Friday, August 22, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Typical Summer Wear

 Hello!  You will never believe where this picture was taken.  Take a guess….some one's garden, in a park, on a trail….nope, it was taken on a median in the middle of a shopping mall parking lot.  Yup, my husband and I were walking back to our car after shopping at our local mall and I saw these beautiful evergreens and said 'Oooh, perfect photo opportunity for a 'Fashion Over Fifty' shot!'.  So, I posed, while I drew the attention of onlookers wondering who this weird lady was taking pictures in the middle of a parking lot, but look….wasn't I right?  What a gorgeous backdrop for a photo?  Believe it or not, there were actually parked cars all around me.  I just stood between the trees to block the view of the cars behind me, and you can't see the parked cars on either side of the trees in the picture.  Awesome, eh?  The wood chips even match my skirt!  LOL!  I wish I could say I've gotten use to people staring when were out and about taking my picture, but I haven't.  The smile on my face is make believe.  Inside I'm screaming 'oh my gosh, I'm so uncomfortable and  I feel so awkward!'.  I never was one who enjoyed having my picture taken, but it is something I'm trying to get over to further my cause of fashion for all ages.  I've grown leaps and bounds about being brave and putting myself out there.  And I've learned a lot about photography and how to pose through it all.  It's been a fun learning and growing experience.

Anyway, onto this week's post:  typical summer wear.  My usual typical summer wear in past summers is a pair of denim shorts, a tank top, and sandals.  This summer however has been unusually cold.  We have not even had to install our window air conditioner this year because there was never any need for it.  We typically only turn the air on when the temps are over 90 degrees, and I don't think it's been 90 degrees once this summer.  So because of these record low summer temps,  I've only worn shorts twice all summer long.  Most of my outfits consisted of ankle length jeans, Capri's, or summer dresses/skirts.

The picture below shows my typical summer wear this season:  a cotton or knit skirt or dress and flats.  The Jo Fresh skirt I have on in this picture I actually purchased last year from J.C.Penney.  I did a post on this same skirt HERE styling it with sandals and a different shirt.  I think it's fun showing you different ways I wore the same item instead of always showing you new clothes.  We all want to save money and wear our clothes for more than one season…don't we?
 One thing I've done differently this year than I did last year was switch from wearing sandals with dresses to wearing sneakers.  I have to admit the sneaker craze took me awhile to catch on.  When I first started seeing fashion pictures of ladies wearing  sneakers with dresses and fancy clothes I was like 'Me?  Never!'.  But they eventually won me over.  The comfort factor alone was enough reason, not to mention all the cute tennis shoes I kept seeing.  I'm still debating whether or not to invest in a cute pair of Converse.  I just love their sneakers!

For jewelry, I wore a Bohemian seed bead bracelet that matched my skirt and a seashell necklace that I made myself.
 My shirt is new this year.  I bought it at The Gap.  I love soft, sheer tee shirts.  They are so comfortable to wear.  I bought this same shirt in mint too!  Here I have it tied in a knot at my waist so that it looks like I actually have a waist!  The cobalt blue multi strand watch I bought last year at a little boutique in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
 When my husband and I were in Pensacola Beach last Christmas, we spent every morning walking on the beach looking for shells.  We found lots of shells with holes already in them, so I turned one of them into a necklace as a souvenir.  I simply put a head pin through the hole and added a bead on both ends to keep it in place.  Then I attached a silver round piece through the head pin and strung my pre made ribbon necklace through that.  I love my little creation, and every time I wear it I think of the wonderful memories we made in Pensacola.

The sun was very bright and strong the day we took these pictures, so they are not the best quality I know.  I've done everything I knew on how to edit them, but you have to have the right light to begin with…which I did not.  I have shown you these tennis shoes before in a previous post if you want a better look at them.  I just love these tennis shoes.  So comfortable, yet chic and different.

Have a great day!  Amy
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  1. Super cute look, Amy! I'm with you - I love remixing clothes. It's much more realistic. I say you Need to add some Converse to your wardrobe. I love mine! I currently have red, pink, and white and really want to add grey and Maybe black. They are so cute and versatile!


  2. Everything looks fabulous Amy!! My hubby and I had someone take our photo among some flowers once at our son's cross country meet!! :) Thanks for sharing! Hugs - *Vicki*
    My Blog: Stamp Smiles

  3. You look cool and relaxed, one would never know there was any apprehension there.Hats off to you as I know the feeling. Love your skirt and shoes, great photo!


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