the cameo.

The fashion photos below were all taken at an old fort in Pensacola.  There were some beautiful brick walls that provided lots of interesting backdrops for photographs, but they also provided lots of sneaky opportunities for mischievous people! 

Here is the fashion photo that actually made my blog post:

And here's the one that didn't!  I couldn't believe my husband didn't let on that my son Jordan was behind me!  
Of course then my husband had to have his own fashion photo taken too!
This window provided the perfect photo opportunity!
Until my tricky husband decided to photo bomb it!
And they don't have to stand behind me to surprise me.  In the photo below my son-in-law Jason was standing right next to me.  I had no idea that he was mimicking me until I saw the photo later!  

If it's too cold, I often pose and do test shots with my jacket on.  Once we think we have the look we want, I quickly take my jacket off for the pictures.  I liked the pose above when I checked it in the camera, so then I repeated it in the picture below without the jacket.  We were testing the pose and position above, when Jason started to mimic me.  Ashley made sure to crop him out for the actual photo below.
Well that's it.  That me and my silly, little family.  There aren't any people on earth I'd rather spend time with than them.  We always have so much fun when were together.

So what about you?  Do your family and friends do sneaky photo cameos to your photographs?  If so, what kind of tricks do they (or maybe you) do?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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